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tommoody: pretty good @stage
pretzel: @stage
pretzel: @stage
tommoody: @stage - people have been complaining about too much explanatory text as long as i've been in this
jonathn: @alessandra @fartist @hoquang @reneabythe @stage
helvetica12: like which ones @stage
lizzy: @stage
fartist: @stage
tommoody: @stage is this all previously unreleased RDJ stuff?
tommoody: @stage i like "28 organ" a lot
tommoody: those comments drive me nuts @stage
tommoody: @stage not yet
fartist: yeah @stage
kintrala: @stage :
fartist: hey stage, check out tom moody's lo-fi cell phone photos @stage
lizzy: @stage
fartist: @stage did you get a dog ?
cheetos: tell maggie it's safe to come out @stage
tommoody: @stage
callus: i dont believe it @stage
fartist: @stage
fartist: happy new year ! @wakefulness @stage @weh @friendster @scotty2hotty69 @jonathn @drewel @anndunham @buyuadraank @waves @kiptok @ShlucHT @elfluuva @catluvvr
cheetos: Merry Christmas! -- YOU GET A CHAMP PLAYLIST @kiptok @justinarias @ryz @ssnack @peur @bees @avatars @ediut @jonathn @guccisoflosy @stage @maryrachel
thekraken: @stage
years: @stage
Ice: i agree @stage
ben_dover: @kiptok @stage
kiptok: u dont have to answer these foolz @stage
jonathn: @kiptok @bees @stage @pretzel @Ice @peggy @creamydreamr @D_MAGIK
kiptok: thats awesome @stage
dvvidpw: ty @stage !
joy: thanks! @stage
thekraken: p.s. happy belated birthing day @stage
joy: @stage
rukalukus: @stage hometown screamers
tommoody: @stage i'm thinking about the cassette thing
scotty2hotty69: @stage yeah def stopping by
kiptok: best show ever @stage
scotty2hotty69: @stage you going to nicolas sassoon's show on thurs??
tommoody: i have burned CDs and printed labels but haven't gotten motivated to offer them as merch @stage
tommoody: @stage - no but that's an interesting idea - i still have a tape deck