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DoritoWitch: @worm this is awesome, how u do?
pretzel: @worm
DreWeL: did you make those pictures of cubicles and stuff? @worm
thekraken: found it @worm CC @drewel "the suit guy"
thekraken: post it on medium @worm
thekraken: when I heard about Buffalo being hit hard I was worried about @worm
cxzy: oh yeah @worm i forgot too! when was it?
DoritoWitch: sorry @worm i farggot
thekraken: take the bus to the big city @worm
thekraken: rest in power @worm
4izz: nice shirt @worm !
callus: spammy @worm
powerstripp: @worm's 'the metamorphosis'
BeardCookies: nice @worm
soverymonkey: @worm THF NOBTK EACF
DoritoWitch: @worm did you ever find that tattoo of the broken image icon? PS-How do you know Keely?
KingofMugen: @Worm What he did said?
peggy: you went away for a long time, @worm
peggy: @worm fron-facing middle finger is something that @Artist used to do in his cams that other dumpers subsequently adopted
JustinArias: @worm the hands are from @gummy4
deathparty: @worm do u have a sister named laura? u look familiar
ohgod: dumping from my phone at a bar in pvd with @worm we all say sup dump
madhorse: @worm @hole
madhorse: Black Sabbath - Fuck Life U are Free as Fuck (FLUFF) @worm
mickeydummy: hole - in the sky : @worm
ohgod: one of my roommates is @worm's sister haha