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kalan: @plams omg gurl r u having hairstyle dysphoria???? my too!!!! let's commiserate.
ssnack: @eyedeekay @plams @kiptok @harshly did any of you read this the first time
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powerstripp: [kabaa file transfer gif] @anndunham @plams
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kiptok: @plams where will u be JULY 4 lmk
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orlandobloom: there's also this board it's sorta better cos less esoteric hitlerism & stuff @plams
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DoritoWitch: @plams story: when I was 12 my dad walked in on me when I was & naked standing in front of my television watching an episode of Real Sex. At the time there was an old indian man on the TV with a laptop showing this exact GIF (he of course only saw the old indian man) I yelled "GET OUT!" in a panicked pubescent yelp and hid behind a life-size cut-out of darth vader. All of this is true.
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KOOLSKULL: @plams i like this one a lot
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sidonie: no, @plams actually go get acupuncture or herbs from a professional
sidonie: @plams you should seek help from TCM
sidonie: they are dumb @plams