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JustinArias: @rockhero
pecco: @rockhero i have a question sir
frederick: @rockhero
powerstripp: the people of westeros await the return of their rightful king @rockhero
powerstripp: @rockhero this pertains
mrhealth: @jonathn @meth @rockhero
grimecraft: what ive known all along and what youve denied all along has finally come to light huh? @rockhero
frederick: @rockhero
trying: @rockhero
decrvnk: no shade @rockhero
kiptok: @rockhero
cheetos1: enjoy becoming less attractive as a result of calling someone ugly @rockhero das karma big boiiii
trying: ilu @rockhero
kintrala: @rockhero : people are protesting racial targeting in police brutality
jonathn: thanks @rockhero & @creamydreamr
bees: @grimecraft @kiptok @rockhero @aids_enoch
joy: send me a check for $5000 @rockhero
trying: @rockhero @kiptok @d_magik r i p
kiptok: @birdraymond @rockhero
guysalmon: nice cockhero, very sophisticated @rockhero
grimecraft: look up what a straw man fallacy is @rockhero
kintrala: @rockhero : no mames guey te estas chingando un pito
creamydreamr: i didn't think @rockhero was that far off. am I "on the wrong side of history?"
bees: @aids_enoch @eyedeekay @illalli @creamydreamr @rockhero @frederick @poopdeck @peur @kiptok @bees @mrhealth
bees: @aids_enoch @eyedeekay @peur @rockhero
ohgod: @rockhero yeah i know
creamydreamr: @rockhero
guysalmon: @rockhero
peggy: jerk off @rockhero
poopdeck: @rockhero
orlandobloom: @frederick @rockhero
ben_dover: de donde vienes, @rockhero
orlandobloom: @rockhero
macstoresf2: and to rockhero, i stopped caring about making nice dumps years ago, like ill still do it SOMETIMES, but you telling me "cayz dumps are better" really bears no weight whatsoever @rockhero
BirdRaymond: @rockhero: Was posted today over on , one of the few blogs I read.
eyedeekay: @rockhero
kintrala: @rockhero :
GucciSoFlosy: @rockhero
kalan: @rockhero
kalan: @rockhero here do it
KlM: @rockhero