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tommoody: i have burned CDs and printed labels but haven't gotten motivated to offer them as merch @stage
tommoody: @stage - no but that's an interesting idea - i still have a tape deck
joy: hey @stage
footbath: i don't know anything about the devil statue- seems cool though @stage
years: one time @stage wooped me at super smash bros x_x
years: hey sup @stage
joy: yes @stage
ryz: @stage
scotty2hotty69: @stage tomo might not be the best day, what days you have off?
mickeydummy: @stage
bright: @orlandobloom @eyedeekay @joy @wrinkles @stage
years: @stage via @jonathn
tommoody: @stage
eyedeekay: @stage hermeticism
years: sup @stage
grass: @stage
melipone: @stage nice crab
pretzel: @stage
catz: cakey @stage