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bae: @reneabythe
melipone: @reneabythe
waves: @reneabythe so i was told today that 'elephants' and lizzy drive interesting people away and have been shunned from the community or some shit.. so you mite have fucked up you need to make a shoutout to cheetos. hes keeping dump fresh, orginal and alive. that lizzy dump how many downvotes did that get? you goofed bi gtime. p.s. elephants will drag an love thru a key-hole (and google christmas misawa- they got i t all WRONG i never hated anyone.) and tell ryz for me that i cant spare a moment on the dog-faced boy peace eemail me ciao. pass the dutchie
harrow: @reneabythe
jonathn: @reneabythe did you finally get a phone?
agony: @reneabythe
trill: @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe honored to be one of your security questions
tommoody: @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe - i dreamed that comcast took over my OS and I spent an hour in real time deactivating music players, spreadsheets, etc that kept popping up
enya: @reneabythe bless
chaboi: @reneabythe ur hilarious rn
trill: @reneabythe
thabooty: @reneabythe tommoody is the oppressor. locked out. (this is @toomoody).
JSONvoorhees: @reneabythe ur avi is cool
toomoody: interesting @reneabythe
trill: @tommoody @reneabythe ruby ridge, my friend. frances farmer `` cc: @cheetos @callus
trill: @reneabythe likie idk nc nc
trill: i told u not jinx me wise guy ! @reneabythe R.I.P. beth // get @ me on here til furth notic.
trill: whatever you say trevopr funny guy @tommoody you were blatalnly trollbaiting me. renes vid was about our waco read between the lines conrad kelly and how is pointlesss a com,pliment when the whole point was thet WE ARE ALL AFRICA! #elephants #waco #wakawaka #wikipediai &c. soincredible were incredible Porque esto es √Āfrica ^___^ cc: @reneabythe @jerseymike @years @
tommoody: nice to see @reneabythe and @beth sharing pointless youtubes
beth: @reneabythe
beth: @reneabythe
pretzel: ty @reneabythe
beth: #elephants @plams @kintrala @waves @elfluuva @callus @aids_Enoch @grass @reneabythe @unhealthy @kalan @penisholder
beth: @reneabythe
thekraken: nice @reneabythe
beth: @reneabythe
elizabeth: @cheseball @grass @unhealthy @jonathn @bees @ssnack @kiptok @kintrala @elfluuva @photocopy @supwitchu @anndunham @shlucht @aids_enoch @jerseymike @mcchimperson @callus @byron @fuzzbomb @reneabythe @carlosdngr2 get in here you dweebs send us winnie the pew poems
tommoody: @reneabythe - vince's reactions were pretty much exactly what i got from the frieze editors when i emailed that post
lizzy: @reneabythe
orlandobloom: @reneabythe
lizzy: // you like my remixes @callus @kiptok @reneabythe @ryz @ssnack @grass @pretzel @jonathn @anndunham @shlucht @waves @youngbumpkin @plams @wrinkles @stage @cheseball @thekraken @gosane @mcchimperson @whoeverelse
thekraken: @reneabythe
reneabythe: @reneabythe x
callus: @jerseymike @reneabythe @frederick
pretzel: @reneabythe
callus: ahahahahahaha @reneabythe
jerseymike: don't do it don't do it don't do it!!! @reneabythe
lizzy: @reneabythe messages were cleared. send me that linkk again