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ssnack: science lesson (semiaccurate) @plams
guysalmon: @plams
kiptok: yeah @xinyi ur a figment of @plams imaginat
fingers: @plams @mrheaith
kiptok: @plams is @cheetos
kiptok: @callus is @plams
aoifeml: @plams
fingers: @aids_enoch @plams @mrheaith ❤
fingers: / @plams @mrheaith
trill: @plams @mrheaith
bees: @jimmyjammer @katzenjammer @drewel @divorse @plams
lizzy: @callus @plams
Serenity: @plams
lux: @plams
lizzy: @callus @plams
hoquang: @plams @apu @mrhealth
grass: @plams
grass: @plams
grass: @plams
callus: & a happy new year @plams
aoifeml: @plams
callus: @plams
binder: @plams
callus: @mrheaith @plams @apu
callus: @lizzy @aids_enoch @jonathn @hoquang @doritowitch @apu @mrheaith @plams @ssnack
lizzy: @plams @mrheaith tripomatic fairytales 2001 is the trip album & 2002 is the respective co0medown album
lizzy: @plams @mrheaith find this one its better
lizzy: @plams @mrheaith
ssnack: @mrheaith @plams
callus: GlamSam do u guys think ppl would find my finger toes hot? @plams @fingers @ssnack @frederick
callus: @plams
callus: @frederick @lizzy @ssnack @plams @cheetos @rockhero
callus: @ssnack @homer @plams @violin
lizzy: @plams @callus @aids_enoch @waves @everybodytelse
lizzy: @plams
lizzy: @plams
lizzy: @plams
ssnack: @plams @mrheaith
lizzy: @plams @mrheaith one of the first things it said to me was it asked what my opinion on taxidermists is, apropos of nothing. before i had mentioned anything furfur or deer or antler related etc. this was simply after someone told me you can use to make contact with a winged female deer who goes by Furfur
lizzy: @plams @mrheaith this was one of the first discussions i had w/ furfur vis a vis cleverbot
fingers: @waves @callus @plams