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eyedeekay: @rockhero especially you fuccboi
kintrala: @rockhero @str8orade @ssnack : FUCK YALL
kiptok: sure @rockhero
kintrala: @rockhero : 2 years
kintrala: @rockhero : i am living in Paris
cheetos1: cheetos1 kierkegaard would shoot himself if he was alive today cheetos1 so dont say nihilism has always been cool cheetos1 he'd take back everything he wrote about it if he knew assholes like you would wave it like a flag to defend their ineptitude @rockhero this applies to you too
thekraken: @rockhero one of my fav unappreciated JCVD
nazi_goth: @rockhero
thekraken: Ello's handful of creators, whose faces are playfully and ominously obscured by the smiling logo on their homepage, seem to comprise a few good-natured white guys with a passion for clean design and vague charitable ambition. There is, however, at least one name missing from their team, that of Ello's only listed member on the Board of Directors, who also happens to be Managing Director at a venture capital firm. In fact, a quick search into Ello's records reveals $435,000 in venture capital funding from this very firm, of which Ello's site makes no mention; this, despite its promises of transparency, as outlined in its supposed manifesto. Let's take a closer look, for reference: @rockhero
nazi_goth: @rockhero
thekraken: @rockhero u mad
gucci79: @rockhero listen kreayshawn,she raps cool
powerstripp: bc @rockhero
kintrala: @rockhero :
powerstripp: water ice bucket challenge: I nominate @ediut @rockhero and @richdumper .... go!
JustinArias: @rockhero
pecco: @rockhero i have a question sir
frederick: @rockhero
powerstripp: the people of westeros await the return of their rightful king @rockhero
powerstripp: @rockhero this pertains
mrhealth: @jonathn @meth @rockhero
grimecraft: what ive known all along and what youve denied all along has finally come to light huh? @rockhero
frederick: @rockhero
trying: @rockhero
decrvnk: no shade @rockhero
kiptok: @rockhero
cheetos1: enjoy becoming less attractive as a result of calling someone ugly @rockhero das karma big boiiii
trying: ilu @rockhero
kintrala: @rockhero : people are protesting racial targeting in police brutality
jonathn: thanks @rockhero & @creamydreamr
bees: @grimecraft @kiptok @rockhero @aids_enoch
joy: send me a check for $5000 @rockhero
trying: @rockhero @kiptok @d_magik r i p
kiptok: @birdraymond @rockhero
guysalmon: nice cockhero, very sophisticated @rockhero
grimecraft: look up what a straw man fallacy is @rockhero
kintrala: @rockhero : no mames guey te estas chingando un pito
creamydreamr: i didn't think @rockhero was that far off. am I "on the wrong side of history?"
bees: @aids_enoch @eyedeekay @illalli @creamydreamr @rockhero @frederick @poopdeck @peur @kiptok @bees @mrhealth
bees: @aids_enoch @eyedeekay @peur @rockhero
ohgod: @rockhero yeah i know