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ShlucHT: @wrinkles @byron @Robot
lux: i would take him to see straight outta compton @wrinkles
melipone: @wrinkles lol you look like a burn victim that got full body hair transplants
ShlucHT: @wrinkles
ShlucHT: i m just advising people in style @wrinkles
Ice: i think SchlucHT is asking you to take it off @wrinkles
noth: @wrinkles wass the one with the remote town? it's brown as fuck
noth: @wrinkles ave you seen any rivette?
kiptok: @wrinkles
noth: @wrinkles the dance at the end
thekraken: yeah ive been watching it in spurts but its good @wrinkles
noth: @wrinkles by something you mean everything
noth: @wrinkles
noth: do i have to give @wrinkles a bj to be truly initiated?
kintrala: 69 @wrinkles
jimmyjammer: @wrinkles who's the shirtless blue man
kiptok: @wrinkles new video
youngbumpkin: @wrinkles
kiptok: hahahahahhahahhahaa @wrinkles i have a small soldiers board game i loved
kiptok: she always claims she's part native navajo @wrinkles
lux: do u like rachel getting married @wrinkles
lux: i forgot who used Wooden on the runway but it was me @wrinkles
lux: @wrinkles
lux: <3 @wrinkles
lux: @cheseball @thekraken @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles one of the blacknecks
kiptok: lol! glad u like @wrinkles
kiptok: i can @wrinkles
thekraken: was watching this earlier after I came back from laptop reboot. thanks for sharing @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles
dtf: @wrinkles
guIarjinoish: @wrinkles
kiptok: do you ever go out fully naked @wrinkles
guysalmon: are u vegan @wrinkles
sidonie: @wrinkles
lux: getting over going out is good right @wrinkles @anyone older than me
lux: *pours u some sailor jerry and flexes* @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles
Samantha: cuz u always have ur legs behind ur ears @wrinkles
peur: @noth @wrinkles
sidonie: @wrinkles