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kintrala: @thekraken :
GucciSoFlosy: @thekraken
lux: giving this tab 2 more mins to be crackin @thekraken
orlandobloom: @thekraken
lux: @thekraken
lux: @thekraken
callus: @frederick the golden age of sync streaming is past. yrs ago that rapport u had with @maggie @weh and @peur was something else, legend. it was a really fun period for those who were there (remember the Re-Animator stream) and im grateful to have been an MST3K riff bot during some of the best moments. (best of all the halloween showcases in 2014 - remember 'Are You Afraid of The Dark', 'Tales From the Crypt' 'Clownhouse' and other movies?lol) cc: @peur @thekraken @justinarias @lux @kintrala @BeardCookies. as with pomme and, frederick stepped up to a leadership role and set up a stage for others to have fun, as much with his personality as with his generous organizational efforts. i would argue that the streams where everyone logged on and watched and added commentary were some of funnest dump times of the past years, and so thx to all who partook and will partake. P.S. if you are on a budget get red wine from chile or argentina
anita_hug: @thekraken r u still in texas?
anita_hug: except 4 @thekraken and @scotty2hotty69 and @kiptok
carlosdngr2: @thekraken
carlosdngr2: @thekraken have you ever heard of monomyth?
carlosdngr2: @thekraken my guitar player's band opened for them a couple months ago
lux: @jerseymike @thekraken
lux: a gogo dancing cage in the morning @thekraken
lux: @peggy @pretzel @thekraken
lux: shake it up and make it fizz @thekraken
lux: ok @thekraken
lux: what i just said in a chill tone @thekraken
lux: @jerseymike @kiptok @thekraken @pretzel
anita_hug: how r u pls update @thekraken
anita_hug: hi @thekraken
Khaleesi: @thekraken <3
ShlucHT: @thekraken u get it
lux: @thekraken
lux: 0h hell n0 @thekraken
lux: thekraken: you guys are on some negi shit LOL no wonder lux left quick lmfaooo @thekraken
lux: @illalli @kintrala @thekraken
lux: ok good @thekraken
lux: @thekraken @peur
lux: helping a ghost @thekraken
lux: @thekraken
lux: zelda @thekraken
lux: using SALE in caps @thekraken @minty
fingers: lux african magic @thekraken @peur @minty lux @kalan
lux: african magic @thekraken @peur @minty
whocares1: @thekraken someone already doxed them or something
helvetica12: @thekraken thx for the suggestion
goatmilk: @thekraken @lilcriticals
kiptok: @thekraken
goatmilk: @thekraken
ShlucHT: @thekraken @nicolashorch showed this to me its funny somehow