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callus: @guccisoflosy @rockhero @frederick
disrspctful: @rockhero NYPA faggot
kintrala: @fartist : giving you any attention is the same as unmuting @rockhero @cheetos and @klm
callus: o man lmao @pretzel @doritowitch @rockhero
thekraken: @rockhero becoming a false flag op
callus: @rockhero @hoquang
callus:,1264322950,1/stock-photo-cuba-circa-postage-stamp-shows-brazil-freedom-fighter-jose-da-silva-xavier-aka-tiradentes-45145474.jpg @rockhero
hoquang: you fucking pussy @rockhero
kiptok: @rockhero
wrinkles: @kiptok @lux @hoquang @frederick @rockhero
kiptok: @rockhero
kiptok: lmao @rockhero i know what you mean
fartist: what do you mean by you "want to live a public life"? @rockhero
callus: @frederick @rockhero
DreWeL: @rockhero I like this song too much
fingers: @rockhero
pretzel: @rockhero
callus: @rockhero dont take this as threat, but if I get muted for no reason too many times again I will turn on my brute force scripts and I will probably destroy everything I can get a login to
GlamSam: hoquang rockhero, you're a baby dicked little boy @rockhero
kintrala: @rockhero : why are you so jealous? i was really interested in being friends with you but youre hella turning me off with your questioning. i am too fucking special you dont even know it.
kintrala: @rockhero : my family is represented worldwide, stop trying to reduce my experience. there is no way you can understand me with your narrow view of the world.
callus: @guccisoflosy @frederick @peur @glamsam @rockhero @hoquang
kintrala: @rockhero : LOL you are so ignorant
callus: s.t.f.u. @rockhero
disrspctful: @rockhero
pretzel: wow nice @rockhero
hoquang: ask @cheetos and @rockhero
kiptok: @rockhero just added
kiptok: @rockhero
kiptok: @rockhero
frederick: @rockhero
pickle: nice @rockhero
kiptok: it rules @rockhero
kiptok: i agree @rockhero birdman was dope
lizzy: @rockhero
lizzy: im fittin to meet this bitch up at the claremont lounge @rockhero
fingers: @rockhero @fartist
rukalukus: @rockhero he had some hits
pollop: wrong order @rockhero
binder: @rockhero
cheetos: @rockhero