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lux: As Hugh forces Jay to stare at a naked, expressionless woman creeping toward them, he rapidly explains the rest of the film’s “rules”: It is slow, and you’ll usually be able to outrun It, but no matter how far you get, It will always find you. If It does, It will kill you, and then It will go after the person who came before you, working Its way backwards down the sexual food chain. So, she best find someone to have sex with, passing the curse on as quickly as possible. With that, he drives her home, and dumps her, in shock and in her underwear, in front of her sister Kelly (Lili Sepe) and Kelly’s two friends, flighty Yara (Luccardi) and sincere milquetoast Paul (Keir Gilchrist), the latter of course having an insatiable, life-long crush on Jay. This totally ruins their Parcheesi game. @Byron @yo_matty
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