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wrinkles: me in a gay bar @youngbumpkin @dadayumn @minty @ssnack
betrayer: @ssnack these books: George David Birkhoff: Aesthetic Measure & Electricity as Fluid
wrinkles: @d_magik @jonathn @ssnack
kiptijek: @ssnack huey lewis is the shit
sexydude13: hello @ssnack are you there? hello!!!!!!!!!! hhahahahaha
Serenity: Elementary Statistics 12th Mario Triola Pearson 032189023X @ssnack
Serenity: oh @ssnack im glad ur online can u help me find another text book
pop: @ssnack
Alluring: @talker @blues @wrinkle @ssnack @wupreme @shlucht @tanya @halitosis
years: this is a website for smart people , go away @mcchimperson @sexydude13 @ssnack
kiptokvanity: @ssnack we're all 2D holograms
years: so eat a fucking book faggot @ssnack
kiptokvanity: @ssnack
kiptokvanity: @ssnack
kiptokvanity: seam rules @ssnack
kiptokvanity: @ssnack
ShlucHT: what about the columns @ssnack ?
bees: @pummp @penisholder1 @cheseball @years @ssnack @shlucht @kintrala @librtnplease
penisholder1: @ssnack
penisholder1: @ssnack
penisholder1: @ssnack
kiptokvanity: @ssnack
kiptokvanity: why didn't you tell me when u were uws @ssnack
Tony_Clifton: @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack i'd have an excuse to kill u
kiptok: @ssnack that would be funny
kiptok: @ssnack what if your grandpa was the one who kileld my grandpa
bees: @cheseball @elfuuva @justinarias @tanya @whocares1 @wupreme @cheetos1 @frederik @mcchimperson @peur @years @halitosis @thekraken @drewel @kingofmugen @shlucht @kintrala @ssnack @ediut @cxzy @d_magik @conqueror @pretzel @epipen
Ice: great video @ssnack
aoifeml: @ssnack LIED
kiptok: what episode of the a baldwin podcast w kristen wiig were you talking about @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
kiptok: lika @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack welcome to me 7:15 angelike
youngbumpkin: @ssnack
aoifeml: @ssnack
kiptok: i luv her @ssnack funy
kiptok: i think i will go tuesday or wednesday i'll be in bk @ssnack tomorrow is palberta
kiptijek: @ssnack
kiptijek: @ssnack therapy not a staring contest