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Seacrestcheadle: @tommoody
erikhaspresence: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody Death of the Novel 2014
reneabythe: @tommoody
petrograd: i could sense it's rich timeless qualities @tommoody
pretzel: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody waiting for the mega-post with all of these... "Like most of the internet it doesn't serve a real purpose. But it is nice to look at. Just like art."
eyedeekay: @ryz @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody what do you think of this sweet "make new post" animation from google plus
ryz: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody richard devine's music has always been overly technical and non-relatable
ryz: @tommoody i have the same problem with modular music, it sounds like a demo of gear i can't afford with a dose of obscurantism
pfifferking: @tommoody
ben_dover: "at least i got a shout out on tom moody's blog ... i got THAT going for me" @tommoody i just said that ... thanks for the s/o
andrej: @tommoody
andrej: @tommoody apparently the thing with the cobble stones is called parallax mapping with bump height displacement -- or something
reneabythe: @pretzel @tommoody new way to get rich
kiptok: @tommoody to read
kiptok: @tommoody
pretzel: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody good point about sausage-making in these art things - i would not have assumed anyone would actually use celluloid. i think of film as a more pretentious word for "movie"
pretzel: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody did a spit take when i read this, you owe me a new keyboard
pretzel: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody
ryz: the large version is actually here @tommoody
wrinkles: didn't tangerine dream do the soundtrack @tommoody ??
wrinkles: i want some movie recommendations !! @tommoody !!
kiptok: i'm sick of the music critics @tommoody
kiptok: she rules @tommoody
kiptok: gfotyoat @tommoody
thekraken: I appreciate your wisdom @tommoody
thekraken: printed ~ painted * @tommoody and I do romanticize painting because current painterly trends cant be referred to as paintings historically imo
thekraken: fair point but your own assistants, understudies, etc =/= shipping off your jpeg to be printed in foreign country @tommoody
thekraken: i guess my gripe about people passing off a studio slave as their own is because it is both reminiscent of commercial design hierarchy and bc if youre going to be lazy might as well print your img on new canvas and not passing them off as your own work on traditional canvases @tommoody - i still think we need an art theory classification for these 21st fabricated artworks - for historical purposes
thekraken: @tommoody lol remember when people would make pages for fictional characters on myspace?
GucciSoFlosy: @tommoody via @birdraymond .
kiptok: @tommoody Don't Hate.
cxzy: thanx @tommoody
cheetos1: get sum @tommoody
kiptok: 톰무디 @tommoody