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cxzy: is this one of @rockhero 's sexy games?
gosane: @rockhero
GucciSoFlosy: @rockhero
petrograd: what are you talking about @rockhero
gr8pevine: how the hell are ya @rockhero
peggy: @rockhero
peggy: @rockhero i think you need to stop harassing women here about sex
kiptok: @rockhero ur from brasil
sidonie: @rockhero b/c you posted some nasty porn of some sad fucked up junkie sucking dick and said it was me, idiot
eyedeekay: no you dont @rockhero
ClaireVoyant: ask kintrala @rockhero
ClaireVoyant: @rockhero
ClaireVoyant: @rockhero please explain to me how you find kintrala attractive
orlandobloom: @rockhero
cxzy: might be cool @rockhero
eyedeekay: @rockhero @frederick @waves @cheetos1 @harshly
eyedeekay: @rockhero you're the first guy in OP image lmfao
kalan: @rockhero no can u link it???
bees: @rockhero #feminism #pussyprivilege
zybergrrl: u don't need a horoscope to tell you that @rockhero, u will definitely be single forever
zybergrrl: idiot @rockhero
cxzy: @rockhero
kintrala: @rockhero
kintrala: @rockhero lets make the sex tape where you make it rain on me as foreplay
orlandobloom: @kintrala @rockhero @kalan
kintrala: omg @rockhero if your goal is to impregnate me for a visa, we are never gonna bang
kintrala: @rockhero
kintrala: @rockhero
eyedeekay: @frederick @rockhero @feelfeel @harshly @hell
eyedeekay: @rockhero @frederick
catz: @rockhero hey man contact info??
cheetos1: @kiptok @peur @cxzy @justinarias @petrograd @rockhero @ssnack
catz: @rockhero like, angry feminists or anti-femmes?
cxzy: @rockhero
robot: @rockhero
kiptok: today u have helped me greatly @rockhero
kiptok: você é cego @rockhero
jonathn: @rockhero @poopdeck
cheetos1: @rockhero
D_MAGIK: @rockhero
pecco: here you go @rockhero