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cxzy: @wrinkles
harshly: @wrinkles @celinedion
harshly: @wrinkles
ferrihydrite: cool @wrinkles
ferrihydrite: i grew up in aurora, where are you from @wrinkles
187: tits rule bro @wrinkles
lux: i just sashayed back to my laptop to lykke li - i follow rivers and read 'straight friend' @wrinkles
jonathn: tainted love @wrinkles
jonathn: it's a soft cell song @wrinkles
lux: this song goes @wrinkles
kalan: @wrinkles what do you mean killing, what am i doing?
petrograd: @wrinkles @fauxreal
Ice: @wrinkles <3
ahem: are you naked ALL the time @wrinkles
jonathn: @wrinkles
bees: i can't find the scene, but great movie anyway. srsly did not mean to send that last scene, was looking for a dif one that utube took down. ;____;UU @frederick @cheetos1 @BeardCookies @wrinkles @peur @thekraken @mrhealth
bees: please don't watch that last video, i was looking for a different scene @frederick @cheetos1 @BeardCookies @wrinkles @peur @thekraken @mrhealth
bees: @frederick @cheetos1 @beardcookies @wrinkles @peur @thekraken @mrhealth
mascara: how is @wrinkles always on vacation?
jonathn: @wrinkles
august: @wrinkles @orlandobloom @conqueror
cliffdarling: you have excellent taste in socks @wrinkles
robot: @wrinkles
peg: spielberg edition for @wrinkles
peggy: @wrinkles
peggy: @wrinkles
cliffdarling: it's true @wrinkles
ssnack: Ty @wrinkles
Amputatoes: no need to get cheeky @wrinkles
plams: @wrinkles
dtf: @wrinkles
august: @wrinkles
august: @wrinkles
peggy: @wrinkles i cant listen to music at work but i will return to this
anndunham: @wrinkles
jonathn: @beardcookies @bees @ben_dover @D_Magik @dates @doritowitch @dtf @frederick @hoquang @justinArias @kintrala @lux @macstoresf2 @peur @ryz @ssnack @thengb @wrinkles @yo_matty
lux: @wrinkles
jonathn: @wrinkles Carlos is a favorite DJ of mine .
jonathn: you're welcome @wrinkles :)
jonathn: @wrinkles "rock to the beat" starts at 26:10
jonathn: be strong @wrinkles