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lux: @rihenna
joy: hey derisive bell hooks essay about Beasts of the Southern Wild @rihenna
lena: thx @rihenna
lux: @rihenna
WUPREME: @lux @rihenna
lux: @rihenna
lux: Growing up, I would see Brandy on Moesha and see her keeping in her cornrows and her braids, but still flourish in her art and music, looking fly. @rihenna
lux: i crack myw3lr up @rihenna
lux: @rihenna @copaceticusa
lux: @rihenna
lux: Sleepwalking @rihenna
lux: Go @rihenna
lux: @rihenna
lux: i would get away with $700 worth of items duing your shift to this song @rihenna
D_MAGIK: @rihenna
lux: @copaceticusa @rihenna
lux: @ivy @jeanette1 @unicorngirl @rihenna @celinedion
lux: @rihenna
lux: @rihenna
minty: thats his butt @rihenna lol
lux: the thumbnail lma0 @copaceticusa @rihenna
lux: I can't thank you enough for posting a positive article about Gaga. @rihenna
lux: @copaceticusa @rihenna @dagmar
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