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betrayer: i'm seeing antony parasolay tonite @Maxlabor
betrayer: @maxlabor
KingofMugen: @maxlabor you're right.
yo_matty: you got it @maxlabor
betrayer: @maxlabor come to for talk abt dump future
betrayer: i think this is the most controversial thing he's done @maxlabor @Ryder
betrayer: i mean a foyer then @maxlabor
betrayer: dump needs a lobby @maxlabor
photos: @maxlabor
bunnyhentman: @maxlabor I was just thinking about 90's mall headshops
bunnyhentman: @maxlabor is your sister has the chelsea clinton one get her to scan it and let's see if the nsa deletes it from dump
maxlabor: photos society @maxlabor
photos: society @maxlabor
betrayer: if it's any consolation i only thought of that awful triptych bc i spent all day looking thru LA bookstores for the Suicide biography but only came home w/ @maxlabor
betrayer: sorry @maxlabor
photos: @maxlabor
betrayer: @maxlabor