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kinny: @thekraken
lux: @wupreme @thekraken
lux: @thekraken
lux: the purge anarchy @thekraken
lux: or keep going but i did fire the warning shot @thekraken
bees: @maggie @catz @doritowitch @aids_enoch @eyedeekay @foot @hoquang @kalan @nosia @peur @robot @rockhero @ssnack @thekraken
DoritoWitch: @thekraken let me know if you track something down
thekraken: lol oh god -__- @birdraymond I only linked bc someone else asked cc @thekraken
BirdRaymond: @thekraken:
jonathn: @thekraken
yo_matty: @thekraken
sibling: @thekraken for shame! i listen errday
DreWeL: it was jonathn @thekraken
rockhero: @thekraken we can use a proper plataform for this idk
buyuadraank: oh hell no @thekraken
friendster: its for this @thekraken
Ice: lol i have mad mockups @thekraken
cheetos1: haha wow youre a fucking goon @thekraken
kiptok: everyone gota b a dad someday @thekraken
thekraken: yes yes their writing is still decent and comedic but theonion of today is not the onion of yesterday @kiptok re: @thekraken
kiptok:,36304/ @thekraken
antenna: me neither @thekraken
tommoody: @thekraken - ryder is publishing my email, hmm
peur: @thekraken
frankhats: maybe @thekraken
KOOLSKULL: i was "yo"ing you @thekraken
KOOLSKULL: YO @thekraken ;*
anndunham: is it Strange to Love Someone?? is it STRANGE to wear overalls with no underwear? is it S T R A N G E to want to kiss Mungo Jerry? @thekraken
lux: @thekraken
BeardCookies: @thekraken
POLYMER: @thekraken when was that said lol
wrinkles: it's like really gritty and really funny @thekraken
wrinkles: it's not @thekraken
bees: i can't find the scene, but great movie anyway. srsly did not mean to send that last scene, was looking for a dif one that utube took down. ;____;UU @frederick @cheetos1 @BeardCookies @wrinkles @peur @thekraken @mrhealth
bees: please don't watch that last video, i was looking for a different scene @frederick @cheetos1 @BeardCookies @wrinkles @peur @thekraken @mrhealth
bees: @frederick @cheetos1 @beardcookies @wrinkles @peur @thekraken @mrhealth
joy: gross @thekraken
joy: @thekraken
peur: good luck! @thekraken
joy: leonberger @thekraken
funbuddy: @thekraken