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wrinkles: @watertight on facebook
reneabythe: @watertight
reneabythe: @watertight
reneabythe: @watertight lol people thinkin its real
plant: nice @watertight
sidonie: idk i don't want to live with someone who sticks there fingers in their ears and goes 'lalalalala' when i'm talking to them @watertight
safesex2011: @watertight yeah all i would be downing anyway is making headers on their docs, and very minimal photoshop. thats how it is done though- provide hype for the product in advance and then learn as you go
maxlabor: that was kintrala @watertight she has been banned from the site
sidonie: why not @watertight
cheseball: @watertight
cheseball: @watertight
reneabythe: wow damn @watertight
thekraken: (ง ° ͜ ʖ °)ง @watertight
pixels: @reneabythe did you give @watertight a dump account for the imgur lady?
maxlabor: entry level @watertight
pixels: @watertight what did the imgur lady say?
reneabythe: @watertight you there
reneabythe: @watertight their actual performance sucks so much, theres some vids on youtube
minimum: @watertight
plant: @watertight
plant: @watertight you understand spanish?
plant: @watertight this scene
kiptok: @lux @watertight
badbotmobile: and @watertight does that mean you're down for rio?
lux: what state @watertight
lux: hot @watertight