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lux: @byron @rihenna @years
lux: I was grinding on him fast, but more focused moving up and down the complete length of his cock, this time he's fucking like a rabbit on cocaine. His whole body pressed against mine as he starts moaning in my ear. The dirty talk comes out as he gets closer to cumming. "you fucking love this don't you, god you're just a cock hungry slut. I knew the moment you wanted to kiss me that i could get you to ride my fucking cock." @rihenna
lux: @byron @rihenna
lux: @rihenna
lux: i used an eyelash thing called miss manga this weekend first of all that shit was beautiful @rihenna
lux: you know you like it @rihenna
lux: chantelle why you got a knife in your throat l m f a o @rihenna @byron 2:08
lux: @byron @rihenna
lux: make this ur phone wallpaper it's ex machina ghetto @rihenna
byron: took the night @lux @rihenna @cheetos6 @alluring
lux: @byron @rihenna
lux: @rihenna
lux: @rihenna
lux: @rihenna
lux: @tanya @rihenna
lux: @tanya @byron @illalli @weh @rihenna
lux: @byron @rihenna
byron: @rihenna and this tonite
byron: @lux @thekraken @rihenna omg mad max
lux: 8:24 @rihenna
lux: @rihenna
byron: it was this @rihenna @lux
byron: ran out of wine glasses @lux @rihenna
lux: ok check your phone @rihenna
lux: it's lizzy and @rihenna
byron: @lux @rihenna
lux: that's @rihenna
lux: @rihenna fly
WUPREME: @rihenna
WUPREME: i liked the other one better @rihenna
lux: ux is it strange to be a hater @byron @rihenna ava
lux: and maika @byron @rihenna
lux: current muse @byron @rihenna
byron: summer @lux @rihenna @maggie @thekraken @cheetos
kintrala: @rihenna :
byron: our Tuesdays @lux @maggie @thekraken @rihenna
lux: @rihenna
lux: 4th grade @rihenna
minty: its the same username @rihenna
buyuadraank: ^___^ @rihenna
whocares1: hey @rihenna