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thekraken: @noisia do you recommend the clickteam software? or are you more interested in sharing the indie video games on that list?
betrayer: ty @noisia
thekraken: lol so much variety packed in no wonder its this long @noisia
thekraken: happy Canadian thanksgiving :) @noisia (@hypothete) @stage @maggie @lolumad @girlafraid @timb
reneabythe: @samantha @justinarias @shlucht @tommoody @watertight @thekraken @birdraymond @photos @noisia @cheseball @d_magik @thorns
hypothete: @noisia will do. saw yr projection video on twitter!
maxlabor: yes it was an upset, very cool @noisia
cheseball: @noisia psycho-pass is p.good
jonathn: @noisia
gory: yo @noisia
kiptokvanity: did u see jas new app @Noisia oh jas is here now