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lizzy: @fartist @ryz
lizzy: @ryz
kiptok: @ryz ?????
gory: @ryz
reneabythe: @ryz @pretzel
thekraken: @ryz #mondrian
jimmyjammer: i like that the mutes from one day stay there until i turn them off (unlike previously when it forgot them on reset). thanks @ryz
reneabythe: @ryz
jarjarbinxxx: @stefan @timb @ryz @ryder
tommoody: @ryz - i wish i could be part of people's circles and do hangouts -- just kidding
tommoody: @ryz - no other rss feed treats non-posts as an event
tommoody: @ryz - i assume this means you posted something private and this was google's way of saying nyah nyah rss subscribers look what you're missing -
kiptokvanity: @ryz
aids_enoch: optimus prime suplex? @ryz
BirdRaymond: @ryz @pretzel @D_MAGIK
ben_dover: @ryz
BirdRaymond: Nice.js @ryz (Also, ObjC is kinda terrible. For long, autistic reasons.)
BirdRaymond: @ryz
wakefulness: @ryz
melipone: @ryz
reneabythe: @tommoody @ryz @pretzel
BirdRaymond: @ryz
photocopy: @ryz specify x,y coordinates for photoblaster image overlay?
reneabythe: magical internet @ryz @pretzel
melipone: @ryz
D_MAGIK: @ryz me too
dolphin300: @ryz ill delete my facebook if u can change my accnt name w/o me needing 2 make an alt
D_MAGIK: @ryz i need to turn this handle into @earvinjohnson how much does it cost?
Ice: @ryz
cheetos: dope right @ryz
tommoody: .. @ryz - o ye of little faith
melipone: @ryz
erikhaspresence: @ryz
BirdRaymond: @ryz
joy: @ryz
cheetos7: dont listen to ho, he is lying @ryz @ben_dover
hoquang: @ryz @ben_dover just for the record, your friend "cheetos" was being threatening to people in the chat, as usual. that's why i have to continuously mute him. please do something about this other than "talking" with him.
cheetos: yo! @ryz can u possibly make us some new artwork using these? source:
petrograd: @ryz
tommoody: @ryz thanks - i want something like this, in fullscreen to expand the surrounding white space and not resize the GIF
DreWeL: thanks! @ryz