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POLYMER: @ben_dover @ryz
ben_dover: @ryz
POLYMER: @ben_dover @peggy @melipone @byourself @petrograd @ryz @erikhaspresence :0
ben_dover: @polymer @byourself @petrograd @hoquang @kiptok @lena @ryz @melipone @tommoody @peggy @kalan is going to trial on 6 June 2014 ... we should all go and ... lets get kalan free
ben_dover: @ryz
petrograd: @melipone @polymer @byourself @peggy @ben_dover @ryz
1_2_3_4_5: @ryz @ben_dover i love u guys
tommoody: @ryz
tommoody: @ryz g+ is also a gif touchstone because they hired tom of myspace to talk up the fact that you could post gifs there, unlike the competition
tommoody: @ryz it's because lorna mills and yoshi sodeoka and a few others went hog wild over there
zer0cool: elephant dispatch, why gianni is on an alt @1_2_3_4_5 after @gianni got a 30 day mute for harssing mods and users @ryz @dump @harshly @ben_dover
ben_dover: @RYZ
ben_dover: @ryz
1_2_3_4_5: lmfa0 @ryz
1_2_3_4_5: why do you value harshly as a user of this site ? @ryz
1_2_3_4_5: @ryz why are you not aware of the underground on your own site
melipone: @hoquang @ben_dover @ryz @polymer
POLYMER: $3.50 mets tickets @ben_dover @melipone @petrograd @gr8pevine @byourself @ryz !!!!
DoritoWitch: @ryz what is that referring to?
petrograd: @byourself @ben_dover @ryz
tommoody: these re-sets are the proverbial sisyphean boulder @reneabythe @ryz @frankhats
reneabythe: @ryz @tommoody @frankhats