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don't be fooled by my favs and frank's hat, i'm still meli from the chat

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1_2_3_4_5: @melipone is @trying
yo_matty: @ahem @ryz @ben_dover @polymer @melipone @kiptok @peggy @petrograd @alessandra @ssnack and if you guys are here @reverberasia @frankhats
ben_dover: @ryz @byourself @erikhaspresence @bluray @sorrybro @polymer ...... good game good game @melipone @petrograd #420mets
ben_dover: @melipone
ben_dover: @melipone
yo_matty: @melipone @kiptok
goatmilk: @melipone
GucciSoFlosy: @melipone
ryz: @yo_matty @melipone @yo_meli
ryz: @melipone
kiptok: it'll be a nice day tomorrow too. maybe you'd wanna come @melipone
JustinArias: what does the button pin say? @melipone haha
friendster: @melipone i made this for you
wrinkles: try again @melipone
wrinkles: @melipone
robot: Awww, tell Matty hello for me @melipone
petrograd: @melipone
POLYMER: @ben_dover @peggy @melipone @byourself @petrograd @ryz @erikhaspresence :0
ferrihydrite: do you like have pubes @melipone
ben_dover: @polymer @byourself @petrograd @hoquang @kiptok @lena @ryz @melipone @tommoody @peggy @kalan is going to trial on 6 June 2014 ... we should all go and ... lets get kalan free
hell: @melipone
ahem: ::runs out the door:: @melipone
yo_matty: have a good trip bring me back something French! @melipone
jertronic: @melipone
yo_matty: @melipone do you think you want to bike: A) Saturday or B) Sunday
POLYMER: @melipone he is the worst human alive
yo_matty: @robot @melipone @ahem @polymer i just realized it's the 25th anniversary of this album
frederick: @melipone
wigs: @melipone u have the best website ever just fyi
wigs: @melipone reading @mirrrroring's rhizome artist profile
peur: @melipone
ahem: you better watch it @melipone
ahem: i was about to do that @melipone
crickedf: @melipone where do you live? i'm a bikelööver too!!
yo_matty: @melipone
petrograd: @melipone @polymer @byourself @peggy @ben_dover @ryz
jertronic: @melipone
DoritoWitch: @melipone i had fully intended to send you a pizza... but you playin'
DoritoWitch: @melipone
1_2_3_4_5: @melipone
DoritoWitch: @melipone maybe i'll buy YOU a pizza