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grass: i love any comedy of errors @ssnack
tanya: @ssnack
lux: lux i'm still staring at ryder like michael meyers for telling me to e-mail him rather than accept me on facebook @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
anndunham: i could just drive to Georgia. shack up with the minister of culture... what kind of rec? @ssnack
thekraken: lol it happened @ssnack cc @joy
lux: @ssnack do u know him
jonathn: i think more people should have music opinions @ssnack & musical feelings
jonathn: @ssnack i found this a few days ago and thought you might like it.
kiptok: love & mercy rly good @ssnack creative integration of sound
guIarjinoish:,fl_progressive,q_80,w_320/1312024197345167170.gif @ssnack
kiptok: go watch love & mercy @ssnack he had to deal w/ pets too
kiptok: @ssnack
kiptokvanity: @ssnack #bestcamsever
kiptok: what if they share a suite @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
Samantha: @ssnack
dreamwarrior: Petro just joined Belle and Sebastian @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
thekraken: @ssnack
POANET: LOL @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack yes
guIarjinoish: @ssnack
tanya: it is not working for me @ssnack :(((((
Samantha: devil corn makes sense now @ssnack
kalan: @ssnack, um sorry to break it to you "babe": THERE ARE BLACK JEWS
kalan: @ssnack WTF U TRYIN TO SAY GURL
kiptok: @ssnack
kiptok: i'll come read words w/ u @ssnack
lux: @samantha @ssnack @peggy @hoquang
wrinkles: @ssnack lololol
kiptok: @ssnack put my face on this
lux: do people think ur a tweaker @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack the night has always known when its time to get going
lux: no @ssnack
sexydude13: hey @ssnack my novel got published
grass: @ssnack
lux: @ssnack