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thekraken: following on IG now @yert
gr8pevine: @yert was talking about becoming a soylent distributor
idiot11: ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- courtesy of Goat4421 @wednesday @weh @whatevz @whizkid @wierdnumber @wiggeringloh @wigs @wlatimer @woodfloors @worm @wrinkles @WUPREME @Wurd @x0xMaximus @xanthine @xdeath @xylotism @years @yemano @yert @yom_atty @yonki @youngbumpkin @yv0nne @zer0cool @zoeee @zoesaldana @zoner @zybergrrl @artwerk @jasonnn @allofthetrash @fourloko @Jesus @lermanator @funkykenny
mascara: @yert
mascara: @yert
mascara: @polymer @yert
mascara: ttyl @yert
mascara: @yert 2003-05-27, 2:33 p.m. Let's build a city of dry light: Where security steams beneath us like rain. Cool reflective smiles print the beach with the delicate water-sound of trees; we layed in blankets of sand and laughed at the moisture between the glass and cement clouds.
peur: where are you now/what do you do @yert ??
peur: <3 :D @yert
peur: peur is girlafraid @yert
mascara: i just put this mix up @yert check it