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kiptok: @maxlabor
1au: @cheseball @maxlabor
reneabythe: @maxlabor no found on /pol/ last night i think its the beginning of a new 'ill bill' meme
McChimperson: @maxlabor
betrayer: @maxlabor
betrayer: say gg @maxlabor
betrayer: @maxlabor
betrayer: i just finished my loss to you @maxlabor
kiptok: @maxlabor
tommoody: @maxlabor - i have read that - but i fear US banks' ability to do evil with the same tech
Soccer: lol tru @maxlabor
hoquang: @maxlabor and @kiptok let's have a dinner with the little boy
joy: x-men montage @maxlabor
kiptok: @maxlabor
cheseball: @maxlabor
cheseball: @maxlabor its lab equipment
cheseball: @maxlabor
kiptok: @maxlabor your post was about the images lacking meaning right so i was just trying to show that
kiptok: @maxlabor idk because fb is stupid everyone else liked it
kiptok: @maxlabor i had to go back & check i hate how fb does only posts you haven't seen
ssnack: @maxlabor
kiptok: was it hot af @maxlabor
kiptok: dubu @maxlabor
thorns: @maxlabor instagram suggested you to me
thorns: labor @maxlabor
photos: @maxlabor let me kno, i may be in nyc ~sept, loose plan
cheseball: its from @maxlabor
kiptok: omg i didn't know it's so soon @maxlabor esp. since i wanted to go to mutek & can't too
kiptok: @maxlabor thanks for giving me a reason to go to toronto
kiptok: @maxlabor certainly feels very unlike thaemlitz in the regard that i don't think chino, et. al. could write huge papers about the music, even if he or one of them tried to
kiptok: yeah the thing that i think cheseball and i enjoy about the non stuff so far is simply that it sounds/feels new in a cool/important way with stuff like that and it's very dense with that in a kind of hyperactive way that suits the world he and i engage with? video games, etc. but it's also super incipient where many other things i've felt this way about have fizzled hence @maxlabor but thanks for the thoughtful answer those artists are obviously way better and more developed so far at least
plant: thanks @maxlabor
elfluuva: i will kill you @maxlabor
thorns: @maxlabor that's what i thought too
kiptok: might go to constant value soon @maxlabor
kiptok: sorry so many @'s lol @maxlabor
kiptok: but it is not like a mash-up, song-based type of referential thing u know @maxlabor
kiptok: again i'm not gonna tell you to like it but i do think it is important: people like me & cheseball who like these musicians often play these games, cultural relics, etc.; and i think people who don't like this stuff would also be less into the stuff that they reference @maxlabor
kiptok: it's hard for me to articulate this stuff though @maxlabor
kiptok: @maxlabor i don't like seeing that updated- slapped-on shit, as a former critic because nothing good is ever gonna be just a shift forward in time for me. actually if anything smart maybe this chino/rabit stuff is sort of telling the 'gamer generation' to look at the outside world with not such a one-dimensional perspective the way that the games are presenting it to us. when i hear this stuff that's sort of what i'm internalizing in myself. the kind of sick humor of that title/artwork & juxtaposition w/ the sound, since halo is such a 'culturally significant' video game
kiptok: i mean i'm not gonna tell you that this is the sharpest subtlest political/social commentary in the world but i don't think it's so dull as son raw suggests but i think he actually sees it worse than you do @maxlabor this reads like a hella lazy music critique with that ATR shit