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wrinkles: i'm the carrie of dump @pope don't you get it
thekraken: lol... images/20100912/1284271198248-dumpfm-henderella-webcam.jpg @pope
years: @pope
years: lol ur head asplode @pope
McChimperson: 'ER DAY @pope
peur: i dont live off my parents and i dont ask them for money. degrees are not indicative of a person's intelligence or worth. also, didnt you try to get several people to write papers FOR you in school? the gif was a joke and you're being a baby lmao fred said you were the snake in the grass not me. also you said i could believe lux if i wanted to so why does that matter? it's ironic you'd try to call me a "manchild" when you openly admitted to being a passive aggressive loser at some casino just so you could yell at someone to not touch you @cheetos @pope
TomatoAndy: hej @pope