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rihenna: @lux @byron clap your booty to this
rihenna: @lux what you do when u get a pearl necklace
CelineDion: @lux
peur: @lux
rihenna: In it, an old black woman praises God for the fact that her grandson is white.) @lux
rihenna: @lux
whatevz: @lux @rihenna
mickeydummy: @lux @mrhealth sup
kiptok: and forward me any sexts you get @lux
kiptok: sext me @lux
kiptok: @lux
eyedeekay: @lux
eyedeekay: @lux
Chat: @lux
frederick: @lux
peur: @lux
pecco: @lux
ssnack: @lux
frederick: @lux
frederick: @lux
lux: @lux
years: @lux
lux: @lux
callus: sneidng u a kiss @lux @minty
callus: <3 @lux @minty ----- @cheetos1
callus: <3 @lux
BirdRaymond: @lux: I suggest going the extra mile with the eyelid taping.
nazi_goth: watch this next time you delsym @mrheaith @lux its the real story of christmas its insanely good
rihenna: @lux @frederick @cheetos1
eyedeekay: @lux
eyedeekay: @lux
eyedeekay: @ssnack @lux
eyedeekay: @lux @ssnack
eyedeekay: @lux ******
eyedeekay: @lux is this song for real about delsym or ami cray ?
alessandra: @lux i love this so much
thekraken: @peur @lux @halloweed
callus: didnt u invite jianny to this site @lux you fag cunt
thekraken: @lux
v_sullock: its better now xoxo @lux