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WUPREME: @lux your exit song plz
WUPREME: it was an Alexa amazon ad, a girl walking into parents bedroom and said ALEXA TURN ON THE LIGHTS and the lights turned on . she saw her parents fucking and then asked Alexa to turn the lights back off @lux
copaceticusa: @lux
thekraken: @1au @lux
thekraken: @buyuadraank lol remember that halloween when we all changed our icons to the bloody @unicorngirl one ? @lux
buyuadraank: @lux
buyuadraank: @lux @unicorngirl
copaceticusa: @lux too
buyuadraank: @lux yes
dagmar: @lux
kathiegravy: @wupreme @godless @pecco @maryrachel @lux
copaceticusa: @lux
copaceticusa: @lux @thekraken
buyuadraank: @lux
copaceticusa: you and kip and @lux could sit and i'd make us all drinks
lux: @byron @cheseball @lux
lux: @lux
buyuadraank: @lux @unicorngirl