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thekraken: was watching this earlier after I came back from laptop reboot. thanks for sharing @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles
dtf: @wrinkles
guIarjinoish: @wrinkles
kiptok: do you ever go out fully naked @wrinkles
guysalmon: are u vegan @wrinkles
sidonie: @wrinkles
lux: getting over going out is good right @wrinkles @anyone older than me
lux: *pours u some sailor jerry and flexes* @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles
Samantha: cuz u always have ur legs behind ur ears @wrinkles
peur: @noth @wrinkles
sidonie: @wrinkles
kiptok: i've been kippin around @wrinkles
frederick: @wrinkles
kiptok: looks like an "in memoriam" @wrinkles :)
youngbumpkin: @wrinkles
wrinkles: @wrinkles please
kiptok: this is like a cooler update of the smells like teen spirit video @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles gosu
kiptok: but PRINCE IN THE JUNGLE is the sh!t as well @wrinkles
kiptok: i like PROPHET @wrinkles
kiptok: ZHALA !!!!!! @wrinkles
plams: @thekraken @birdraymond @wrinkles @artist @cheseball @amber24 @avatars @boypussy @Chat @dakandym4nfu @dolphin300 @elfluuva @FAUXreal @GucciSoFlosy @hoquang @jerseymike @JSONvoorhees @kintrala @lilcriticals @mantangle @marblednet @McChimperson @petrograd @photocophy @powerstripp @pretzel @tanya @anndunham @nicolashorch @maggie @bubblebeth @waves @youngbumpkin @enot_jjk @babka @bitter-herb @aids_enoch @callus @ryder @ryz @ben_dover @mjjt @RaineRaine @lizzy @Dr_Age @lux @sterlingcrip @fingers @DreWeL @fink_fille @grass @frederick @kiptok @peur @pummp @whocares1 @jimmyjammer @a2soup @blue @anndunham
thekraken: yes I mean I am still whatever about vince vaughn but I am glad collin farrel lived @wrinkles
jonathn: @wrinkles
cheseball: even after watching it, i would still double take @wrinkles
KingofMugen: @wrinkles Knew it
ohahalicia: @wrinkles you pulled over? so they know it was you (license plate)?
kiptok: @wrinkles check out this person
youngbumpkin: @wrinkles
kiptok: smoj @wrinkles
lux: @wrinkles
lux: @wrinkles
jonathn: @wrinkles
bees: @wrinkles
McChimperson: @wrinkles
lux: oh hell yeah @wrinkles
Dadayumn: @wrinkles we r both outdoor dumping
tommoody: but then .. @wrinkles
tommoody: @wrinkles