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hoquang: @photos @reneabythe penis aiming
plant: coffee time @reneabythe <3
tommoody: @reneabythe -- @cheseball --whoever that is -- is lecturing me about memes. I hated that pic of that guy in red at the debate and hated it more when i found out he was a power company stooge so Chese is saying it's "surreal" that I am so "confused" about how memes work. I really don't need this shit.
McChimperson: and fuck yes i'm voting @reneabythe
soup_lantern: I had a dream about you @reneabythe but you were slightly fatter in the dream
thekraken: paging @reneabythe plinko brrzzt
thekraken: lol oh you @reneabythe
kiptok: what's that @reneabythe
thekraken: lmbo @cheseball @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe - an account is like a thing that gives you certain rights and it's yours
tommoody: "sorry, you had a bad link or we moved the page" might be better than oopsie doopsie did him make a widdle mistake @reneabythe
tommoody: .. @reneabythe oopsie did snookums make a booboo
bees: @reneabythe @cheseball @hoquang
kiptijek: @reneabythe
McChimperson: link me dat vid @reneabythe
thorns: @reneabythe hey ban me
kiptokvanity: cool @reneabythe
kiptokvanity: cool? @reneabythe
kiptokvanity: u & me r cool @reneabythe
kiptokvanity: yo u look like ur goin ryder ripps on albers or some shit @reneabythe
girlafraid: @reneabythe
thorns: feel like @reneabythe might appreciate
tommoody: @reneabythe - yes file "i guess we need to talk about" next to "uh oh" and "whoops" -- OK back in your timeout chair
tommoody: @reneabythe - 2128 views for charlie
photos: @reneabythe
photos: @reneabythe
photos: one more @reneabythe
photos: @reneabythe
photos: waoaa lol @reneabythe
cheseball: @reneabythe
GucciSoFlosy: @pepperII @ryz @reneabythe
GucciSoFlosy: @pepper @ryz @reneabythe
cheseball: @reneabythe
tommoody: i wonder why filezilla (and linux) haven't hopped on the kibibyte bandwagon @reneabythe
wrinkles: awww true @reneabythe only the heroin will be synthetic and in pill form
cheseball: ((( @reneabythe )))
thekraken: infinite scrolling dump log hack pls @reneabythe
bees: @buyuadrank @hvemnd @jfk @reneabythe
tommoody: Q: What is Hillary's favorite pizza? A. Little Seizures @reneabythe
tommoody: @reneabythe -- just realized obama is wearing his military style bomber jacket in that photo - ugh what a poser
cheseball: @reneabythe