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kintrala: lol @ryder have u tried crashing medical conferences for this stuff? you can just walk in you know
waves: @ryder i hate the elite i hate your website dare you make me insane again
kinny: @ryder unblock me and ill touch your bicep again
DreWeL: @ryder
unifiedchunk: @ryder rename the site to
wrinkles: @ryder
kiptok: @ryz @ryder come on bro's get it 2gether
robot: @ryder
nnetwork: @ryder now who got it rough?
nnetwork: @ryder
nnetwork: @ryder who is schrödinger???????????????????????????????????????????? cuz im a dead cat u fucking n00000b
blingscience: @gridworks1 is having a show at Transfer gallery on probably august 9th! @bunnyhentman @doritowitch @kiptok @alessandra @ryder @melipone @cosmicsands @frederick
kiptok: @ryder lookinn goodddddd man
kiptok: happy belated b btw @ryder
kintrala: @ryder happy!
illalli: @ryder
gr8pevine: @ryder
jonathn: @ryder
D_MAGIK: @ryder @dtf
alessandra: @ryder
melipone: @ryder^
petrograd: happy birthday @ryder
pfifferking: happy birthday @ryder
bees: dump needs venture cap @ryder
yo_matty: @ryder
peur: happy birthday! @ryder
robot: bless @ryder
WUPREME: @ryder
ameila: @ryder on a second thought no, cuz u prolly a poser
ameila: @ryder delete this account
nnetwork: @ryder this is a fucking rap
robot: god bless you @ryder
wrinkles: @ryder @melipone
hell: @cheetos1 @eyedeekay @peur @ryder @unhealthy @sidonie
DoritoWitch: @ryder lol at this
wrinkles: @frederick @ryder
petrograd: @ryder single hand lefty
kinny: @ryder
x0xMaximus: @ryder for real though, would be awesome to have a dump of the s3 bucket – zip that up and archive that
rockhero: @ryder ok thanks
rockhero: @ryder I actually mistake my words, you would only need javascript to run your html actually in that framework, not rebuild eveerything