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jonathn: @wrinkles
lux: a crowd of gay men crying to bjork @wrinkles
lizzy: Big Time Sensuality @wrinkles
jonathn: @grass @wrinkles @unhealthy
dtf: hey @wrinkles i just followed u on sound cloud
jonathn: @wrinkles
ssnack: @wrinkles
jonathn: @callus @ssnack @wrinkles @schlucht @kim @thekraken
ShlucHT: thanks @wrinkles
ShlucHT: whats @wrinkles soundcloud ?
jonathn: @wrinkles
callus: @wrinkles modern dandy
kiptok: @wrinkles
jonathn: @wrinkles
youngbumpkin: keep em coming @wrinkles
callus: whose bed ist hat @wrinkles
cheetos: @wrinkles
lizzy: @wrinkles
friendster: busy !! @wrinkles i dont get to get on the laptop as much
lux: @klm @hoquang @friendster @wrinkles
wakefulness: @wrinkles
carlosdngr2: @wrinkles im diggin the stache
youngbumpkin: @wrinkles
toes: wow this is really aggressive feeling @wrinkles
Ice: how tall are you??? @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles
youngbumpkin: @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles PS
kiptok: :) @wrinkles ttyl
anndunham: @wrinkles
gr8pevine: @joy @wrinkles
jonathn: @wrinkles not sure if i showed you this one... so good.
jonathn: @wrinkles
kemosabe721: @wrinkles
callus: i thought it would be the ashy feet @wrinkles
callus: @wrinkles @eyedeekay
eyedeekay: @wrinkles
D_MAGIK: @wrinkles
Ice: who are you dressed as @wrinkles ?
jonathn: @wrinkles
jonathn: @wrinkles