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buyuadraank: @pecco what do u need help with???
Soccer: idk wtf @pecco
Soccer: @pecco
hoquang: awesome @pecco
GucciSoFlosy: @pecco naw dawg just like render to QT animation codec (generally lossless) and import it in AE
foot: @pecco
maxlabor: @pecco
kiptok: wat abt jertronic @pecco
kintrala: @pecco :
plant: @pecco
plant: @pecco are you nuuro?
plant: @pecco you have a tumblr?
plant: @pecco ....
maxlabor: in ven @pecco
Soccer: @pecco
kiptok: don't worry @pecco
kiptok: @pecco wise words
plant: @pecco
plant: @pecco I have no way to answer that
plant: @pecco that's explained in a purana that explain the rise of kundalini, read Sivananda on dlshq
robot: yes @pecco
plant: @pecco if the person really read The Vedas and know of Sanatana Dharma you can know better, if is a thinfoil hat woman who believes on crystal healing and has a purple shirt with unicorn, go away.
maxlabor: @pecco plant is from VEN
plant: @pecco healing frequencies... no but yes, but you go to a mathematician to tell you how calculus work, not to a blacksmith, so go to the right person. discern information.
stration: @maxlabor @elfluuva @cheseball @pecco @lux @joy @ beyond words
ssnack: @pecco
K8moSS: @pecco
guysalmon: @pecco
kathiegravy: @pecco @wupreme
lux: hola mi amor @pecco
maxlabor: @pecco
maxlabor: in TJ @pecco
maxlabor: @pecco not my birthday
kalan: @pecco sry about your facebook. give em hell
kalan: @pecco i got some friends in TJ i might visit this year and i think i wanna set up a tour. you around there todavia?
WUPREME: @pecco FB blocked me for 24 for that pollo chichon someone posted
maxlabor: @pecco
WUPREME: qien te pelo que ni greñias te dejo @pecco
lux: yes so bad @pecco
maxlabor: those shapes were made in illustrator @pecco
maxlabor: @pecco