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kalan: my favorite radio show ever is this @jonathn @pummp @weh @lcky @ryz buy i cant get/download most of the episodes outside of the commonwealth. do you know how i could get a reservoir? they're almost all mindblowingly good. especially the one about the first pianos in australia
kalan: @pummp miami!
kalan: @pummp nyc!!!!!!
ShlucHT: @pummp do you know lizzie ?
kalan: hey anybody got any ins for chris marker torrents or streams? i saw this amazing series about greece in the moms i'm sort of desperate to find. 13 parts i think....? @l @pummp @jonathn @lcky @maggie @kiptok @aids_enoch @photocopy @ssnack @plams @ryder @ben_dover @ryz @kathiegravy
kalan: oh also my friend maria found this pretty cool BBC program @pummp @jonathn
kalan: ok also, EVERYBODY, this is an azazing reservoir for film recs i think. tons of my favs listed here and lots i never heard of ever! @jonathn @pummp @anndunham @cxzy @weh @lcky @kiptok @petrograd
kalan: @pummp that wasnt what i meant. its actaully a more romantic complication
kalan: @pummp yessssssssssss ^^^
kalan: @pummp id love to talk about it though. i do have a complicated and increasingly compicat-ing relationship with the ARTWORLD
wrinkles: is it really @pummp