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taehyung: @maxleisure why are you. Why do you even care. Why are you bothering me just leave me alone and mind your own business why do you care anyways what do you want. Why are you picking on me. What did I do to you
lux: if u said ocarina of seasons @maxleisure
kiptok: @maxlabor do u appreciate this noob @maxleisure aping ur handle
foot: the only way to eat soup @maxleisure
taehyung: @maxleisure vaginas come with pros and cons
taehyung: cheetos moved on to better things @maxleisure
kiptok: im good @maxleisure ur...
kiptok: no ur not @maxleisure
kiptok: man change ur name @maxleisure
kiptok: do u kno where hungary is... @maxleisure
cheseball: @maxleisure
cheseball: @maxleisure
maxlabor: @halitosis @jimmyjammer @maxleisure
kiptok: @maxleisure
kiptok: @maxleisure best v. of summertime i trust we agree yes @maxlabor too
kiptok: yes because there is a noise artist named that... @maxleisure
kiptokvanity: oh @maxleisure is @frederick
kiptokvanity: @guccisoflosy @maxleisure
kiptok: @maxleisure