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bees: @wrinkles
sidonie: @wrinkles @grass, @plant is downloading the entire lush discography
maxlabor: just let it grow @wrinkles
cheseball: @wrinkles
goblin: @wrinkles
agathos: You look cute @wrinkles
goblin:,204,203,200_.jpg @wrinkles
fha: @wrinkles
maxlabor: @wrinkles
cheseball: @wrinkles ur snaps have been hella cray lately
sidonie: @wrinkles
carlosdngr2: @wrinkles did you win
lux: hi boos @wrinkles @xdeath
kintrala: @wrinkles : sounds like you a winrar
plant: @wrinkles today I downloaded a band from a list I found on rateyourmusic, about shoegaze classics, 'Band Of Susans'
bluecow: wow your eyes are huge @wrinkles
taehyung: @wrinkles YEA SHE IS
grass: <3 @wrinkles
minimum: @elfluuva @issac @wrinkles @joy
youngbumpkin: @wrinkles how do u know
elfluuva: @wrinkles
bees: @wrinkles
youngbumpkin: @wrinkles ily
plant: @wrinkles I owe you an apologize for the last time, I was kind of rude with you
stration: @wrinkles
plant: @wrinkles is our measure of alive or not alive
sidonie: @wrinkles u r looking handsome tonight!!!
plant: @wrinkles have you seen this short film? well educated young?
plant: omg @wrinkles so many expressions
plant: @wrinkles do you accept tokens for flashing butthole?
cheseball: @wrinkles
stration: @wrinkles
stration: play this on ur spot @wrinkles
lux: go!!!!! @wrinkles
joy: The rhino bull approached a number of the sleeping hyenas. He got closer and closer until he was a mere meter away from a clan member. The hyena stood up and sniffed at the rhinos backside. This in itself was pretty unbelievable to watch. What happened next was even more bizarre. The rhino bull lifted his tail and backed into the hyenas actually trying to convince them, and then allowing them to lick his backside and genitalia! This did not simply happen once, but on a number of occasions. @wrinkles @kiptok
kiptok: @wrinkles whose dik's dat? u's dick?
kiptok: i have a question @wrinkles
Sweetly: @wrinkles
kiptok: @wrinkles
kiptok: i know i know @wrinkles
byron: @wrinkles