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cxzy: makeover suggestion @zybergrrl
robot: @zybergrrl
melipone: @zybergrrl
kalan: @cxzy @zybergrrl omg is she talking about you guys???!?!
cxzy: HE HE ;) @zybergrrl
kalan: @cxzy @zybergrrl do u guys Know Abba?
cxzy: @zybergrrl
cxzy: @zybergrrl ska du ud i dag og? :) Tor Erik e hos Geir
cxzy: hey @zybergrrl how was it last night?
melipone: @zybergrrl @cxzy
cxzy: @zybergrrl
cxzy: lol if this is real... probably isn't tho.. because why? but why would anyone troll like this haha @zybergrrl
cxzy: @zybergrrl @anndunham @frederick
mascara: hey! @zybergrrl
cxzy: @zybergrrl
cxzy: @zybergrrl do you know if Ørjan and Anne Sofie's cover of this is online anywhere?
frankhats: you look like your skin is cheeto @zybergrrl
DoritoWitch: @zybergrrl so not the man of your dreams?
cxzy: @zybergrrl haha toshi- tales
DoritoWitch: @zybergrrl lol they have vegan paints
DoritoWitch: we might have to ask a vegan @zybergrrl
powerstripp: @zybergrrl
anndunham: @zybergrrl This One
anndunham: @zybergrrl
sidonie: @zybergrrl taht sounds fun
cxzy: @zybergrrl
cxzy: @zybergrrl
rockhero: all the hotties in the house @cxzy @zybergrrl @catz
cxzy: @zybergrrl when u come back to Stavanger lets bring our laptops to the mountains and dump
cxzy: @zybergrrl
kintrala: @zybergrrl
obelisk: ok @zybergrrl
feelfeel: feeling is mutual @zybergrrl
Ice: i've never heard anyone say that... @zybergrrl
bees: are you norwaygian? @zybergrrl
powerstripp: totally, cut off his @zybergrrl
idiot11: ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- courtesy of Goat4421 @wednesday @weh @whatevz @whizkid @wierdnumber @wiggeringloh @wigs @wlatimer @woodfloors @worm @wrinkles @WUPREME @Wurd @x0xMaximus @xanthine @xdeath @xylotism @years @yemano @yert @yom_atty @yonki @youngbumpkin @yv0nne @zer0cool @zoeee @zoesaldana @zoner @zybergrrl @artwerk @jasonnn @allofthetrash @fourloko @Jesus @lermanator @funkykenny
cxzy: @zybergrrl kan me isje skype snart??
cxzy: I miss @zybergrrl .. when r you coming back gurl??
cxzy: @zybergrrl