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kiptok: @wrinkles
kiptok: i know i know @wrinkles
byron: @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles
youngbumpkin: @wrinkles 111 im gonna take off work
sidonie: never @wrinkles
guIarjinoish: @wrinkles
maxlabor: dumper @wrinkles is from telluride
kiptijek: @wrinkles
kiptijek: Robyn ‏@robynkonichiwa 5m5 minutes ago Zhala's album is released in the us today. This is golden honey, dont sleep on it. @z_h_a_l_a #pic 5 retweets 19 likes @wrinkles gosu
youngbumpkin: @kiptijek @taehyung @wrinkles @cheeseball @lux HOT new PC track
drifter: @wrinkles
drifter: @wrinkles r u buying powerball tix we can do welcome to me
WUPREME: cool avatar @wrinkles
taehyung: ya i was the only 1 who teared up in class bc my teacher said he died @wrinkles
kiptok: then u will have it @wrinkles
Chanel: @wrinkles what are ur favorite models?
djmeatdaddy: @wrinkles when is this from? didn't this come out recently or am i imagining things
taehyung: i <3 @wrinkles
badbot: lol @wrinkles
lux: and i'm spiritually craving a new one BAD @minty @wrinkles
reverberasia: @wrinkles
joy: In addition, because one can easily add and recombine various forms of glitter text, image-text, and plain chat, there is, in the word-images of starsalmon, the possibility of “epic trash new media text poetry but then fug da police,” reconstituted like a ransom letter from a glam punk alien. [99] @wrinkles @ssnack
tommoody: @wrinkles -- that's great you met my cousin -- tell her hi
lux: @wrinkles
sidonie: we want ur belly full @wrinkles <3
sidonie: @wrinkles omg dood ur rish shut up
kalan: hahah @wrinkles once i saw that in columbia
cheseball: @wrinkles
jonathn: i will @wrinkles & yes @badbot
badbot: @wrinkles *blushing and nervous laughter* i wasn't serious, nevertheless it
ssnack: ewwww @wrinkles