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stage: @tommoody have you considered selling any albums as cassettes?
reneabythe: @pretzel @tommoody
cxzy: @ediut @doritowitch @anndunham @pfifferking @peggy @pretzel @dvvidpw @tommoody @D_magik @everyone if you want to join the Moma gifs tumblr gimme yr email so i can add you
peggy: i'll buy you a gift certificate what's your facebook @tommoody
peggy: @tommoody
ryz: @tommypickles @tommoody @aids_enoch
aids_enoch: wait @reneabythe what is @tommoody up to!?!!
reneabythe: @tommoody DOMINATING the SEO
kiptok: @tommoody from ♩PC
kiptok: @tommoody fyi one of the guys is kane west
kiptok: @tommoody 2nez 2 pwn n00bz 2
Seacrestcheadle: @tommoody
erikhaspresence: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody Death of the Novel 2014
reneabythe: @tommoody
petrograd: i could sense it's rich timeless qualities @tommoody
pretzel: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody waiting for the mega-post with all of these... "Like most of the internet it doesn't serve a real purpose. But it is nice to look at. Just like art."
eyedeekay: @ryz @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody what do you think of this sweet "make new post" animation from google plus
ryz: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody richard devine's music has always been overly technical and non-relatable
ryz: @tommoody i have the same problem with modular music, it sounds like a demo of gear i can't afford with a dose of obscurantism
pfifferking: @tommoody
ben_dover: "at least i got a shout out on tom moody's blog ... i got THAT going for me" @tommoody i just said that ... thanks for the s/o
andrej: @tommoody
andrej: @tommoody apparently the thing with the cobble stones is called parallax mapping with bump height displacement -- or something
reneabythe: @pretzel @tommoody new way to get rich
kiptok: @tommoody to read
kiptok: @tommoody
pretzel: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody good point about sausage-making in these art things - i would not have assumed anyone would actually use celluloid. i think of film as a more pretentious word for "movie"
pretzel: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody did a spit take when i read this, you owe me a new keyboard
pretzel: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody
ryz: the large version is actually here @tommoody
wrinkles: didn't tangerine dream do the soundtrack @tommoody ??
wrinkles: i want some movie recommendations !! @tommoody !!
kiptok: i'm sick of the music critics @tommoody
kiptok: she rules @tommoody