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jonathn: no . it's jonathan horowitz @thekraken
JAS: @thekraken oh it's an ipad? which one? Yeah it probably won't freeze on load just take a loong time unfortunately
JAS: @thekraken what kind of phone do you have?
JAS: @thekraken if you tap with one finger you get a preview but im sure you figured that out
JAS: @thekraken the only thing you are missing is two finger twist left and right to change softness and three finger drag to pan
JAS: @thekraken click "More..." and there are all the instructions on that page.
joy: be yourself : ) @thekraken
joy: what thought flashed in your head upon eye contact @thekraken
joy: what's wrong cops @thekraken
bees: @thekraken
illalli: oooooh what is it?!?!! @thekraken
cheetos1: @catz @girlnymph @eyedeekay @orlandobloom @mrhealth (@kiptok @doritowitch @cxzy @justinarias @klm @peur @thekraken @guccisoflosy @ryz)
narc: @thekraken
kintrala: i think that @seamonkey and @thekraken made out behind my back
kintrala: @thekraken
kintrala: i tried having @seamonkey and @thekraken in a selfie today but it was a complete fail
bees: @thekraken
LibrtnPlease: @thekraken
kiptok: nice humblebrag @thekraken
tommoody: it's a long story having to do with the way my login page is configured @thekraken
JAS: @thekraken yw :)
kintrala: @thekraken :
GucciSoFlosy: @thekraken
kintrala: @thekraken :
kintrala: @thekraken : im telling my mom ill meet you for dinner
kintrala: @thekraken hey lets have a sesh right now
JAS: @thekraken
kiptok: stfu @thekraken
kintrala: @thekraken
bees: @frederick @kiptok @thekraken @plams
kintrala: @birdraymond @d_magik @daytimetelevision @thekraken @funbuddy @freenigga @frederick @