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kiptok: might go to constant value soon @maxlabor
kiptok: sorry so many @'s lol @maxlabor
kiptok: but it is not like a mash-up, song-based type of referential thing u know @maxlabor
kiptok: again i'm not gonna tell you to like it but i do think it is important: people like me & cheseball who like these musicians often play these games, cultural relics, etc.; and i think people who don't like this stuff would also be less into the stuff that they reference @maxlabor
kiptok: it's hard for me to articulate this stuff though @maxlabor
kiptok: @maxlabor i don't like seeing that updated- slapped-on shit, as a former critic because nothing good is ever gonna be just a shift forward in time for me. actually if anything smart maybe this chino/rabit stuff is sort of telling the 'gamer generation' to look at the outside world with not such a one-dimensional perspective the way that the games are presenting it to us. when i hear this stuff that's sort of what i'm internalizing in myself. the kind of sick humor of that title/artwork & juxtaposition w/ the sound, since halo is such a 'culturally significant' video game
kiptok: i mean i'm not gonna tell you that this is the sharpest subtlest political/social commentary in the world but i don't think it's so dull as son raw suggests but i think he actually sees it worse than you do @maxlabor this reads like a hella lazy music critique with that ATR shit
kiptok: which is why i think he was very unobservant @maxlabor
kiptok: and makes something like ATR so different to me than this kind of stuff @Maxlabor
kiptok: @maxlabor i think that's really important but probably hugely separates the experience two types of listeners have
kiptok: @maxlabor so i think the point is the juxtaposition between the imageries of the two types of signifiers that son raw named, political and musical, where one is very real and the other only sounds ostensibly so but to someone like me, while listening, is instantly recognizable as like a product
kiptok: @maxlabor i know you weren't but i actually do think they're important to note, that's why the second reviewer also picked up on it
kiptok: "Sach O AKA Son Raw was born Sacha Orenstein in Montreal to two loving parents through whom he learned love, compassion and justice. As for his innate funkiness, well that’s anyone’s guess, but his first musical memories involve Sade’s “Smooth Operator” and The Police’s “Roxanne.” A troubled youth growing up far away from the crime side (but occasionally visiting the New York Times side), " @maxlabor lol smh
kiptok: same game @maxlabor if i didn't read his review tho i wouldn't have recognized that to myself, just vaguely known that it was 'video game guns'
kiptok: maybe this is why types of noise music stopped working after i moved for college... @maxlabor
kiptok: @maxlabor my friend took photos for a counterstrike tournament in ohio for the washington post & said it was a very disturbing sensory experience & i was surprised
kiptok: @maxlabor but the game stuff is common to a lot of his music. maybe that is the threshold here
kiptok: @maxlabor ok so the thing about tayyab's review is the song uses a lot of sounds from halo, something i had to make sure of again now since games are getting sort of quite naturalistic sounding
buyuadraank: @maxlabor yeah
buyuadraank: @maxlabor i understand now
ssnack: it really was @maxlabor
buyuadraank: @maxlabor do we have drama
elfluuva: @maxlabor
watertight: @maxlabor no
pecco: @maxlabor happy birthday !
sidonie: how do you do the code for making something fullsize @maxlabor?
pfifferking: HBD @maxlabor
minty: @maxlabor
kiptok: happy bday @maxlabor or i will kill u
kiptok: hbd @maxlabor
reneabythe: @maxlabor
reneabythe: @maxlabor
cheseball: @maxlabor
yo_matty: @maxlabor
ShlucHT: @maxlabor not yet but will be back in nyc very soon will et you know
lolumad: well i will watch some of both and let you know what i think @maxlabor ttyl
bunnyhentman: you subscribed to bbc america just to watch the penis transplant? @maxlabor
kiptok: can i chase her @maxlabor
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kiptok: o ur a gemini @maxlabor hm
kiptok: @maxlabor