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hi friends its me Luís G***** <canvas id="myCanvas" width="200" height="100"> Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.</canvas> <script> var c = document.getElementById("myCanvas"); var ctx = c.getContext("2d"); // Create gradient var grd = ctx.createRadialGradient(75,50,5,90,60,100); grd.addColorStop(0,"blue"); grd.addColorStop(1,"#33CCFF"); // Fill with gradient ctx.fillStyle = grd; ctx.fillRect(10,10,150,80); </script>

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carlosdngr2: @thekraken
carlosdngr2: @thekraken
kiptokvanity: @THEKRAKEN r u dreaming
copaceticusa: @thekraken
dolphin300: @thekraken when u r 2 dabbd out n ur boy ask if ur chill
dolphin300: @thekraken when u r 2 dabbd out 2 get the totinos from the microwave
wrinkles: @minty @frederick @bamboo @youngbumpkin @thekraken
bamboo: x 1au x anndunham x bamboo x BeardCookies x bees x chancehearty x cheseball x dedchil x dolphin300 x DreWeL x elfluuva x fish x hoquang x joy x JustinArias x KingofMugen x kintrala x kiptijek x lux x maxlabor x McChimperson x merumeru x peur x robot x thekraken x wrinkles x youngbumpkin peur lux chancehearty lux "i think i've figured out my problem. I'M TOO NICE" @thekraken dedchil so did donald trump pay SNL to put him on the show to try to win the hearts of america chancehearty they wanted him cause viewers will turn in for the trump chancehearty meida uses him and he uses them chancehearty media dedchil yeah lux @byron lux chanel's crimson peak lux chad it's me lmaoo @byron @thekrkaen chancehearty lux lux thekraken her tiny ass coffin lol lux chancehearty maxlabor chancehearty joy joy dedchil chancehearty lux this is hilarious bamboo LUX bamboo HOW R U bamboo OMG bamboo XD bamboo WHAT IS UP FOOL lux "no she's fine but me and the guys down at the station are pretty sure you did it @thekraken
lux: "no she's fine but me and the guys down at the station are pretty sure you did it @thekraken
lux: "i think i've figured out my problem. I'M TOO NICE" @thekraken
lux: i'm dead af @thekraken
lux: bahahahahahahahaha chanel #2's funeral scene @thekraken
carlosdngr2: @thekraken this place is next door
GucciSoFlosy: holy shit @thekraken this game just got bonkers
GucciSoFlosy: nah, but it should be @thekraken
copaceticusa: @lux @thekraken
jimmyjammer: @thekraken all those people grew up to be EDC and i'm too tompkins sq punk rock to roll with the post-blink 182 orange county punk ravers
jimmyjammer: @thekraken great parties tho
jimmyjammer: @thekraken i was never into any of the dim mak or heart comix artists. too clean or something. i loved all that blog house and bmore out of philly and dc but i never could get into dim mak
lux: @thekraken @illalli
lux: i listened to some other digitalism songs and didn't like any except this. are there any other ones like this? the other songs sound too mainstream and annoying. @thekraken me
lux: the best one @thekraken
lux: @thekraken
lux: @thekraken
lux: YES @thekraken
lux: @thekraken lmfaooooo @beardcookies
copaceticusa: @thekraken @lux
badbot: @thekraken what makes you say that now?
kiptokvanity: @thekraken
badbot: what you writing about @thekraken
GucciSoFlosy: @thekraken
dolphin300: lol @thekraken the video feels like a very subtle tim and eric sketch
jimmyjammer: @soccer @thekraken @cheseball @artist
helvetica12: @thekraken sent
lux: r u look in for a harmony there is harmony in everyythan @thekraken @illalli
lux: @thekraken
dolphin300: @thekraken
reneabythe: @thekraken
GucciSoFlosy: @thekraken
gory: @thekraken jah bless