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tommoody: @ssnack @wrinkles entertaining documentary but the "rivalry" seems mainly in the clips
wrinkles: @tommoody @ssnack found it
wrinkles: @birdraymond @goblin @grass @joy @justinarias @larsdk @reneabythe @ssnack @tommoody @kingofmugen @kiptok @youngbumpkin @dolphin300
McChimperson: how useful is face hair @ssnack?
larsdk: @gularjinoish @ShlucHT @bunnyhentman @blingscience @ryder @joy @halitosis @foot @ssnack @cxzy @erikhaspresence @DoritoWitch @lena @Nullsleep @wigs @scottbot @safesex2011 @cheseball @andrej @kiptok @ryz @POLYMER @whocares1 @helvetica12 @Ice @melipone @hoquang @gr8pevine @alessandra @peggy @yo_matty
plant: @ssnack smack your mind
plant: that's why mute is there @hoquang & @ssnack
lux: @cheseball @ssnack
photos: @ssnack
watertight: @ssnack are you talking about anything important or making personal jabs because that's what your role models do?
maxlabor: he's right @ssnack
lit: @ssnack
kalan: @ssnack what no what ouh god what no its cause it was just really serendipitous
kalan: @ssnack
kalan: @ssnack One of Cooper's ancestors was a slave owner who was killed by one his slaves with a farm hoe.[5] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --WIKI-"pedia"
kiptok: r @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack u stop knowing ppl even alessandra thinks so too she said that
kiptok: how do u kno we suck @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
footbath: est* @ssnack
lux: i would love to see u get in a verbal disagreement with hari nef @ssnack
lux: @ssnack
lux: @ssnack
lux: me @ssnack
kiptijek: @ssnack 'Ssn Ack"
kiptijek: @ssnack or is it something dumb
kiptijek: @ssnack is ur fb name just ur name
joy: 7 months into hillary as president and chill and she give you this look: @ssnack
sidonie: @ssnack are they paying you?
maxlabor: @ssnack
hoquang: @photos @ssnack this should've been on the ghostbusters ii soundtrack
Samantha: fuck no @ssnack
robot: @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
maxlabor: @ssnack
JustinArias: @ssnack
dagmar: @ssnack josephine wiggs followed me on instagram shld i be a lesbian ??
guIarjinoish: @ssnack
kiptok: saw a trump building here tho @ssnack
maxlabor: @ssnack @kiptok
gianni: @ssnack good music that isn't bad