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kiptok: @trying times
kiptok: @trying/
CelineDion: @callus @trying
lizzy: @trying @bright
aoifeml: @trying
eyedeekay: @callus @harshly @trying
nazi_goth: @bright @callus @trying
CelineDion: @plams @joy @trying
orlandobloom: @trying @harshly @bright THANKS LISA
eyedeekay: @trying @harshly @bright loosh
eyedeekay: @mrhealth @trying
eyedeekay: @trying @mrhealth kk ill send u an encrypted message soon i just am going to wait til i try to mix scopolamine with cheep beer which i was reading is fun/ny t do
joy: @trying i'm gay
joy: that's for @Trying
mrhealth: @trying
eyedeekay: @grass @photocopy @trying
kintrala: @trying :
mrhealth: @trying
eyedeekay: @trying @lux
eyedeekay: @trying
orlandobloom: @trying gardener's log seems pretty good. keep eye on them
jonathn: @trying
cheetos1: tommoody rules so much more than you ever could you butt muncher @trying
eyedeekay: @trying
mrhealth: @trying when niggers attack: the motion picture
orlandobloom: @trying
kintrala: @trying : ugh this is too frustrating stop bothering me :)
joy: @trying
kinny: @trying : every time you cast a love spell towards me i become less interested... just like work on being a good kisser or something
mrhealth: @trying i miss selfmade's meanderings on life & love
kintrala: @trying :
kintrala: @trying :
kintrala: @trying :
kintrala: @trying : your racism is extremely unattractive
orlandobloom: @trying @issac @bees seattle 1993. can we call truce. can we try? CAN. WE. TRY. ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ @ANNDUNHAM
orlandobloom: @trying potato chips with chesapeake bay crab seasoning
eyedeekay: @trying
eyedeekay: @trying
kintrala: @trying : are yoy bitfiction on snapchat ?
orlandobloom: @trying
eyedeekay:!/s/Regenesis/1o426b?src=5 @trying @ssnack @kiptok @grass @jonathn @tommypickles