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wrinkles: fred is in bed with @ryz
melipone: @ryz
madhorse: @ryder @ryz @tommoody
madhorse: @ryz
DoritoWitch: @melipone @ryz
melipone: @ryz
melipone: @ben_dover @ryz
melipone: @ryz
melipone: @ryz what gives?
erikhaspresence: u need to brainchild that shit @ryz
KanyeWest: @ryz change my password to tittycity333
petrograd: @ryz @ben_dover
cheetos1: you rule @ryz
aids_enoch: @jonathn @eyedeekay @mrhealth @ryz @sidonie @kalan @kiptok @peur i like you
reneabythe: @ryz
aids_enoch: @ryz i've been having a dark enough time as is.. just leave me be i don't need to play chess online
aids_enoch: @ryz why this chess thing
thekraken: :) @ryz
peur: @ryz @frederick
orlandobloom: eyedee isnt a shared acct @ryz mrhealth is a well known shared acct and its not even mine an i dont own the copyr ight to it and idc
orlandobloom: i'm not the dumpster witch dont drag me into this i didnt do it @ryz
melipone: @peggy @frederick @petrograd @hoquang @pretzel @ryz
aids_enoch: @ryz @ohgod sorry for the crudeness i don't mean to come across any sort of way.. it's just what is a joke to you and what you think might be hilarious to another might be ragnarok
aids_enoch: @ohgod @ryz just leave me be
aids_enoch: @ryz @ohgod i am so close to drinking draino or blowing my head off with a shotgun i want no part of man's folly
aids_enoch: @ohgod hey @ryz just leave me be in your "terms" i am going through a dark time.. i don't say things just to say them.. leave me be
aids_enoch: i don't need any games from you @ohgod @ryz i've been having it so rough since this angel spoke to me.. i'm about to kill myself i don't want to.. and i don't want my words anywhere i just sometimes need a small place to be.. and it at random ended up being here by sheer accident
ohgod: @ryz @aids_enoch ok ok i wont do anything calm down
aids_enoch: you don't know what goes on with me @ohgod @ryz
aids_enoch: i don't need you people harming me @ryz @ohgod anymore
aids_enoch: i'm about to drink draino .. @ryz @ohgod i've had it hard enough with enough demons
aids_enoch: @ohgod @ryz don't do that.. i'm about to blow my head off
ohgod: @ryz if i write something to make all aids_enoch posts also hit a rest api so that i can log all his text for an aids_enoch_txt twitter account will you let me merge it into dump
tommoody: @ryz because i posted a single frame that i liked and tweaked from the original
ben_dover: @ryz
petrograd: @ryz
thekraken: i made a hype girl @ryz @ben_dover
erikhaspresence: @melipone @POLYMER @ben_dover @pretzel @erikhaspresence @ryz
mascara: <3 @ryz
ben_dover: @ryz why isnt this on the tunblr
eyedeekay: @ryz