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When I was about 7 years old, I would get my hair cut by a lady named Ms. Glenda. I didn't like my hairstyle at all; my mother chose the style for me. I remember watching the lady cut my hair and thinking how cool my hair looked during the haircutting process; at certain points it would be spiked, pulled back, wet, all sorts of looks that were necessary for her to get to the final state, that I didn't even like. I liked those 'in between' states so much that, when I turned 10, I begged to my parents and said I wanted my hair to look like it did in the middle of getting a haircut. They agreed, and I got my hair spiked. I liked it a lot at first. but it got old after a while, and I was embarrassed I even had spiked hair. I switched to a short haircut, perfectly parted to the right. That lasted for years, but I grew out of that style too. I finally realized I like my hair when I don't worry about it, and let it be how it is when I get out of bed in the morning, and that's how I've kept it ever since.

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illalli: im ready @reneabythe
dvvidpw: @reneabythe
dvvidpw: @reneabythe
feelfeel: @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe when down and how long? i haven't noticed any downtime in a while - am sure not getting a virtual private server for my modest traffic - but thanks for the heads up
tommoody: and not called "" @reneabythe
dvvidpw: @reneabythe
ryz: @reneabythe j/k
ryz: @reneabythe was this you
ryz: @reneabythe bane of my existence man everything would be so much easier if we had stuck to 320x240 or 80/24 with no window management
orlandobloom: @reneabythe why can't you just behave??
jonathn: @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe .. .. "I am interested in a personalized domain .thehorrorthehorror -- can you help me"
frankhats: @reneabythe
ben_dover: @reneabythe
tommoody: .. im lovin' it @ryz @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe - don't know why you need a "media viewer" since all browsers display images - this one looks like flickr (i.e., bad)
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dvvidpw: @reneabythe
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orlandobloom: @ssnack @plams @maggie @trying @anndunham @somedog @reneabythe @dvvidpw @mrhealth @frederick @cheetos1 @aids_enoch and all my other friends sry if i 4got u
ryz: @reneabythe fixed this
idiot11: ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- courtesy of Goat4421 @okokokok @olyx @orlandobloom @pawclaws @peachfist @pecco @PEEMA @peggy @penisbot @pepper @pepperII @PeteCampbell @petrograd @peur @pfifferking @photocopy @pig @pizzadog @plams @plurlyfe @Poet @POLYMER @poopdeck @popo @powerstripp @pretzel @prkaw @psludump @pummp @qil @quote @rainydaze @reneabythe @reverberasia @rhklein @rihenna @rob @robocide @robot
reneabythe: @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe does this mean we know who won the .art domain?
dvvidpw: lol! @reneabythe
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dvvidpw: @reneabythe
melipone: @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe - what the hell is that? i mean, i like your iPad
tommoody: .. please crowdfund my startup to get this interactive OptiDisc app off the ground @reneabythe @GucciSoFlosy
buttever: @reneabythe r we bday triplets? @peggy
illalli: ill take the cheese dip @reneabythe
peggy: @reneabythe is today your birthday?
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melipone: @reneabythe first