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cheseball: thats very lifelike @reneabythe
dvvidpw: @reneabythe
Alluring: /////// @reneabythe
Alluring: you, cheetos, frederic, aids_enoch, and kalan got owned by a guy pretending to be a teen girl - originally as a way to 'stay alive' after being perm-muted on their original account/identity, but eventually as a daily lifestyle of false persona deception @reneabythe
Alluring: you've been victimized by a 20-something NEET ginger dude from canada @reneabythe
Alluring: peur why is it a big deal to find out wake/lizzy might have been frak all along @reneabythe
sato: @reneabythe
melipone: @reneabythe
GucciSoFlosy: @reneabythe
epipen: @reneabythe
anndunham: @reneabythe
tommoody: .. @reneabythe i'm totally gonna facebook this so other ppl can put it on their fcebks because i really love
tommoody: .. . @reneabythe
LibrtnPlease: @reneabythe
carlosdngr2: those look nice @reneabythe
GucciSoFlosy: omg this is so good @reneabythe
cheseball: @reneabythe @tommoody @bamboo
tommoody: @reneabythe where was that rhizome sponsors thing from
Tony_Clifton: @cheseball @reneabythe seriously f*** this clown
trollluuva: @cheseball @reneabythe @grass @qil @fauxreal @mrheaith @elfluuva
Tony_Clifton: @reneabythe @byron @plams @kintrala
petrograd: @reneabythe
tommoody: silly AND annoying @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe elephants R annoying because of the "we're the only true heads on dump" stance coupled with outraged victimhood
tommoody: @reneabythe's meta-dumps about dump's meta-dumps
tommoody: @reneabythe did you mean "was killed by dump in April"
bae: @ryz @reneabythe
thekraken: @peggy @melipone @pretzel @petrograd @reneabythe @phyto1
tommoody: @reneabythe - eye migraine simulation
bae: @reneabythe
melipone: @reneabythe
waves: @reneabythe so i was told today that 'elephants' and lizzy drive interesting people away and have been shunned from the community or some shit.. so you mite have fucked up you need to make a shoutout to cheetos. hes keeping dump fresh, orginal and alive. that lizzy dump how many downvotes did that get? you goofed bi gtime. p.s. elephants will drag an love thru a key-hole (and google christmas misawa- they got i t all WRONG i never hated anyone.) and tell ryz for me that i cant spare a moment on the dog-faced boy peace eemail me ciao. pass the dutchie
harrow: @reneabythe
jonathn: @reneabythe did you finally get a phone?
agony: @reneabythe
trill: @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe honored to be one of your security questions
tommoody: @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe - i dreamed that comcast took over my OS and I spent an hour in real time deactivating music players, spreadsheets, etc that kept popping up
enya: @reneabythe bless
chaboi: @reneabythe ur hilarious rn