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bees: ilu @ssnack
lux: why did i have a 3gb copy of the imitation game @ssnack
kiptokvanity: my brother loves leanover btw @ssnack
guysalmon: @ssnack
whocares1: @ssnack im not jewish or gay
Goodboy: i wondered the same thing a few times re: whocares1 sexuality @ssnack
kiptok: gimme book @ssnack
POLYMER: holy shit @ssnack is that lizard real!!!
avatars: @ssnack
hoquang: @ssnack
thekraken: @ssnack
noth: @ssnack
noth: @ssnack jono? lol
kiptok: #djbicyclegang @ssnack
Samantha: @ssnack scientific knowledge
hoquang: @bamboo @ssnack
trini: @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack ur the only kid i would let beat me in math : )
kiptok: @ssnack when i sent this
kiptok: @ssnack from now
kiptok: meet me at u^2 in a hr @ssnack
kiptok: r u a polymath @ssnack
andrej: @ssnack is this true?
kiptok: yo @ssnack u peep the new ashley monroe shit yet seems dope as fifre
kiptok: @ssnack @ssnack
lux: @ssnack
lux: @aoifeml @ssnack
lux: cc @ssnack
lux: @byron @ssnack
lux: @byron @ssnack
lux: I will be away from my ex. @ssnack
thekraken: @carlosdngr2 this is my favorite video of her that @ssnack was kind enough to share here
hoquang: @ssnack
thekraken: @ssnack how do you feel about the number 3?
lux: i looked at what you said and then "brandon sc gay" in my search bar @ssnack
joy: @ssnack
kintrala: @ssnack :
kalan: @ssnack im so intrigued. you want to shoot me b/c of my taste in art?
guIarjinoish: @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
illalli: nooooooooooo @halitosis @ssnack @frederick they bestrayed us