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kalan: @maxlabor omg amazing i kind of went on a date there this summer...kind of?
betrayer: mareewana @maxlabor
betrayer: @maxlabor idk i kno agt528 & i went to the 18th or 19th arr. & got good shit but that was far
bees: @maxlabor "cumming"
bees: @maxlabor pastries, walk the river, mime busking all the while
betrayer: @maxlabor
bluecow: @maxlabor this is internet art video, but I think you know
Soccer: holy fuck @maxlabor
Soccer: could b @maxlabor
Soccer: are u looking for a roomate @maxlabor?
yo_matty: @maxlabor
ShlucHT: @maxlabor I still have your museum card
Soccer: i know but im mentally unstable and thats where my friend lives, so i want to be close to him @maxlabor
1au: @maxlabor decent account
kiptok: @maxlabor
kiptok: @maxlabor
cheseball: when u least expect it @maxlabor
kiptokvanity: when i rule this place i will bomb it 4 u @maxlabor
kiptokvanity: @maxlabor
betrayer: tytyty @maxlabor 4 gosu tekno info
kalan: @maxlabor where is that no horse thing from?! i need it for my art shjow!
Soccer: subletting my closet in bushwick 3500$ a month utilities not included, no running water and bathroom is shared and in the hall. there is a neighbor named derek hes 356 pounds and 5 foot 2 hell show you where the key is... @joy @maxlabor
reneabythe: @maxlabor nill
McChimperson: @maxlabor
cheseball: @maxlabor they're skateshops
Soccer: @joy @pretzel @maxlabor
cheseball: @maxlabor blades or labor ?
cheseball: :v) @maxlabor
watertight: @maxlabor my tumblr isnt important thats why i was confused she did it
watertight: @maxlabor cant remember
GucciSoFlosy: omg @maxlabor
kiptokvanity: remember when we met up yesterday @maxlabor @Halitosis @Hoquang
reverberasia: @maxlabor do u know owen from alaska?
ssnack: @maxlabor
sidonie: sounds like funnnn @maxlabor
foot: @maxlabor
Soccer: possibly bensonhurst @maxlabor
photos: @maxlabor
yo_matty: @maxlabor
bluecow: the city is shaped as a airplane, for real @maxlabor