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ben_dover: @ryz
ben_dover: @ryz
ben_dover: @ryz
melipone: @petrograd @ryz @ben_dover
tommoody: @ryz - 12 seconds is the amount of time the programmer spent studying albers
ben_dover: @frederick @ryz
ben_dover: @ryz
ben_dover: @ryz
ben_dover: @ryz
cheetos1: AKA 4 @ryz @ben_dover @illalli @kiptok @thekraken @peur @samantha @photocopy @fauxreal @foot @guysalmon @kintrala @cxzy
guysalmon: @ryz/ben
petrograd: @ryz
cheetos1: the 3 new tracks were written and recorded in 1 session @ben_dover we figured we might as well upload them even tho they are just rough dafts @ryz
POLYMER: @ryz you should apply for masterchef
ben_dover: we will try them this weekend @ryz and give a report @cxzy @justinarias
ben_dover: @cheetos1 glad you made new tracks.. about to peep them .. i was just asking @ryz why u stopped making music glad to see u havent
ben_dover: @ryz
kiptok: up ur butt @ryz
cheetos1: wow 3 new trakcs in 1 night how @ben_dover @ryz
cheetos1: 3 NEW CRK TRAKCS (DEMOS) @ryz @ben_dover @kiptok @peur @klm @jonathn
jonathn: @ryz @eyedeekay @tommoody @pretzel @ben_dovers the pianos... @ferrihydrite
jonathn: @ryz
ben_dover: @ryz
GucciSoFlosy: @ryz
melipone: @ryz
melipone: @ryz @ben_dover :l
kalan: @ryz izit yr doinge?!?
pretzel: @ryz @ben_dover r u watching the vmas
pretzel: beautiful @ryz
ben_dover: fucking stupid J baily takes out right rail ads on fb @tommoody @ryz
tommoody: .. the microcephalic world of emerging net art @ben_dover @ryz @gr8pevine
kiptok: @ryz can't believe u thought this was anamanaguchi>:o
kiptok: @ryz
mrhealth: @ryz yo enoch is just miserable (well what else is new) but constantly talking violence and how much he hates site and its users and thnk maybe even asked to be banned on at least some occasion. i dunno jsut bringing it your attention
ben_dover: @ryz
ben_dover: @ryz
ben_dover: @ryz ..... ?
DoritoWitch: @ryz where are you?
petrograd: about 6' x 11' @ryz
petrograd: @ryz
cheetos1: @catz @girlnymph @eyedeekay @orlandobloom @mrhealth (@kiptok @doritowitch @cxzy @justinarias @klm @peur @thekraken @guccisoflosy @ryz)