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kintrala: @tommoody :
cheseball: @tommoody I think you need to try one of the newer headsets, because the old ones had a lot of problems.
cheseball: @tommoody It's more about seeing if the experiences are good and if they are, how is that any different from spending a lot of time on a forum, chat or video game? It's not going to replace a flat screen, I don't think there are enough use cases for that, its just another option. The optics of a screen so close to the face sounds hellish, but don't we already do that with phones?
cheseball: @tommoody i see your point, but my typing was so awful, haha.
cheseball: @tommoody "So one ring to rule them all isn't something I'm all that worked up about because Oculus might come out as the defacto device, but I don't think that will invalidate experiences on other VR headsets" , but yeah that works.
betrayer: @hoquang @bamboo @tommoody
cheseball: @tommoody sry if some of what i wrote came out incoherently, i was writing with one handed on a phone, and holding a box with the other.
cheseball: @tommoody do u know of anyone uses VR in their practice very well ?
pepperII: @tommoody I missed your opening but would love to stop by the gallery
arjununcle: @tommoody uses like its twitter
wrinkles: @tommoody
bamboo: @tommoody @foot ah lol the text is from 2012
joy: who is letting the investigative journalists register? @tommoody
bamboo: @tommoody lost me at "coin of the realm" this aint middle earth
reneabythe: @tommoody
1au: @tommoody ty for the reply
1au: @tommoody @maxlabor @joy do you remember posting or seeing a pic that was like this only it was an amateur pic. i know it was posted on here and trying so hard to refind it
cheseball: "s-swipe.......ughhhhhhhh" *dies* @tommoody
joy: not a diarrhea fan? @tommoody
reneabythe: @tommoody i really wish i could go to PNGs
reneabythe: @tommoody
maxlabor: @tommoody
robot: @tommoody
bamboo: @tommoody via
bamboo: @tommoody this page is nice but this guy's whole website is amazing
melipone: @tommoody OH MY GOD!
bamboo: ROT @tommoody
bamboo: GUT @tommoody
kiptijek: @tommoody have you considered working w/ e-ink display? didn't ryder do that once? i always loved them
sucrete: @tommoody have you seen fruitsoftheweb on tumblr?
kiptijek: i have every page of ur site bookmarked @tommoody
maxlabor: @tommoody
stage: @tommoody
bamboo: @tommoody
watertight: lmfao @tommoody all ur bitching paid off
jenna: @guccisoflosy ;pppppppppppppppoloololoololol @tommoody
bamboo: @tommoody
bamboo: @tommoody you can edit it -
bamboo: @tommoody
cheseball: @1au @tommoody - if you're applying view count to a found object, it can inform the audience about what it is exactly that you're presenting. a low view count can make it feel like you're one of the first to something genuine and interesting that no has ever seen, but a high view count could mean you're presenting something thats been processed once and giving it a different context; it could be subversive. if its your own work it gets a little more tricky because theres always the question of, is it being presented to the desired audience and if so, did they respond to it? and also is your work being presented out of context as a found object to an unintended audience how is that conversation adding or subtracting to the aesthetic you designed for the piece. i guess what im saying is that you should think of the view count as something non-static and it can help your aesthetic if you know how to play with it.
1au: do you think a view count can lessen the power of an aesthetic. discuss @cheseball @tommoody