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thekraken: @Soverymonkey - haha oh man you are so right. whoops :p
thekraken: @soverymonkey
kintrala: @soverymonkey :
penisholder1: dude, today is not your today. im sorry. will ship tomorrow. @soverymonkey
raisinmilk: @soverymonkey
bugmenot: ☿ @lux @seacam @kiptokvanity @foot @footbath @dolphin300 @soverymonkey @ice
cheseball: @nada @dolphin300 @soverymonkey @thekraken @wetdog
years: naw he meant spirit @soverymonkey
years: he probably did @soverymonkey
cheseball: nm u ? @soverymonkey
cheseball: @thekraken @soverymonkey
cheetos22: you have to have had something to burn to begin with @soverymonkey
cheetos22: you arent even smart enough to become a burn out @soverymonkey
cheetos22: go away @soverymonkey
cheetos22: you're a boring drunk @soverymonkey
cheetos22: @soverymonkey
cheetos22: @soverymonkey keep getting played loser
cheetos22: shup up forever @soverymonkey
K8moSS: @soverymonkey
wetdog: @soverymonkey
wetdog: @soverymonkey what u think of her i know her
wetdog: @soverymonkey u know molly soda
dolphin300: @soverymonkey
wetdog: @soverymonkey
pecco: @soverymonkey
thekraken: :^) omfg wow @soverymonkey
soverymonkey: @soverymonkey
dedchil: lol @soverymonkey urs above mine
lux: @soverymonkey
lux: @jimmyjammer @soverymonkey @byron @tanya @lux @halitosis
JAS: @soverymonkey yeas
McChimperson: how come kathiegravy has wizard powers @soverymonkey