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hi friends its me Luís G***** <canvas id="myCanvas" width="200" height="100"> Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.</canvas> <script> var c = document.getElementById("myCanvas"); var ctx = c.getContext("2d"); // Create gradient var grd = ctx.createRadialGradient(75,50,5,90,60,100); grd.addColorStop(0,"blue"); grd.addColorStop(1,"#33CCFF"); // Fill with gradient ctx.fillStyle = grd; ctx.fillRect(10,10,150,80); </script>

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cheseball: @thekraken yo
lux: brooke-en-mauvaise-posture-dans-scream.jpg @thekraken
lux: @thekraken
Samantha: omg that awkward moment when! @thekraken
photos: well @thekraken
photos: @thekraken
photos: nice @thekraken ^_^
lux: like uma at the end of kill bill 2 @thekraken
lux: that pic as iconic @thekraken
noth: @thekraken cool, sorry mayne, the dropcanvas thing didn't finish and had to go do other things
minty: hdy @thekraken
lux: a lady threw a pair of michael kors at my least favorite saleswoman last week @thekraken
lux: i walked into the break room the other day and the lights flickered when i went under them @thekraken
lux: i saw sinister 2 yesterday when i woke up before wasting my time on others all day @thekraken
lux: @thekraken
lux: i went and saw one place and they had a surprise chicken coop by the rooms windwo @thekraken
lux: god i feel so bloated it's the worst @thekraken
cheseball: @thekraken whats the wallcolor for the show? gallery white?
frederick: @thekraken is this u?
noth: @thekraken while waiting for Pefumed Nightmare to upload you can read this
carlosdngr2: @thekraken im impatient and i dropped the EP
noth: perfumed nightmare dl @thekraken
noth: @thekraken hey cool i'll do that
noth: @thekraken ye if i send it tho you can still seed it -___-
noth: @thekraken did you get your KG account back?
lux: i'm the bohemian get it girl today @thekraken
grass: @thekraken
cheseball: @guccisoflosy @thekraken
noth: @thekraken byee
noth: @thekraken :/ it can take a day or two
noth: @thekraken yea i think they have different conditions that you can meet and your acc becomes perm
noth: @thekraken highly recommended
noth: @thekraken haha
wrinkles: @noth @thekraken thanks i'll watch it later
noth: @thekraken best doc aroud
wrinkles: @thekraken i want links. noe and korine
noth: @thekraken you in there now?
noth: @thekraken was it scary?
noth: @thekraken
noth: @thekraken lemme track it down, it's a german show
noth: @thekraken ave you seen gaper noe meets harmony korine? one of the best things around