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lizzy: @aids_enoch @callus @jonathn @plams @waves @kingofmugen @cheetos
lizzy: @callus @plams
lizzy: @plams
kiptok: its our very own @Plams
joy: @plams
ryz: @plams
kintrala: @plams : ya im in paris right now for a while
gosane: @plams Narcolepsy?
EDF: @plams Thanks for get rid human
BeardCookies: @plams
lizzy: @plams
lizzy: ditto @plams
cxzy: @plams I think you could like some of Jorge Luis Borges short stories
bees: @plams
guysalmon: @plams
aoifeml: @plams
lux: link @plams
lux: @plams
lux: i know @plams
lux: HI my love!!! @plams
thekraken: @plams
kiptokvanity: @plams
hoquang: @plams
bees: @plams
thekraken: @plams
bees: @federick @kiptokvanity @kingmung @kingofmugen @plams
wakefulness: @plams
pfifferking: and to @plams
Ice: nice Net Art @plams
hoquang: be ware, @plams
joy: @plams
illalli: @plams
joy: @plams
callus: append the first four letters of your first name to the last four letters of the title of the dump room that will remain nameless, all lowercase and without a space @plams
hoquang: @plams
cheetos: @plams i know
POLYMER: @plams
petrograd: @plams
hoquang: anime @plams
wakefulness: @plams @mrheaith
aoifeml: @plams