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don't be fooled by my favs and frank's hat, i'm still meli from the chat

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hoquang: @melipone
GucciSoFlosy: straight fucking edge @hoquang @conqueror @melipone
powerstripp: @melipone
photos: @melipone suck a
foot: @photos @melipone have u seen?
hoquang: @melipone
byourself: @hoquang @melipone
byourself: @hoquang @melipone @peggy
hoquang: @melipone @peggy i'm busted
lux: @melipone @peggy and @hoquang going cock ring shopping
peggy: @melipone
kiptok: @melipone ok : ) u kno i didnt mean anything just some insensitive ribbing :\
kintrala: @melipone : how long ago did u block me on twitter? ur not ryder!
kiptok: @melipone we did start w/ the lactose thing, i don't understand :[
kiptok: @melipone i remember it was bad when i said you don't count, but tbh i was not aware such type of remark to mixed ethnicity is generally hurtful, not actually having had 'azn pride'
kiptok: @melipone that is where we started!! you told me to drink milk to get taller then referenced yourself when i brought up azn lactose intolerance. fwiw i didn't say 'don't count' this time; i'll definitely try to remember i shouldn't, still i was too rude in dismissing your case. sorry
kiptok: sorry i said that again but w/r/t lactose intolerance it's relevant to mention, digestion comes from a dominant gene, though i shouldn't have had joking tone @melipone
kiptok: speaking w/r/t genetics @melipone
hoquang: HOLY SHIT @melipone "TRUE" is on the new MGS soundtrack
andrej: @melipone gina
andrej: @melipone the designer
hoquang: i wonder if @melipone is scared of any creepypastas
hoquang: @melipone @conqueror
DoritoWitch: @melipone @hoquang @peggy PISS IN SATAN'S SERVICE
DoritoWitch: @melipone
foot: @melipone @lolumad
hoquang: you want to ? @melipone @peggy
lux: @melipone
erikhaspresence: @melipone @lux @peggy
peggy: @melipone
2DEEP4U: RIP @melipone
photos: @melipone 1 eagles
hoquang: @melipone
hoquang: @peggy @melipone @gr8pevine
photos: @melipone thats how i drive my car
DoritoWitch: @melipone @hoquang
thekraken: @melipone @2deep4u @cheseball @samantha
kiptok: @melipone
kiptok: ged noobs @Melipone
gr8pevine: @melipone
illalli: @doritowitch @melipone