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cheseball: @thekraken watch this after finishing twin snakes
kintrala: @thekraken : did you not learn anything from beyonce?
lux: @thekraken
kintrala: @thekraken : BITCH BETTA HAVE MY MONEY
kintrala: @thekraken : im going to land in dallas on 4th of july so u better have some shit ready or imma b so annoyed
lux: @thekraken
kintrala: @thekraken : remember that time that the dinosaur was around around went rawwr to its friend
lux: @thekraken @tanya @blue
lilcriticals: @thekraken
lux: @peur @halitosis @thekraken
byron: @thekraken
lux: we need 70's duffles like sleepaway camp @thekraken
lux: @thekraken
buyuadraank: @unicorngirl @maryrachel @rihenna @lux @thekraken
BeardCookies: @thekraken
joy: @thekraken
cheseball: @thekraken f
cheseball: hey, check this out, bird recommended this a while back and i thought yall might be interested. its not as colorful as the jquery book but its an easy read. it walks you through a lot of difficult concepts pretty well and i cant back it enough. gluck with everything. @buyuadraank @thekraken
tommoody: thank you @thekraken
bees: @cheseball @buyuadraank @drewel @elfuuva @grass @halitosis @kintrala @mcchimperson @superseacat @spacekitty @thekraken @kingofmugen
buyuadraank: @thekraken do u use rails?
blue: @godzilla @thekraken @mcchimperson
peur: @thekraken ?
lux: they're about knives @thekraken
Dr_Age: @thekraken because i was reading about some guitar pedal
lux: @byron @drewel @thekraken
lux: anyway doe @thekraken
bees: @thekraken
lux: procrasting smoking is the worst thing ever @thekraken
cheseball: @thekraken
cheseball: new wave of british heavy metal @thekraken
byron: oh yeah i forgot @thekraken
jonathn: @thekraken
byron: @thekraken same!
lux: read Spiral @rihenna @byron @thekraken it's the spiritual sequel to Ring but it is also a standalone novel
rihenna: @thekraken @byron
lux: ethan playing this @thekraken
ferrihydrite: i can't find it @thekraken
cheseball: @thekraken swag doge
lux: i hope i did @thekraken
lux: i would @peur @thekraken