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don't be fooled by my favs and frank's hat, i'm still meli from the chat

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wrinkles: @melipone is a eunuch
POLYMER: @melipone
GucciSoFlosy: @melipone @hoquang
peur: @birdraymond @melipone @hoquang
reneabythe: @melipone
kiptok: @melipone she did
frederick: @melipone
madowshute: @melipone cheetos will have your humility
gr8pevine: @hoquang @peggy @melipone @bamboo @doritowitch
wrinkles: @melipone is only gay cuz chicks wont fuck him
helvetica12: @melipone
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kiptok: L-R: @kiptok @melipone @bamboo @hoquang
photos: @melipone
photos: @melipone
kiptok: ahH @melipone
kiptok: @melipone
hoquang: @melipone have y ou watched this
wrinkles: @hoquang @frederick and @melipone
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photos: @melipone
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kiptok: i am @melipone surprise
kintrala: @melipone :
whocares1: @D_MAGIK @hoquang @frederick @melipone
GucciSoFlosy: @melipone
frederick: @hoquang @melipone 2morrow!!
Ice: @artist @dolphin300 @melipone
hoquang: @peggy @melipone you guys wanna go to the anime con in greenpoint w/ me and fred
hoquang: @melipone
frederick: @melipone @hoquang the info
hoquang: @bamboo @melipone @gr8pevine @peggy
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DoritoWitch: @melipone wow