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ohahalicia: @wrinkles you pulled over? so they know it was you (license plate)?
kiptok: @wrinkles check out this person
youngbumpkin: @wrinkles
kiptok: smoj @wrinkles
lux: @wrinkles
lux: @wrinkles
jonathn: @wrinkles
bees: @wrinkles
McChimperson: @wrinkles
lux: oh hell yeah @wrinkles
Dadayumn: @wrinkles we r both outdoor dumping
tommoody: but then .. @wrinkles
tommoody: @wrinkles
aoifeml: hiiiii @wrinkles sry i didn't c that
grass: same @wrinkles
peur: @wrinkles
jonathn: @wrinkles
thekraken: ugh smdh @wrinkles
photos: @wrinkles
lux: @wrinkles
McChimperson: wat is it like 2 hav body hair @wrinkles?
thekraken: thanks @wrinkles
thekraken: heh yeah After parties ;) ;) @wrinkles
kiptokvanity: @wrinkles
kiptokvanity: @wrinkles
youngbumpkin: @wrinkles
kiptokvanity: yay @wrinkles
lux: @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles
kiptok: i felt rly wasted on the subway home @wrinkles : ( madras
lux: enya: @foot @xdeath @LibrtnPlease @Serenity @anndunham @nicolashorch @wrinkles @frederick @whocares1 @sidonie @tanya @breakfast @jigsoak @DreWeL @lux @2DEEP4U @powerstripp @youngbumpkin @artbars @FAUXreal @D_MAGIK @CelineDion @dvvidpw @gosane um this is weird
enya: @foot @xdeath @librtnplease @serenity @anndunham @nicolashorch @wrinkles @frederick @whocares1 @sidonie @tanya @breakfast @jigsoak @drewel @lux @2deep4u @powerstripp @youngbumpkin @artbars @fauxreal @d_magik @celinedion @dvvidpw @gosane
nicolashorch: @wrinkles u might like dis
marblednet: hbd @wrinkles
thekraken: @wrinkles redic in a good this was fun but prob wont do it again kinda way
thekraken: @wrinkles do you use VLC media player? try it out. also not sure if you managed to find a copy of the movie yourself but here is a link . the movie is so ridiculous. I watched it in two sittings and zoned out on the last 30m
cheseball: @wrinkles
carlosdngr2: good timing @wrinkles
thekraken: it leaked @wrinkles Jupiter.Ascending.2015.720p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-PLAYNOW
cheseball: thx! @wrinkles
HeathersLtd: @wrinkles u cleaning ur pores