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ryz: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody i make every post on my google plus public to highlight my disengagement from their paranoid outlook and ridiculous obsession with "circles"
ryz: @tommoody no the free RSS generator i used stopped working, i had to log into it again
ryz: @tommoody
ShlucHT: @tommoody I wouldn't take it personal its just the internet or even worse only dump - people are becoming teenage² & retard just because
ShlucHT: @tommoody why are they making jokes ? cause its a tape ? I like the last two or 3 tracks a lot - nice tape to get work done in a way : )
reneabythe: i take your jogger and raise you a @tommoody @pretzel
ben_dover: @tommoody
reneabythe: @tommoody
thekraken: @tommoody
reneabythe: @pretzel @tommoody @mirrrroring
reneabythe: @tommoody @ryz @pretzel
ShlucHT: <- is this a real tape ? @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody i save my real trolling for google plus, you know that..
ryz: @tommoody please send tape to me C/O OKFocus, 11-11 44th Road #201, Long Island City, NY 11101 (where we have a tape player)
ryz: @tommoody
kiptokvanity: @tommoody do you think maybe pcmusic has explicit intention to make music journalism i.e. critics/sites/reviewers look like dumbasses, its @kiptok btw
ryz: @tommoody on emacs it would be the "meta" key
ryz: @tommoody osx chrome
ryz: @tommoody yes, on chrome it's but your thing will probably be fullscreen already
ryz: @tommoody this was "taken the same day" but does not work well with your thesis
ryz: @tommoody the filename "B3eqR4MIMAAtTis.jpg" originates on Twitter, not Tumblr
ryz: @tommoody in a set of images "kunstkijkers" which is dutch for "cunt-kickers" via
ryz: @tommoody alternate takes
ryz: @tommoody found it! Gijsbert van der Wal, 27 november 2014, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
ryz: @tommoody from the same blog. i like this! is that weird?
ryz: @tommoody google image search suggests the "teens in front of the oil painting" image is from here... somewhere. i haven't gone through all 42 pages yet. google did not index the landing page
ryz: "regooded urban wood" @tommoody -- we will not all sleep, but we will all be changed
ryz: Starbucks "evenings" @tommoody -- not available in NYC
ryz: @tommoody checked out your HTML (again, on the phone -- I'm at Starbucks now, one that seeves wine after 2p.) ... the sidebar is at the "botto." of the actual HTML so it could stay there if we convert you to a one colymn format. or we could make it "pull in" from the side which is how some sites d handle sidebars now on mobile. again, this would not involve changing your "desktop" 16:9 experience. lots of options
ryz: you can ditch thebsidebar on mobile only with like 10ljnes of CSS andni would eve write it for you (writing this on my phone in the parking lot of a walgreens) @tommoody excuse the weird transmission errors I disabled the automatic spell correction by accident
andrej: @tommoody
ryz: "One thing which drew me and the camera out of our splendid seclusion, however, was the news that the NYC DEP would be holding a ceremony to christen the fleet of three new sludge boats over at their Wards Island facility. How could I resist… I mean… Sludge Boats." @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody mondrian as a sort of "hello world" of art apps that any idiot can hack together. find a new language or program, and do a "mondrian" in it
ryz: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody on thanksgiving i heard leonard lopate reading the results of a "facebook research study" on things that were popular among democrats and republicans. turns out taylor swift & hunger games cut across party lines!
petrograd: @tommoody
thetip: go thru @tommoody s favs their goo
ryz: tumblr is over @tommoody nobody cares about yahoo products
minty: hey @tommoody yeh i was watching it. i cried for ages in the last episode. lol