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hoquang: @bamboo what do you think about these potential mods: @frederick @meth @kingofmugen and @apu
hoquang: @meth
nicolashorch: whos @meth ?
kiptok: back again? @meth
hoquang: wow!!!!!! @meth
hoquang: sorry @meth
hoquang: right now i want to have a wild night out on the town with @meth
robot: @meth
kiptok: yes @meth
frederick: i think you're great @meth
hoquang: maybe i will make @meth a mod
hoquang: @meth may be filthy but that is part of her charm
hoquang: JRPGs ehhhh!!! they are not so popular!!!! @conqueror @frederick @meth
math: @meth i saw that fb thing about him
lux: @meth
lux: hell no @meth
lux: is everyone here a tweaker @meth
lux: i realized my roommate is a tweaker and i set my laptop to password protection and the hint is "no tweakers" and then two days later my bathroom flooded @meth
lux: lmao @meth
lux: confusing for no reason @meth
lux: but i am @meth
lux: are people here hella suspicious when making new friends or do they play hard to get or something @Meth
sakalak: who goes by the name of @meth