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fish: we are all talking to hear ourselves @maxlabor
betrayer: i love wumpscut @maxlabor
betrayer: click on songs @maxlabor
betrayer: that's pretty far @maxlabor
betrayer: u dont have to @maxlabor why do u
lux: @maxlabor <3
lux: glam @maxlabor
yo_matty: @maxlabor
betrayer: how @maxlabor
betrayer: @maxlabor swedes
betrayer: @maxlabor
Soccer: @maxlabor
thekraken: @maxlabor wasn't that yr sculpture at dump IRL? @thekraken thekraken :x noo it was @lucy who made that handsome paper mache man - I just appropriated him for a webcam jpeg
thekraken: ?? lol :^) @maxlabor
narc: this my favorite @maxlabor painting
Soccer: @maxlabor
thekraken: cant read dis shit @maxlabor
sidonie: cool thank you @maxlabor
Soccer: hahahahahahahahahahahahha @maxlabor
Soccer: people are fucked @maxlabor
Soccer: nothing really makes anything good or objectively better about one place.. I think its more so the fact that things dont feel so fleeting and diverse in philadelphia @maxlabor
sidonie: lol forever @maxlabor
sidonie: @maxlabor
sidonie: haha @maxlabor
betrayer: have u ever made a documentary @maxlabor
betrayer: would u do tv @maxlabor
thekraken: @guccisoflosy @maxlabor A gang attacks Elliot for shutting down the site, though Leon kills them — he is an agent of the Dark Army protecting Elliot for Whiterose, telling Elliot he will get a letter and to do what it says
photos: @maxlabor @betrayer @hoquang not great but fun
plant: here on this chat I always mention @maxlabor as someone who really understand my situation along halitosis
betrayer: maybe bad music is good tho so u don't linger @maxlabor
betrayer: is that true @maxlabor
elfluuva: elfluuva Mike is alive. He just moved back in with his parents. probably just busy with shit. I was absent for a month or so too. Just trying to get out and have some fun before winter. @maxlabor
wrinkles: @ssnack @maxlabor @thekraken @soup_lantern @dagmar
wrinkles: @maxlabor awesome.. that's what i want
Samantha: ageist! @maxlabor
ssnack: woorijip isn't open at 4am @kiptok @maxlabor . @kiptok doesnt know anything about that country
betrayer: did we ? maybe we did i would've been 2 drunk @maxlabor
betrayer: let's go to woorijip @maxlabor
photos: @maxlabor
issac: @maxlabor
betrayer: that's just wat i would name the buzzfeed quiz @maxlabor