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kiptok: gonna be in gpt later @ssnack
bae: @elfluuva @grass @photocopy @unhealthy @kiptok @90degreesf @mrheaith @ssnack @conqueror @birdraymond
kiptokvanity: The ecard (04120215707113953387) you sent to matt, @ssnack [xxxxxxxxx] on 20-Apr-2015 hasn't been viewed yet.
kiptijek: ffuck @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
Serenity: @ssnack
kiptijek: salvatiotoratian @ssnack
tommoody: someone from the neighborhood try to sell him a keyboard while he was performing @ssnack
carlosdngr2: @ssnack do you go to columbia?
Ice: @ssnack do these for earth day
tommoody: @ssnack @joy - FYI, a couple of posts on matters Town Bloody Hall - and
kiptok: to thine own self fuck u @ssnack
Serenity: how many ppl have called u a tasty treat, @ssnack ?
tanya: @ssnack
kiptijek: @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
kiptok: gl @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
Ice: sorry @ssnack i'll open you up a seamless solely for ordering when i text
kiptokvanity: @ssnack
kiptokvanity: @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
kiptokvanity: @ssnack
kiptokvanity: @ssnack
kiptokvanity: cut me @ssnack
kiptokvanity: cut it @ssnack
kiptok: happy hitlerws bday @ssnack
kiptok: friday i've got @kiptok on my mind @ssnack
kiptok: u sure look fine @ssnack
jonathn: @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
jonathn: @ssnack
jonathn: @ssnack my favorite album
kiptok: @ssnack com w me to dc next month i wana see the natl speling be
kiptok: is this you @ssnack
kiptok: @ssnack
kiptok: can u pirate optofluidics book for me :) @ssnack
wrinkles: @tommoody @ssnack @kiptok @peggy
kiptok: @tommoody @ssnack @peggy
wrinkles: i wanna get crunk in da club wit @kiptok @tommoody @ssnack @peggy
kiptok: sup @ssnack