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kiptok: @ssnack
kiptok: ij @ssnack
kiptok: IJ @ssnack
kiptok: brb im at the fuckin bodega around the corner @ssnack
eyedeekay:!/s/Regenesis/1o426b?src=5 @trying @ssnack @kiptok @grass @jonathn @tommypickles
orlandobloom: @kiptok @ssnack follow the breadcrumb trail
robot: @ssnack @lux
kiptok: @ssnack is grindr a game
wrinkles: @ssnack
peur: @ssnack kiptok stole that news from me, i didnt know you liked lauren bacall too
kiptok: @ssnack lauren bacall died are you sad
kiptok: " Music that primarily occupies my time nowadays: electroacoustic, k-pop, lewis " @ssnack
kiptok: hope ur enjoying, if ur there even, can't tell because ur mia @ssnack
orlandobloom: @kiptok @jonathn @ssnack @peur @cxzy
kiptok: @ssnack bring ur dog
kiptok: @ssnack is two people a party
kiptok: @ssnack wanna have a podcast listening party
thetip: @ssnack @frederick @kintrala @friendster @wupremee
kiptok: @ssnack
cheetos1: ive been starving myself to no avail @ssnack
mascara: @ssnack
kiptok: lets have friendly contest @ssnack
jonathn: @ssnack
violin: @ssnack?
kintrala: @ssnack
alessandra: liar @ssnack
eyedeekay: @ssnack
kalan: @ssnack yea i think it's gonna be long day but its hard to find me on the subway cause its so guerrilla. call me!
kalan: @ssnack @plams yall togethe? wanna watch the sunrise? i'll bring vodka and black metal