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lux: @rihenna
lux: ur the dark one @rihenna
lux: literally us @rihenna
lux: i die at how perfectly orchestrated this is @rihenna
lux: why did i lose my earrings and i can't handle it @rihenna
lux: @rihenna
lux: hanna @rihenna
lux: Hanna @rihenna
lux: @rihenna @byron @illalli
lux: @rihenna
lux: @copaceticusa @rihenna @dolphin300
lux: ux a business man regular at the hotel ruined the ceiling in his suite @peur @tanya with stripper poles LMFAOO lux HE INSTALLED TWO IN THE ROOm lux the ceiling was dented i was dying laughing i had to excuse myself lux he's hot lux af lux the dents @rihenna @byron
thekraken: @lux @byron @rihenna @buyuadraank @kathiegravy
byron: practical magic @lux @rihenna @maggie @thekraken
lux: ur fall look @rihenna
lux: she better not get in my way is all i know @rihenna @byron @hoquang @peggy @melipone
lux: this part @rihenna @byron
lux: @rihenna
lux: @rihenna
lux: I promise I promise @rihenna @byron
lux: this was shot on the iphone @rihenna @byron
lux: @rihenna
lux: @rihenna
lux: i would spill it all over u @rihenna
lux: look at this in fullsize @Byron @rihenna
lux: @rihenna
byron: @lux @rihenna <3
buyuadraank: @unicorngirl @maryrachel @rihenna @lux @thekraken
lux: @byron @rihenna
lux: if he wasn't talking to me @rihenna
bees: @rihenna
lux: read Spiral @rihenna @byron @thekraken it's the spiritual sequel to Ring but it is also a standalone novel
byron: same @rihenna
byron: @rihenna when is ur birthday?
lux: this comes up when u search true detective spanish @rihenna
lux: they need spanish posters @rihenna
byron: @rihenna
thekraken: wanting to start watching orange is the new black bc of the hot latina @lux @wupreme @rihenna
minty: hi @rihenna
buyuadraank: i went to jazz club on saturday but i kept yelling BBHMM lyrics @rihenna