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CelineDion: @mrhealth @mrheaith @plams
thekraken: @plams (@mrhealth) on his farm
kinny: @plams : hey
hoquang: @mrhealth @plams
eyedeekay: @plams @mrheaith
ssnack: @plams
eyedeekay: @plams @mrheaith lol this guy is insane
orlandobloom: @plams @mrheaith @callus
kiptok: @plams i wanna try that phGABA
ssnack: Heraclitus' life as a philosopher was interrupted by dropsy. The physicians he consulted were unable to prescribe a cure. He treated himself with a liniment of cow manure and baking in the sun, believing that this method would remove the fluid. After a day of treatment he died and was interred in the marketplace.[19] @plams
eyedeekay: @plams @mrheaith satanic speedcore gabber from ireland c/o aidsenocgh
eyedeekay: @plams @mrheaith
lux: @plams
lux: team @plams
lux: @plams
orlandobloom: @plams @mrheaith - The Kybalion by The Three Initiates - essential reading for all aspiring hermetics
orlandobloom: @plams @mrheaith - Michael Talbot - Rare Holographic Universe Lecture 1/12 - important greenpill about the holographic mental universe, disproves materialism & stuffff
orlandobloom: @plams @mrheaith - Your Amazing Mystic Powers by Henry C. Clausen 33° - lots of greenpill in here
bright:,gJg7pgQ ............... @orlandobloom @eyedeekay @plams @mrhealth
ssnack: Dearest Edith, I am in receipt of endless bounties from you and dazzling revelations about you: item: 1st: the grapes of Paradise that arrived yesterday in a bloom of purple and a burst of sweetness that made me—while they cast their Tyrian glamour about— .. . etc.... --H.enry James @plams @mrhealth @mrheaith
CelineDion: @plams @joy @trying
eyedeekay: @plams @mrheaith
bright: @mrhealth @mrheaith @plams @eyedeekay @orlandobloom
ssnack: @plams @mrhealth @mrheaith @eyedeekay
frederick: @plams @eyedeekay @orlandobloom
eyedeekay: @plams @mrheaith
photocopy: @plams
eyedeekay: @grass @hell @plams
orlandobloom: @plams @mrheaith H E R M E T I C I S M retard!!!!!!!!!
joy: i didnt know you were ghosting @plams
mrhealth: @plams @mrheaith
petrograd: @plams
goatmilk: @plams
guysalmon: @plams
Samantha: @plams
kintrala: @mrhealth : are you @plams?
kalan: fuck @Plams u stil in nyc?
alessandra: @plams
kalan: @ssnack @plams yall togethe? wanna watch the sunrise? i'll bring vodka and black metal
bees: @frederick @kiptok @thekraken @plams