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wierdnumber: @tommoody SF lampoon of the idea of a "like economy" though the site which hosts it is quick to follow it with a "like this on facebook" button
robot: my compliments to the chef @tommoody
reneabythe: @tommoody
cheetos1: unlike your beer @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody 3d model for comparison
ryz: @tommoody i like the foot
ryz: @tommoody whatcha think of the use of pseudo-awkward "line" and sketchy style on this computer-generated 3d rendering
blingscience: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody did not realize this optidisc-variant turned purple
reneabythe: @tommoody
jonathn: love that track @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody oh i had not heard of Rosenberg - I know zero about art history. i have an american art book curated by vincent price
ryz: @tommoody pls link to
hoquang: want to apologize to @tommoody @gr8pevine @petrograd @ryz @ben_dover and especially @frederick for the rude things i said about mr. met
cxzy: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody
reneabythe: @tommoody
reneabythe: @tommoody print this out and tell them god bless america
reneabythe: @tommoody
powerstripp: @tommoody ... or alternately
glasspopcorn: also @tommoody each lp is better than the last. liking critical weekend work a lot
jonathn: @tommoody @frankhats @glasspopcorn favorite thing i've discovered this week. military music made by a computer and a dude on snare and hithats with some effects. description doesn;t do it justice. track 2 is my fav.
glasspopcorn: @tommoody yeah i doubted it was yours because it looked like one of your digital paintings but like, a real painting, and worse than yours
glasspopcorn: @tommoody i know you're probably anti-tumblr but i can't justify getting an rss reader just to read your site :/
ben_dover: @tommoody can you come to the baseball game on 7/4? #nullsleep
thekraken: IDK the post comes from 'Rhizome' room - it's his new toy. PH looks posed to be a cleaner group chat/co-blogging experience. and less of a general chat. but dump community is much more organic/ 'ephermeral' @Tommoody
andrej: @tommoody
ben_dover: @tommoody
jonathn: @tommoody
DoritoWitch: @tommoody do you have a lot of stock in "cats on the internet" it may be time to cash in
DoritoWitch: @tommoody this is great
ben_dover: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody it took a while for the words to have power again
ryz: @tommoody it is nice to see the lambert guy say that
ryz: @tommoody i also edited our news site/aggregator "daily rotten" which embraced the foul and profane. but i remember the exact moment i became disillusioned with profanity and shock news in general (a couple of moments, actually)
ryz: @tommoody i used to write for, i edited the rotten library. we had very good pagerank for awhile because we had excellent articles on obscure bush figures like george tenet, karl rove, etc. something happened at one point though, someone found something to complain about, google flipped a switch and suddenly our results were buried. ... i feel like profanity would keep people on google plus from taking me seriously considering the amount of treacle they apply to their products at this point. i do my best to spit back at them via screenshot. i also want to distinguish myself from "nerd flame wars", since only googley-eyed bastards use google plus
ryz: always thought it was rude to swear in a foreign language @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody
ryz: @tommoody civility throws people off in our trashy porno-choked society