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bees: here i wrote your paper for you @reverberasia "Maybe we can get a book." Minako tried and Usagi looked up and Ami rolled her eyes leaning her chin in her palm. "They don't make books on how to seduce people." She spat and Rei huffed. "How would you know?" She snapped defensively. Her anger was flaring. Their hour-long brainstorming session was going nowhere fast and her emotions were raw. Ami narrowed her eyes. Her emotions were almost snapped. "Because I've read every book ever printed!" She yelled and Usagi put a hand to her forehead and Rei narrowed her eyes glaring at the blue haired genius sitting next to her who glared back. "Let's not get eccentric... Ami... Rei... now is not the time to be losing it." Makoto tried and Ami looked away trying to calm down. "Nerd." Rei snapped and Ami growled. "Hasben." She hissed and Rei gasped and spun to stare at her with daggers. "Why you!" She screeched ready to pounce. "Hello Ladies." A male voice said above them and Rei gasped pausing her actions. "At it as always I see..." His voice caressed over their skin and Rei sat uneasily in her chair. "What do you want Baka? We're having a real crisis and unless you want me to send you to the hospital... go away." A kurt voice said with venom and dark blue eyes stared into blue as he looked at her. "We've come with a solution to your problem!" Motoki cried over Mamoru's shoulder and Usagi gasped looking at him with hope. "You have?" Minako and Rei asked simultaneously and Motoki let out a breath and nodded. "We're going to teach you how to fend off a man and seduce one." The cool voice that responded was not the one she was expecting. Slowly her crystal blue eyes turned to the perfect form of her arch nemeses and she felt a hard lump swallow down her throat.
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