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don't be fooled by my favs and frank's hat, i'm still meli from the chat

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ben_dover: @melipone
kiptok: @melipone
McChimperson: take creepy videos of each other @polymer @melipone like American Beauty
ben_dover: @melipone
ben_dover: @melipone
lux: @melipone
lux: one time i recorded the spanish channel over one of my brothers porn vhs tapes and then when he made me mad next i told him to go watch the spanish channel @melipone
lux: does he follow u @melipone
lux: my roommates make fast typing gestures when they pass me around the house @pretzel @melipone
lux: lux i caused the downfall of a neighborhood babysitting ring lux i'm all ring lux it was some mean mexican lady why was everyone scared of her ass but me lux she would make everyone put their hands under hot running water and i slapped her HARD and ran halfway down the block then got scared @melipone
lux: @Melipone
lux: roflmao @melipone
lux: one time i was being dual babysat with another mexican girl and why did i convince her that we should run away and then we go to the middle of the street and i pretended i was blind and she started bawling and yelling why are you doing this to me and i got in trouble @pretzel @melipone
kiptok: whew i was about to u @melipone
ben_dover: @melipone
pretzel: @melipone
pretzel: @melipone
lux: @byron @youngbumpkin @melipone
pretzel: merry christmas @melipone
lux: is the answer ceviche @Melipone
lux: @melipone
lux: i will serve u the Biggest Plate @melipone
lux: i'm making ceviche tonight @peggy @pretzel @melipone @tanya
ahem: lol @melipone
pretzel: @melipone
erikhaspresence: @melipone rebranded as @millieu
thekraken: @melipone @robot @kiptok
kiptok: 메리포느 참 나뻐요 @melipone
peggy: you mean last night in my dream when you tricked me into shaving it @melipone
gr8pevine: @melipone
pretzel: @melipone;x=93;y=41
hoquang: @melipone
hoquang: @melipone
kalan: Hey I finally finished my Porno Audiobook of D&G's Rhizome. Take it where you will! @pummp @jonathn @lcky @ben_dover @ryz @thekraken @kintrala @melipone @eduit @petrograd @pretzel @lux @ssnack @ryder @weh @fingers @kiptok @byron @wrinkles @ice @ShlucHT @cxzy @anita_hug @anndunham @lizzy @raineraine @larsdk @goatmilk @fauxreal @aids_enoch @tommoody @rihenna @foot @sidonie @polymer @maryrachel @lcky @photocopy @nosia @alessandra @claire @zybergirl @pecco @photocopy @wupreme @lena
lux: ux when the mom on bobbys world would say dontcha know lux she was loud @melipone @pretzel
lux: beso @melipone
byourself: @melipone p funny finding all these ~smoking robes in hyperflammible synthetics like rayon
byourself: @melipone
kiptok: i know you don't mean it @melipone
gr8pevine: @melipone
gr8pevine: @melipone @peggy @hoquang @petrograd @polymer