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kalan: @wrinkles LOL!
tommoody: @wrinkles @joy the clip of bette davis slapping that kid in Storm Center was intense
tommoody: @ssnack @wrinkles entertaining documentary but the "rivalry" seems mainly in the clips
ShlucHT: @wrinkles ; ° )
kiptok:!yours0241/g9mpp @wrinkles
youngbumpkin: @wrinkles
sidonie: omg her shooooes @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles <3
youngbumpkin: @wrinkles i love u
Zimbardo: show me ur pussy @wrinkles
maxlabor: @wrinkles
maxlabor: @wrinkles uh yeah
Soccer: nice @wrinkles
plant: @wrinkles
plant: @wrinkles that video(L)
youngbumpkin: @wrinkles
tommoody: .. @wrinkles
refrain: @wrinkles can i see ur penis plz
dolphin300: @wrinkles @cheseball
bees: @wrinkles
sidonie: @wrinkles @grass, @plant is downloading the entire lush discography
maxlabor: just let it grow @wrinkles
cheseball: @wrinkles
goblin: @wrinkles
agathos: You look cute @wrinkles
goblin:,204,203,200_.jpg @wrinkles
fha: @wrinkles
maxlabor: @wrinkles
cheseball: @wrinkles ur snaps have been hella cray lately
sidonie: @wrinkles
carlosdngr2: @wrinkles did you win
lux: hi boos @wrinkles @xdeath
kintrala: @wrinkles : sounds like you a winrar
plant: @wrinkles today I downloaded a band from a list I found on rateyourmusic, about shoegaze classics, 'Band Of Susans'
bluecow: wow your eyes are huge @wrinkles
taehyung: @wrinkles YEA SHE IS
grass: <3 @wrinkles
minimum: @elfluuva @issac @wrinkles @joy
youngbumpkin: @wrinkles how do u know
elfluuva: @wrinkles
bees: @wrinkles