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hi friends its me Luís G*****

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copaceticusa: @lux @thekraken
copaceticusa: @thekraken having interesting night listening
reneabythe: @samantha @justinarias @shlucht @tommoody @watertight @thekraken @birdraymond @photos @noisia @cheseball @d_magik @thorns
copaceticusa: @buyuadraank @thekraken
kiptijek: @thekraken
maxlabor: now that this happened i think orphan black and mr robot have a lot in common @thekraken @GucciSoFlosy @halitosis
maxlabor: i have to watch both seasons again now @thekraken @guccisoflosy @halitosis
copaceticusa: @thekraken
JustinArias: @thekraken
bun: @thekraken
copaceticusa: yes, I did <3 @thekraken
kiptokvanity: whoa @thekraken
kiptokvanity: @thekraken
reneabythe: but yeah, its a real pic of racism @thekraken
kiptokvanity: @thekraken
jfk: hey @footbath, hey @goblin, hey @reneabythe, hey @thekraken
JustinArias: @thekraken @kiptok
elfluuva: @thekraken
copaceticusa: that episode was so good @thekraken
GucciSoFlosy: @thekraken
GucciSoFlosy: @thekraken the final shot of the episode was brilliant. So much story telling and mystery without using standard "tension building" camera shots like handy cam, first person, "dolly around the corner", slow zoom, etc. Just a long static shot that forces the director to bring the action and details into frame... just, so good.
guysalmon: u pig @thekraken
lux: @cheseball @thekraken @byron