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cheetos: well that's why the mustache is still there @ryz haha
cheetos: i shaved in the shower @ryz
ben_dover: @ryz
tommoody: @ryz - i emailed risingtensions thanking her but got no reply
tommoody: @ryz tumblr may be over but it's a place i can get likes, notes and reblogs for
ben_dover: @ryz
tommoody: @glasspopcorn thinks i'm not on tumblr .. .. @ben_dover @ryz
jonathn: @ryz
pfifferking: @anndunham @dvvidpw @cxzy @ryz @peur @eduit @justinarias @frankhats @petrograd @DORITOWITCH @andrej @robot @feelfeel @peggy @thekraken @pretzel @photocopy
petrograd: 2005 @ryz
ben_dover: @cheetos @ryz
kiptok: @ryz
lux: @ryz
orlandobloom: i mean @ryz
orlandobloom: @ryz
tommoody: @ryz the goog appears to have stopped the practice of putting the dumb opinions of random g+ dudes into google news results
robot: @cheetos @ryz
reneabythe: @pretzel @ryz
petrograd: @hoquang @ryz
ben_dover: @ryz
cheetos: @ryz i tweaked our #1 jam i think it sounds better this way ;)
kiptok: how come the search doesn't update as much as i'd like it to wtf @ryz
anndunham: how come the search no work? me no find anndunham-satan-gif @ryz
plasm: not even 2 MB? like what? @ryz
kiptok: @ryz is there an option with any of your tools? dont make me launch Ps dude...
kiptok: @ryz i cannot even resize it with photoblaster
kiptok: @ryz >:o
kiptok: @ryz srs
kiptok: @ryz u
kiptok: @ryz r
kiptok: @ryz
cheetos: @ me or fb when u get a chance! @ryz
kiptok: if @cheetos thinks its good @ryz you better help him
kiptok: do it @ryz
cheetos: yo remember when i sent you that music my friend hot temperature did and you liked it?? well, he would like to know if you would design a website for him @ryz
petrograd: @ryz
tommoody: bloggers who take frequent breaks are EXACTLY why you need an RSS reader @ryz
bbgrrl4rlz: htx @ryz <3
erikhaspresence: image by @ryz
erikhaspresence: XXL headshots by @ryz ™
hoquang: hey @ryz i banned cheetos for 6000 days for being a pussy.