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reneabythe: @ryder
reneabythe: @ryder
jonathn: @ryder
avatars: @ryder was the vid not blocked because of a song?
reneabythe: @ryz @pretzel @ryder
kintrala: @ryder :
petrograd: @ryder
godless: @ryder
kintrala: @ryder : we are talking about you in class today.
wrinkles: @ryder
WUPREME: @ryder
kintrala: @ryder : you are so scandalous <3
feelfeel: @ryder fly us all out to japan xxxxxxxx
years: @ryder
aids_enoch: @ryder @anndunham @eyedeekay @callus @ryz @jonathn
aids_enoch: @ryder
aids_enoch: @ryder
aids_enoch: @ryder
aids_enoch: @ryder i wonder if you know this guy
reneabythe: @ryder i wasn't tryin to 'break' it, i just wanted to try to make a cool room
waves: @ryder shut this place down i'm done with you hating me
kintrala: @ryder
feelfeel: is this what u meant @ryder?
GucciSoFlosy: @ryder
GucciSoFlosy: @ryder
GucciSoFlosy: @ryder please shut down dump, julius evola already did everything
KlM: @ryder jk i can sorry was using firefox super bad bug
KlM: @ryder i cant use ur website
ssnack: I can't use dumpfm mobile @ryder
Dadayumn: how do i tag my selfies on dump @ryder
kinny: @ryder :
kintrala: @ryder :
whatevz: @ryder
kiptok: if i attempted a revolution to overthrow the top ranking mods and take dump for my own...would u be mad :( @ryz @ben_dover @ryder
kalan: @glasspopcorn @weh @lcky @ryz @ben_dover @cxzy @catz @dates @wilhelmreich @ryder @nna @aids_enoch @anndunham @godless @photocopy @pretzel
wrinkles: @ryz @cxzy @ryder @kalan
years: @cxzy is the female @ryder
feelfeel: @ryder can you run some script that puts the ello face on all my dumps
ssnack: who are you @ryder
wrinkles: @ryder @ryz @frederick
v_sullock: does she even hang @ryder