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ssnack: @pecco
K8moSS: @pecco
guysalmon: @pecco
kathiegravy: @pecco @wupreme
lux: hola mi amor @pecco
maxlabor: @pecco
maxlabor: in TJ @pecco
maxlabor: @pecco not my birthday
kalan: @pecco sry about your facebook. give em hell
kalan: @pecco i got some friends in TJ i might visit this year and i think i wanna set up a tour. you around there todavia?
WUPREME: @pecco FB blocked me for 24 for that pollo chichon someone posted
maxlabor: @pecco
WUPREME: qien te pelo que ni greñias te dejo @pecco
lux: yes so bad @pecco
maxlabor: those shapes were made in illustrator @pecco
maxlabor: @pecco
maxlabor: @pecco you look great with a shaved head
robot: damn you @pecco