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don't be fooled by my favs and frank's hat, i'm still meli from the chat

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frederick: @melipone
BirdRaymond: @melipone: in case you missed, I updated it
bitch: im gonna need some money from both of you @melipone @petrograd
hoquang: i'm gonna need an answer from both of you @melipone @petrograd
peur: @melipone
Ice: @melipone @DoritoWitch
sidrules: @melipone, i read Ubik recently, is that where your screenname is from?
DoritoWitch: @melipone you must uunderstand... i don't have this money
wrinkles: @melipone @peggy @ryz
wrinkles: @melipone good idea
DoritoWitch: @melipone where does the prefix "meli" come from? what is it's significance??
ferrihydrite: you are my muse @melipone
zybergrrl: @melipone @hoquang @cxzy
pummp: @melipone :)
goatmilk: @melipone
pecco: @melipone
cxzy: oh lol! #norwegia #stavanger @anndunham @melipone @hoquang
peggy: yes i will come @melipone
byourself: sorry for hounding you with products but who else could own this but @melipone
gr8pevine: @melipone
gr8pevine: @hoquang @petrograd @melipone @peggy
BirdRaymond: @melipone: I asked my ex-girlfriend when he became my ex-boyfriend if he could turn his tits into a mousepad for me. Neither he nor his surgeon laughed. :(
pecco: @melipone
minty: mover - waves of life @melipone
minty: shes amazing @melipone never seen a better compilation
DoritoWitch: @melipone when?
DoritoWitch: @melipone did i tell my dating game story? i don't rember
DoritoWitch: @melipone westchester hotdogs must be really good
gr8pevine: @melipone
ferrihydrite: did you see my gif @melipone
ferrihydrite: @melipone
Ice: "why are you sneezing on yourself why are you sneezing on yourself" @melipone
petrograd: @pretzel @peggy @melipone @hoquang
DoritoWitch: @melipone
BirdRaymond: @melipone: Acme is not much more complex than Notepad++, the key difference is you can highlight any text on screen and treat it as a UI element for evaluation. I literally type out my own interface and then just work it with a mouse.
BirdRaymond: @melipone: I'm a bit of a polygot. For work I do a lot of C/Go/Shell/whatever rubbish they need for backend, for my own research I do mostly StandardML and I'm working on reviving a Modula-2 compiler.
Dadayumn: nice @melipone
pretzel: hey what's up @melipone
petrograd: @ryz @melipone
pretzel: okay @melipone
Ice: @melipone