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thekraken: coconut shrimp basket on head ? @plams
thekraken: hasta luego @plams
thekraken: @plams
hoquang: @plams
hoquang: @plams
callus: @elfluuva @plams @lizzy
callus: @plams
lizzy: // you like my remixes @callus @kiptok @reneabythe @ryz @ssnack @grass @pretzel @jonathn @anndunham @shlucht @waves @youngbumpkin @plams @wrinkles @stage @cheseball @thekraken @gosane @mcchimperson @whoeverelse
ssnack: @mrheaith @plams
McChimperson: @plams isn't that what ur dad is for?
lux: google moldavite @plams
lux: are u liking hotel vibes @plams
lux: @plams
lux: *wraps u in mexican blanket* @plams
lux: yes @plams
jerseymike: @plams i am not real i am a tiny crab in a basket
kiptok: @halitosis ♡ @plams
tommoody: prisoner of @plams
ssnack: @plams @mrheaith for example number 66 goes 66 A customary Railer is the Devil's Bagpipe, which the World danceth after. and number 78 goes 78 A Dog's Life, Hunger and Ease.
lizzy: @callus @aids_enoch @plams oh shi-
aoifeml: @plams @mrheaith
lizzy: @plams
ssnack: 1732 Arbuthnot Rules of Diet 390 'A Dropsy of the Breast is cur'd by Chirurgery. ' @plams
lizzy: @aids_enoch @callus @plams @waves "elephants never forget and they NEVER forgive" -Grimes