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rihenna: @lux
WUPREME: @lux cheer up
dolphin300: @lux
jimmyjammer: @lux sorry for your loss
lux: , sooner or later, you’ll unknot the tie that binds. @lux
kiptok: danced to @lux
kiptok: Sagittarians are hard to pin down emotionally. You don’t want to get bogged down in messy entanglements or anything that ties you down. You’ve got places to go and you’re not about to sign up for anything that keeps you in one spot. The way to stay unfettered is to shy away from emotion. Sagittarians rarely talk about their feelings—they talk about what they think about their feelings. Time and again Sagittarians are bewildered when their romantic partners ask for more passion and feeling. Because you keep one eye on the exit door and don’t welcome enduring, profound relationships, sooner or later, you’ll unknot the tie that binds. @lux
kiptok: i love rapture @lux
cheseball: @lux
deaniebabie: @lux
GucciSoFlosy: Ah Yeh! x) i love good dubstep @lux
robot: @lux
frederick: @lux
KingofMugen: @lux
kiptok: oh @lux don't think it's horrible but uncomfortable and boring if u gotta wait for a while
grass: i read an abridged version of a brief history of time @lux
byron: spiral @lux
byron: this guy at work keeps telling everyone he's an open book @lux
halitosis: fabulous @lux
byron: @lux
byron: @lux
byron: motion and color @lux
byron: petal @lux
byron: @lux @rihenna
byron: @lux
byron: had this on while i was reading that @lux
byron: @lux omg thx
byron: i wrote about afterparties today @lux
guysalmon: take it easy partner @lux
Samantha: @lux my gator vlog
Samantha: @lux oren gave birth
carlosdngr2: @lux she didnt stay
kiptok: nah ur still w/ us @lux
kiptok: @lux
illalli: @lux
frederick: @lux
rihenna: i was afraid u were gonna grind me at the sophie show @lux
rihenna: @byron @lux
rihenna: @lux @byron
rihenna: i saw the compton movie <3 @byron @lux
rihenna: im training for undercover next month @lux