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byron: @lux
byron: @lux !
byron: @lux
rihenna: @lux
rihenna: its actually kind of a cool position @lux
rihenna: target hires beauty concierges now u should apply to be one @lux
rihenna: the ice flesh jack was aiight @lux @conqueror
rihenna: the cameron marshal is aiight @lux
rihenna: @lux show me a pic of the cameron marshall
rihenna: let me and @lux be the judge of that
rihenna: inquiring minds want to know @lux
rihenna: @lux
rihenna: @lux @cxzy
rihenna: someones needs to fill this glass with more drink @lux
rihenna: @lux i vogue dropped to this on the tredmill
rihenna: love my calves @lux
rihenna: us @lux
rihenna: @cxzy @byron @lux
rihenna: forgot to tell you i caught a fat mexican chick with a half black baby @lux
rihenna: should i apply for the sheriffs department with my friend in feb @lux
rihenna: squeez your hello kitty when u grind on it @lux
peur: yeah i got it! thank you @lux !
rihenna: @lux where u at
peur: @lux
rihenna: @lux @buyuadraank @byron
rihenna: i was playing smash bros @buyuadraank @lux
CelineDion: @lux
Ice: @lux immediately redumps your dump = highest dump honor
halitosis: my sister had one of her high school kids say that to her the other day @lux
fartist: happy bday <3 @lux
fartist: @lux
thekraken: @lux
byron: @lux
byron: @lux
aoifeml: @lux headlines are so #us
aoifeml: @lux
rihenna: @lux
thekraken: watch this movie @wakefulness @lux
rihenna: @lux
youngbumpkin: @lux