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taehyung: tumblr is annoying, twitter is annoying. facebook is annoying instagram is annoying

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tommoody: @reneabythe wigs misses you from five years ago
tommoody: @reneabythe - i thought i had stopped GWX on 7 -- from that thread it looks like they are going to try to keep slipping it past me - uggh
tommoody: @reneabythe - this makes sense - "Surely, MS don't want another 'XP ''fiasco'', that's why they're pushing GWX so desperately, especially on 7"
cheseball: that ending @reneabythe
BirdRaymond: @reneabythe <-- I think this is the real conspiracy here. Do you really believe Florida likes muffins more than the rest of the south? Really? What are they putting in these biscuits? Why can't I have one *right now*?
wigs: oh god i forgot about that sara ludy pin-up pic @reneabythe
wigs: @reneabythe i miss you from five years ago
tommoody: .. @reneabythe
JohnCena: @shlucht @nicolashorch @reneabythe @kingofmugen @fuzzbomb @heathersltd @str8orade crakhead clubhouse
cheseball: @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe - you need to reverse the antagonist/protagonist - i was called out for saying people had a right to configure things like "alerts" on their phones
tommoody: i had to break the truth to him but then he mocked me again, by saying "neat" @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe nice diplomatic attempt to steer gucci away from THE TRUTH
BirdRaymond: Hi @reneabythe
tommoody: @ryder @bamboo @reneabythe
tommoody: @bamboo @reneabythe
thekraken: keep getting Connection time outs :C @reneabythe
cheseball: @reneabythe
ShlucHT: @photos @reneabythe a friend of mine has a interesting concept for a live networked radio show maybe you want to contribute something too ? could be funny
Zabby: @cheseball @reneabythe @shlucht @kiptok check out this minimal house i made
byron: it was ok @reneabythe
artichokie: fixed @reneabythe
dolcevita: @bamboo @reneabythe
bamboo: @reneabythe
bamboo: @reneabythe @photos
cheseball: @reneabythe
LibrtnPlease: @reneabythe
dolcevita: @reneabythe I really like the nf_bacon page
thekraken: @reneabythe
cheseball: @reneabythe
taehyung: wat happen @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe - ah yes - and the "side salt" at roberta's is worth at least that
thekraken: whoops. my bad Donald is on tonight's Fallon 9/11 @reneabythe
dvvidpw: @reneabythe
thekraken: trump on fallon tonight lol @reneabythe
elfluuva: @reneabythe - but i thought steve jobs invented this
tommoody: @reneabythe - but i thought steve jobs invented this
cheseball: @reneabythe
ShlucHT: @reneabythe thanks -ouh I like the websites you all three have in the Individual home directories , lets maybe talk soon about the radio stuff that would be fun
cheseball: @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe - that woodlands promo is creepy - i've driven past the woodlands exits on I-45 many times but never dared to go in