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fartist: went to a 90% brazillian event last friday @rockhero
powerstripp: @rockhero
hoquang: @rockhero
hoquang: @cheetos @rockhero
kiptok: @rockhero
melipone: @rockhero where is your personal army?
disrspctful: @rockhero stop being butthurt
ssnack: @rockhero
kiptok: i got chinese jinx @rockhero
frederick: @rockhero
callus: @rockhero
kiptok: @rockhero
bitch: иди на хуи @rockhero
frederick: @rockhero i found something you could use for your gamergate comments on kotaku articles
callus: @tron @imonaboat @rockhero
callus: @frederick @rockhero @lizzy @tony_clifton
hoquang: @imonaboat @rockhero
frederick: this isn't 4chan, you're held accountable for what you say here. I understand your desire to be able to talk to attractive girls and then attack them when you feel rejected to gain a sense of power over them, but this isn't the site for that @rockhero
frederick: do i look beatiful? @rockhero
reneabythe: @rockhero -> check out tommoody
kiptok: @rockhero
kiptok: @rockhero
avatars: @rockhero
lizzy: @ROCKHERO shit no one cares about
fartist: @rockhero
lizzy: @rockhero cya
lizzy: gb2 the MRA/pol/GamerGate circlejerk you crawled out of please @rockhero bye
lizzy: @rockhero
lizzy: @rockhero
lizzy: @rockhero
peur: hey are you suggesting i am not real @rockhero
xdeath: @rockhero
callus: i see how it is @scriptkiddo @rockhero
thekraken: this is from this @rockhero
kiptok: @rockhero
kiptok: @rockhero do you still have my youtube playlist of music i like this year
kiptok: @rockhero
hoquang: @rockhero explain.
kiptok: 릭히로 초보 아이고 @rockhero ㅡㅡ;;;;
callus: @rockhero
helvetica12: @rockhero its xin.e!!!