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07:35 PM Fri 11/2 - in dumpfm
I have been CRYING all day. The SEVERE BACK PAIN I have been in since this past Monday caused me to have a SEMI breakdown in the dorm this morning, but I still made it to the free clinic for my dental cleaning that I had VOWED to make it to, even if I had to fucking crawl there... My life just entered a NEW CHAPTER of HELL, Folks=Lugging around bags (even if not EXTREMELY heavy bags) 7 days a week, sleeping on the top bunk & having to transfer my SHIT (that just got HEAVIER due to the fast approaching winter months & COLDER WEATHER that requires me to wear HEAVIER CLOTHING than I wore in the Summer) from the bed to the floor (every FUCKING night so that I can sleep) & vice versa (every morning when I leave for the day) SEVEN FUCKING DAYS A WEEK coupled with the STRESS of living in a homeless shelter "in general", donewiththislife1 posted a comment 23 hours ago Block User Report SpamRemove coupled with my recent SEVERE bout of constipation (that caused me to walk funny & FUCK UP MY BACK) have all FINALLY (6 months into this living in a homeless shelter BULL SHIT) taken their toll on my body. As many of you out there are fully aware of, I already (JUSTIFIABLY-as far as I'm concerned) have absolutely NO DESIRE to be alive*, & now that my FORCED living situation has reopened my old 2008 bulging disk BACK INJURY, I'm in EXTREME PHYSICAL PAIN that I know for a fact (especially because I'm "living" in a FUCKING HOMELESS SHELTER that I have to VACATE every morning & return to every evening) is gonna UNDERSTANDABLY intensify my DEPRESSION & SUICIDAL FEELINGS a million times over... (& how was your day?) Lora *something my PURE LOVE for my mother combined with my genuine FEAR of the UNKNOWN causes me to not act upon

11:26 PM Tue 1/15 - in dumpfm
i like dumpers who are not that creative and dump whatever theyre thinking about or are into at the moment

04:53 PM Thu 8/16 - in dumpfm

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05:33 PM Fri 5/4 - in dumpfm
again this brings us to the elephant in the room: asperger white males who hook up with asian females because orientals don't notice their lack of social graces

01:21 AM Wed 3/6 - in dumpfm
plams tries to and does occasionalyl give a shit but finds it unfulfilling and sinks back into his covers

12:02 AM Wed 3/6 - in dumpfm
a jpeg of a guy bent over kissing another guy's boots while his hands are typing on a keyboard @glasspopcorn.

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07:24 PM Sat 2/23 - in dumpfm
huey reminds me of soccer, i can tell he's wrapping this up in his mind as him being a tempermental artist personaltiy rather than a babbied boy-man

09:59 PM Thu 1/17 - in dumpfm
the rape man

07:40 PM Fri 11/2 - in dumpfm @reverberasia

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03:22 AM Fri 5/25 - in dumpfm
pour a glass of water on your PC while it's on

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08:17 PM Wed 4/11 - in dumpfm

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09:26 PM Sun 6/23 - in dumpfm

03:55 AM Wed 3/6 - in dumpfm

11:09 PM Thu 3/7 - in dumpfm
shut the fuck up wake

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11:53 PM Tue 3/5 - in dumpfm
the more b.s. you carry with you, the more you fear grace

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11:37 PM Tue 3/5 - in dumpfm
you're all fucking faggots

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09:38 PM Tue 3/5 - in dumpfm
holy shit bitch that's exactly the kind of boring story nobody wants to hear that i would expect you to use as a talking point

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09:36 PM Tue 3/5 - in dumpfm
cyber bullying is so fucking awesome

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09:25 PM Tue 3/5 - in dumpfm
goatmilk: kate we were just talking about tempura dick

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10:20 PM Thu 1/17 - in dumpfm
polymer stop being the wannabe nerd gamer girl meme embodiment

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10:13 PM Thu 1/17 - in dumpfm
somebody dos now please

09:59 PM Thu 1/17 - in dumpfm
here comes suerferrosa

03:41 PM Fri 1/11 - in dumpfm
as an employee of a fortune 500 company**

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09:53 PM Thu 11/1 - in dumpfm
i need to be diminished. whoever did this was right

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06:27 PM Thu 11/1 - in dumpfm
you are woeful @jimmyjammer

05:54 PM Thu 11/1 - in dumpfm
remember that time some guy went down on your toes and you "accidentally" kicked his face @polymer

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05:53 PM Thu 11/1 - in dumpfm
don't talk to me @bitch

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05:27 PM Thu 11/1 - in dumpfm
why do all of cyndi laupers music videos look like honey nut cheerios commercials

01:06 AM Tue 10/30 - in dumpfm
samantha big fat smell like ham