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cheseball: @tommoody muy* caliente
cheseball: @tommoody moi caliente
cheseball: @tommoody that knowledge sample
hoquang: @lux @peggy @tommoody
reneabythe: @tommoody
cheseball: and the monster continues to creep @tommoody
wrinkles: @tommoody
kintrala: @tommoody : we need to jam out w the toys out // I am really liking ur sound
andrej: the debate rages on @tommoody
andrej: @tommoody
andrej: @tommoody
photos: @tommoody
cheseball: np :^) @tommoody
thekraken: @tommoody - oh my mistake Tom. unfav'd the post you were making a rebuttal to but I mean weirdos going to weird, haters going to hate.
petrograd: @tommoody !!!
kiptok: do you keep good contact w any nasty nets-ers @tommoody
kiptok: \did u know i ordered the nasty nets dvd long ago @tommoody
cheseball: they could use some of the money they earned from the celebrity seven on seven to do that @tommoody
artichokie: @tommoody
kiptok: kiptok do u like nancarrow @tommody kiptok @tommoody
kiptok: @tommoody
byron: @tommoody
GucciSoFlosy: @tommoody this concludes very little about the verascity of Roof's site. As the guy notes, the Russian host is used by US companies, some of which are very popular (HostGator). His backup is a link to the WP about "spoofing" the NYTs by giving out blantenly false info via facebook chat, which is shitty on the NYT's part, but also doesn't prove that the site or pictures are fake
GucciSoFlosy: @tommoody this is stephanie's reddit account - she's talking a lot of smack but seems to have no record of her design from imperial
GucciSoFlosy: @tommoody this design was released in the late 80s, and uses a similar color scheme and design elements
GucciSoFlosy: @tommoody sorry, haven't had coffee yet, to clarify, I think gina made the solo jazz design alone. I'm trying to find the imperial bondware cup that looks similar
GucciSoFlosy: @tommoody the author messaged me on reddit, and I saw it and forgot to call him back, no e-mail involved. I didn't mention dump because I didn't want people coming here from one of the default subreddits. I don't know what to think about stephanie's claims - she could have designed a similar looking cup made by imperial bondware and thought it was stolen, but the story about gina seems to give a lot of proof to her claim, right down to the pastel proto-jazz drawings
kintrala: @tommoody : have u met sebastian and tom moody from australia yet?
kiptok: @tommoody @photos
kiptok: @tommoody i didn't move, just trying to b transient
reneabythe: @tommoody sorabjified canyon.mid
kiptok: @tommoody
reneabythe: @tommoody
cheseball: phished for fart jokes: @tommoody
peur: @tommoody why was fred muted for 2 days ?
cheseball: @tommoody
cheseball: lil b has magical powers @tommoody
byron: @tommoody
kiptok: "going down" in flames @tommoody
kiptokvanity: @bamboo @tommoody
bamboo: @tommoody