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youngbumpkin: @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles PS
kiptok: :) @wrinkles ttyl
anndunham: @wrinkles
gr8pevine: @joy @wrinkles
jonathn: @wrinkles not sure if i showed you this one... so good.
jonathn: @wrinkles
kemosabe721: @wrinkles
callus: i thought it would be the ashy feet @wrinkles
callus: @wrinkles @eyedeekay
eyedeekay: @wrinkles
D_MAGIK: @wrinkles
Ice: who are you dressed as @wrinkles ?
jonathn: @wrinkles
jonathn: @wrinkles
waves: @wrinkles suck your own dick on cam
kiptok: rumored to be two pop songwriters @wrinkles
kiptok: cro-magnon @wrinkles
kiptok: the arguably first 'noise' act @wrinkles
orlandobloom: @wrinkles
jonathn: @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles
kiptok: and former ghosts @wrinkles
kiptok: do you like human beast @wrinkles
kiptok: but the mix is dope @wrinkles
kiptok: excepter rules but i don't like a place to bury strangers @wrinkles
jonathn: @wrinkles
cxzy: lol ok.. thanx for the nudes @wrinkles
kiptok: #gosusextclub @kiptok @peur @cheetos1 @joy @wrinkles @pretzel @Polymer @kinny @Justinarias @hoquang @cxzy @rukalukus @years
loserbitch: @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles cam ur ass already
jonathn: @wrinkles i used "more than this" as a source
jonathn: @wrinkles
lux: the blonde redhead song in the end of hard candy @wrinkles
years: ty kindly @wrinkles
orlandobloom: @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles
cheetos1: never @wrinkles
cheetos1: <3 @wrinkles
mrheaIth: @wrinkles