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lux: @aids_enoch @xdeath @fartist @tanya @byron @hoquang @illalli
callus: @xdeath
lux: 15:27 @xdeath
kintrala: @xdeath :
wrinkles: thans @xdeath
kintrala: @xdeath : and the video doesnt load for me...
kintrala: @xdeath : this?
callus: :* @xdeath
elfluuva: @xdeath
pretzel: @xdeath what is that demon summoning game fuck
fartist: @xdeath you have bad taste in women and are beta
kiptok: @xdeath has a crush on u @cjmilli
ShlucHT: @xdeath its a all over europe crew
fartist: did u get banned bcuz of me : ( @xdeath
fartist: wtf @xdeath
kiptok: ok sorry i'll stop @xdeath
xdeath: Messages dolphin300: @xdeath ur lying
dolphin300: @xdeath ur lying
anndunham: @xdeath
callus: why @xdeath
change: @fartist @kiptok @xdeath
disrspctful: @xdeath
lizzy: @XDEATH]
jonathn: @xdeath
lux: @xdeath
lux: @xdeath
callus: @elfluuva @aids_enoch @xdeath @lux
wrinkles: i wish @xdeath
lizzy: @xdeath R.I.P.
jonathn: @bees @xdeath @disrspctful @lizzy @fartist
disrspctful: @xdeath who gives a f
rockhero: you will suffer greatly in all areas of your life if you do anything like that to me, If you don't know, the servants of Jesus are protected and the Spirit of War will retaliate in such cases. @xdeath
rockhero: should have read the bible before messing with a man protected by the Holy Spirit @xdeath
rockhero: @xdeath are you enraged because your mom bring strangers to your house? Does it hurt to hear their voices? Tell me I'm here to help
rockhero: @xdeath I have a certificate from the church, now leave me alone
rockhero: @xdeath I'm a expert on Christianity to be honest.
helvetica12: @xdeath nice
lizzy: @xdeath
disrspctful: @xdeath
rockhero: @xdeath if you like to read
jonathn: @xdeath