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elfluuva: @zybergrrl
hoquang: by the name of @zybergrrl
callus: @zybergrrl
cxzy: @zybergrrl @borge @danieljerome @starsalmon... hmm who else
hoquang: @zybergrrl
fartist: a dingleberry is not what you think it is @zybergrrl
cxzy: @zybergrrl
hoquang: @zybergrrl
bees: @zybergrrl
rockhero: @peur @zybergrrl
rockhero: zybergrrl, I have bad news for you, there are more than one definition of feminism, there is first wave feminism, second wave feminsm, third wave feminism, radical feminism, sex positive, sex negative, liberal, you should look that up @zybergrrl ;)
rockhero: @zybergrrl
rockhero: @zybergrrl
rockhero: @zybergrrl you right now
thekraken: haha awh, you two kind of have that owner/pet visual similarity thing going @zybergrrl
thekraken: :( hope you feel better soon @zybergrrl
melipone: @zybergrrl
anndunham: @zybergrrl
cxzy: @zybergrrl
cxzy: I'm dead @zybergrrl
anndunham: @zybergrrl
peur: @zybergrrl
bees: sike ur gay @zybergrrl
cxzy: @zybergrrl