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GucciSoFlosy: @tommoody iOS also supports APNG natively, but not OSX. Their new "stickers" in iMessage are encouraging designers to create .apng instead of .gif (although gifs are still supported), but Google is all aboard the the webm train Choo Choo
GucciSoFlosy: @tommoody safari also added .apng support as of v. 8.0
cheseball: @tommoody
reneabythe: @tommoody
copaceticusa: enough @tommoody
cheseball: @tommoody i was definitely being a bit of a prude/POS. sorry for going at u like that.
cheseball: @tommoody sry
cheseball: whats surreal to me isn't the possibility that he could be a plant, but that u seem genuinely confused about the context @tommoody
cheseball: @tommoody what do u think is being achieved here
cheseball: @tommoody its just surreal to me that u think people care about his positions on energy
cheseball: @tommoody that literally has nothing to do with how he became a meme
cheseball: does she get retro-meme immunity even tho she's an antivaxxer and a pro-war democrat? @tommoody
cheseball: @tommoody are u suggesting there was a vetting process before became a meme ?
copaceticusa: @tommoody wtf
copaceticusa: @tommoody
reneabythe: @photos @cheseball @tommoody
reneabythe: @tommoody
reneabythe: from today @tommoody
plant: I love you too @tommoody
kiptok: @tommoody
reneabythe: @tommoody i consider this 'i guess we need to talk about' along the lines of 'uh oh. you made a boo boo' infantilization speek.. what about you?
larsdk: @tommoody
reneabythe: @tommoody i got what i needed though
reneabythe: @photos @tommoody
narc: @tommoody re: bruce
reneabythe: @cheseball @tommoody @photos
reneabythe: @samantha @justinarias @shlucht @tommoody @watertight @thekraken @birdraymond @photos @noisia @cheseball @d_magik @thorns
reneabythe: @tommoody
kiptokvanity: we should all chill!!!!!!! @tommoody
kiptokvanity: dream froth 3 is in nyc now @tommoody
reneabythe: @tommoody
reneabythe: @tommoody @photos
reneabythe: @tommoody thats your *problem* .. firefox! try Chrome by Google
reneabythe: @photos @tommoody @cheseball from 2:00 to the end
reneabythe: @tommoody literally just a google image search for the orange circle, 'related images'
reneabythe: @tommoody related images to an orange circle
grass: this is from 2014 @tommoody
reneabythe: @tommoody.. CBS caption of the hillary stumbling video: "Below is unconfirmed footage of Clinton exiting the 9/11 memorial ceremony: "
photos: @tommoody me too, i'm into it
reneabythe: @tommoody
McChimperson: that's a good reason to own a gun @tommoody