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guysalmon: @pecco
gorepreme: man i miss @pecco he was bien cabron
kalan: @pecco NYC still, sroyy bro. id love to see to . look up @lcky if you can.
pretzel: @pecco
kiptok: oh ok @pecco
WUPREME: @lux @kathiegravy @pecco
WUPREME: @kathiegravy @pecco @rihenna @lux just saw on the news they had like the worlds largest rosca de reyes at a local mexican supermarket!!!! ughhhh i wish i knew about it b4
hoquang: lol @pecco
decrvnk: @pecco IDK, the internet for me has basically become a place to hook up and call people rude
WUPREME: @pecco @kathiegravy
decrvnk: @pecco :)
WUPREME: @pecco sad guys y que
WUPREME: @pecco is this your by your friend you said you showed the 1000blunts game?
funbuddy: @pecco he is an internet's an entire wiki cataloguing most of his life because apparently that's what people do:
ryz: @pecco what u doin in LA?
v_sullock: @cxzy @pecco
v_sullock: @kintrala @pecco
mickeydummy: @pecco @kintrala
mickeydummy: @pecco @kintrala @dump
madhorse: @kintrala @phaton @pecco
pretzel: @pecco i am next weekend
kathiegravy: @wupreme @pecco
WUPREME: @thekraken @kathiegravy @pecco
WUPREME: @kathiegravy @pecco
photocopy: @pecco
bees: is that pixel sorting @pecco ?
KOOLSKULL: <3 @pecco
peggy: apparently so @pecco
mascara: @pecco
mascara: @pecco did u see the video i put together for that song?
pfifferking: @pecco
pfifferking: @pecco just answer "ok"