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mickeydummy: @ryder
DreWeL: @ryder #obviousideas
madhorse: @ryder @ryz @tommoody
madhorse: @ryder
tommoody: .. head cheese @ryder
trill: i just think there shouldn't be an evil machine dedicated to making me commit suicide @ryder
bright: @ryder
illalli: @ryder
vandra: btw dump sucks on android u should make an app or smdh @ryder
vandra: I AM CHRISTOPHER PAUL @ryder
mrhealth: @ryder @glasspopcorn
mrhealth: @ryder I will say all of the things I should have known to say the first day I saw this website over the years it took for it to all occur to me and speak
mrhealth: @ryder I am happy to be a burden sorry I have made you an art slave
lux: i love u boo sending resilience and jubilance @ryder
snoggybox: i just came on to dump search those clouds @ryder actually