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stage: just saw a guy glitch out of existence on this cam @noisia
stage: @noisia I have my shoes on and am jangling my keys waiting for everyone to be ready !
andrej: @NOISIA
cheseball: @dolphin300 @noisia
footbath: me too @noisia
cheseball: I'm trying a lot of low end headsets thus weekend @noisia
cheseball: Vr box @noisia
photos: @noisia r u in VC right now?
cheseball: yes @noisia
reneabythe: @noisia
andrej: what the deuce is going on with your dumps lately -- all these fungi and bake errors ??? @noisia
reneabythe: @noisia
maxlabor: @noisia
maxlabor: do delis in vancouver advertise milk as the primary foodstuff @noisia
peggy: @noisia
JustinArias: nice! @noisia
betrayer: it was computer vs computer but one that has pride & guilt w/ it @noisia
issac: tell me how i'm sexist @noisia
stage: agreed @noisia
maxlabor: those are my fave ones @noisia
mill: ty @noisia
maxlabor: @noisia
scotty2hotty69: @noisia lol at the laser!!!
bees: @aoifeml @cheseball @dolphin300 @grass @guccisoflosy @guysalmon @halitosis @jimmyjammer @kazooie @maxlabor @noisia @noth @nscthsptl @frederick @peur @scotty2hotty69 @selectall @thekraken
kiptok: i rly like xcom tho @noisia
kiptok: @noisia
frederick: @noisia @justinarias @halitosis
betrayer: add more @noisia