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tommoody: @plams vs @plasm
jonathn: Bad Drugs From Hell @plams
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halitosis: @plams bye plams have fun living in the airport or the forest
aoifeml: @plams "some books are dangerous"
stage: @plams youre a great dumper
tommoody: @plams how is babby formed
carlosdngr2: @plams go watch friends
carlosdngr2: @plams you are kinda like cooper in interstellar when he reaches the fifth dimension
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eyedeekay: @plams
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petrograd: @plams
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eyedeekay: @plams @mrheaith
eyedeekay: @plams @mrheaith DL the /fringe/ mega and start reading IIH by Franz Bardon
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thekraken: @plams (@mrhealth) on his farm
kinny: @plams : hey
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