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bitch: @plams
grass: @plams
Serenity: this reminds me of @plams
cheseball: @lux @plams
cheseball: @plams
hoquang: @plams
Tony_Clifton: @reneabythe @byron @plams @kintrala
macstoresf2: @plams @peur @hoquang @DoritoWitch @melipone @ryz bamboo @GucciSoFlosy @halitosis @kiptok @McChimperson @kintrala @frederick @footbath @foot @andrej @gory @powerstripp @years
macstoresf2: @plams @peur @hoquang @doritowitch @melipone @ryz bamboo @guccisoflosy @halitosis @kiptok @mcchimperson @kintrala @frederick @footbath @foot @andrej @gory @powerstripp @years
cheetos: @plams
petrograd: @plams
cheetos9: @plams
cheseball: PLAMS HAS DIED, PLAMS HAS RISEN, PLAMS WILL COME AGAAAAAINNNN @plams @orlandobloom @lizzy @aids_enoch
tommoody: @plams where did i go wrong
cheseball: @lizzy @plams
enya: @plams @cheseball @birdraymond @shlucht @kalan @photocopy @fartist @somedog @gloryhole @dr_age @hell @kiptokvanity @enkidu @god @dxm @beth @stoner @
tommoody: @plams are you really @plams
melipone: @plams your alt got muted in the mele. just unmuted.
kiptijek: @plams & scams
elephants: @plams treat it like your livejournal. and ge4t all your friendfs to tweet it like their ;ivejournal. also do you have the pic of homer wearing th robitussin beanie?
elephants: @plams lol if your bored/online please shitpost this board up theyre gonna delete it if nobody ever posts on it and me and callys are tired of samefagging it to timbuktu
joy: @plams
penisholder: wahaaa @plams
years: straighten it out @plams
halitosis: Watch Out @plams
halitosis: The German Lady Watches You Pee At Night @plams
lux: i walk to this song @plams
lux: @plams
lux: hi my love @plams
lux: @plams
illalli: @plams
lux: @plams @maryrachel @halitosis
lux: hi @maryrachel @plams @kiptok
carlosdngr2: @Plams i thought you had abandoned dump
grass: @callus @beth @waves @elfluuva @unhealthy @plams
beth: #elephants @plams @kintrala @waves @elfluuva @callus @aids_Enoch @grass @reneabythe @unhealthy @kalan @penisholder
ssnack: @kiptok @hoquang @plams
DXM: दक्षिण काली मन्त्र @kali @waves @plams
thekraken: coconut shrimp basket on head ? @plams
thekraken: hasta luego @plams
thekraken: @plams