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cheseball: @tommoody
wrinkles: @tommoody wasn't it so good?? the part with swivelling the planters
kiptok: @tommoody must pay
gr8pevine: @tommoody
gr8pevine: @tommoody in this case, the strawberry
cheseball: #flan @tommoody
queenfan: wweeeeeeee are the chaaaamppioonnnss of duuummmppppp, and weeeee'lllll keeeppp on duuuummpppinnggg til we pwn irrlll, WEEEEE ARE THE DUMPERS WEEEE ARE THE DUMPERS, NOOOOO TIIIIMEE FORRR TUMBLRRSS CUZ WEEEE AREE THE CHAMPPIONNNSSSSSSS, OF DUUMMPPPPPPP : '' ))) @doritowitch @melipone @tommoody @guccisoflosy @anndunham @kiptok
DWisaGOON: @tommoody
cheseball: @tommoody
kiptok: @tommoody @hoquang @pretzel @ryz
reneabythe: @pretzel @tommoody
grass: @tommoody
thekraken: under siege III @tommoody
gr8pevine: @petrograd @ben_dover @tommoody
petrograd: @ben_dover @gr8pevine @tommoody
stage: is that what moved you to digital drawing? @tommoody
stoner: @DoritoWitch @GucciSoFlosy @tommoody @ryz @peggy @melipone @hoquang @MODS etc get fucked ya red necks you cant stop a gang o felephants lmfao
stoner: @doritowitch @guccisoflosy @tommoody @ryz @peggy @melipone @hoquang @MODS etc meathead nerds burn in hell racist fucking pigs i cant believe you would contribute to white genocice\de like that cowards
nightxcore: @doritowitch @guccisoflosy @tommoody @ryz @peggy @melipone @hoquang @MODS etc
reneabythe: @pretzel @tommoody
cheseball: @jonathn @tommoody @dolphin300 @elizabeth
cheseball: @jonathn @tommoody
cheseball: @jonathn @tommoody @dolphin300
cheseball: @jonathn @tommoody
kiptok: @hoquang @tommoody @ryz @pretzel still so true
lizzie: @doritowitch @melipone @tommoody @peggy @ryz ETC
trill: @guccisoflosy @peggy @melipone @hoquang @ryz @tommoody @doritowitch
reneabythe: @tommoody
kiptok: @tommoody
ryz: does it work the other way? - "Some female artists, curators and writers seem to think that if they put something that is inadvertently misandrist into the world with purportedly good intentions, they shouldn’t be publicly censured in the name of free speech." @tommoody
ryz: "publicly censured in the name of free speech" - isn't this an oxymoron, in a way @tommoody
scotty2hotty69: very nice @tommoody
kiptok: i recommed eo2morro @tommoody
reneabythe: @pretzel @tommoody
kiptok: 톰 무디 삼촌 @tommoody
halitosis: thanks @tommoody kind of
fingers: @jerseymike @tommoody
kiptok: #dumphouseparty @tommoody
joy: my favorite mmortal kombat 3 background @tommoody
thekraken: @tommoody - does Rob Roy have the official Tommoody seal of approval ? I watched The Duelists earlier this week and I dont think this can top that.
thekraken: lol just meant bc you love to document and are exceptionally well at it but understood :p @tommoody