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m3m3x so how did dump develop from your initial ideas?
ryder i was all like this and i wanted to be more like
m3m3x was there a transition point from to
m3m3x or is that backwards?
m3m3x :)
ryder i say it was this
scottbot yes! to the first
ryder i dont think much has changed... at least in attitude on dump
m3m3x for some it appears to be more like
ryder mat3is gifs i think are a nice meeting point between the surfing experience/gif/humor and self awareness of being online
m3m3x (i mean follow teh link, etc)
m3m3x rite
ryder i dont think tom moody cares much about chakras, but i know he cares lots about gifs
m3m3x i guess i was trying to suggest that artists have found a kind of here... and im curious to know if that was the intnetion from the start
ryder most people really want to hangout, people dont do it for the reblogs they do it for the facebook adds
ryder meaning i think they seek a greater human connection
ryder computers are great and everything... its uncommon i think to get groups of people together who are and just want to have
m3m3x has there been a time on dump wher things have got too
ryder what attracts u to dump
ryder where does it fit in this netart dialog
ryder this is about as serious as it gets
m3m3x i mean does the ever stumple into
m3m3x my participation on dump is very
m3m3x which i feel about
scottbot there can be
m3m3x ya someone once described to me the are all in
ryder i think we are all waiting for something profound, and filling this idle time with lolz; we try to becon the internet messiah and make but we dont do it in the same way as
scottbot each person chooses whether dump is about or or
m3m3x when the was born, were you looking for more of one category than another?
ryder i was sick of this... and wanted to be more
m3m3x because even when i started i still felt like no one was rly
m3m3x and that was a great appeal
m3m3x made me want to
m3m3x also a huge for me was the amount of
m3m3x that and the creative
ryder what do u think scott?
m3m3x now he is the one
ryder its nice to find ways to bring prople closer... and connected to something, together
ryder *people
scottbot yeah the way that dumpers find and reuse makes for and
scottbot OOPS
scottbot gonna edit that
ryder ps if anyone reading this buys me this shirt, they will have a best friend for life
scottbot for and
m3m3x i feel it also makes for a lot of
m3m3x or
scottbot a conversation built from means that it's about what you can bring to what others are
ryder i still wonder about the value that all these images amount to
m3m3x is that a conern
scottbot << new favorite pic btw
ryder its definitely an in something
m3m3x or a
ryder it might be close to this
m3m3x rite
m3m3x so how do u think that ppl go about
m3m3x or lemme rephrase
m3m3x idk, it seems like there are within the
ryder there a def things that come up that get riffed on (tropes) ala i think the most interesting part of this or is seeing how and what gets popular... its very telling about human nature and internet culture.. both within and outside of dump..
m3m3x rite
m3m3x scott did u want to
scottbot are a way for to become a and it's amazing to watch that happen
m3m3x ur talking about rite?
scottbot and along with the there's also
m3m3x are there moments when goes
ryder i dont think we have yet
m3m3x or
ryder but that doesnt mean we dont have
m3m3x but there is some going on
ryder but after all
ryder i think there are generally great vibes on dump
ryder we are just trying to make this, will you help us?
m3m3x i can try
ryder WAZARD HUNT!!!
ryder <~~ i really like scanned digital pix
ryder how i feel
ryder fav pic of the day
m3m3x vs.
m3m3x **
m3m3x **
m3m3x was the tooo
m3m3x or
ryder the was too and and
m3m3x rite and you wanted more
ryder i dont like the idea of coveting
m3m3x +
ryder i feel like is all
ryder and its the act of which is the
m3m3x ya it can become a ya?
ryder yet
ryder yet
m3m3x who is
ryder and its not to do with
ryder its more to do with
ryder and
m3m3x but also
m3m3x so how did get going?
ryder is theroad to
ryder *the road
m3m3x when did become
m3m3x is it because of it's
m3m3x or
m3m3x as
m3m3x What constitutes a
m3m3x do the get
ryder get
ryder today the guy who took the infamous I Dont Get It photo has been harrassing us..
m3m3x its cuz u guys are total
ryder its cuz hes a total
m3m3x views u like
ryder views himself like
m3m3x or
ryder he thinks since he has IP he can get
ryder except nobody is profiting off so im not sure what he would sue for
m3m3x ya he doesn't
ryder will be fun we will try our best to recreate this
ryder but only will tell
m3m3x how will it be
m3m3x there is a large of events
ryder how will it be
ryder i think there is enough to support all sorts of fun
m3m3x so it's gunna b a of
ryder and hopefully the goal for everyone should be to and not be
ryder how do u think they made do you think they used
m3m3x how do avoid being
m3m3x coming to
m3m3x for
m3m3x or
ryder being and i think everyone will be it will beexciting for many people to
m3m3x so a general
m3m3x do this that distinguishes
ryder i think a scene needs a few things to
ryder no i dont think so.. i think we are all more or less doing the same shit here.. just with different people and different tools... but why we are here and what we are looking for is more or less the same
ryder i think a healthy scene must be sort of like a cast system.. with outsiders who could never pull off anything that cool to admire.. with people attempting to pull off the cool and with the actual cool.. who are always reinventing
m3m3x well i think going to are going to be
ryder i just hope to unite people.. thats the real gold.. with any art or production..
m3m3x it's gunna be a lot of
ryder basically my idea about what makes a great work of art.. and what makes art art is knowing when to stop.. to stand back and say this is , often if the purpose is sincere it will be appreciated.. on that note i gotta go get some

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