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copaceticusa: @lux
thekraken: lol yeah good call @lux
cheseball: @lux
cheseball: @lux
watertight: omg @lux
bluecow: midnight special just leaked online but with korean subs @lux
bluecow: thanks @lux
kiptokvanity: i don't like to log into this @Lux
lux: @lux
cheseball: @lux
bluecow: @lux
lux: lux and he said some of you are just here to be nice and that's okay and he looked at me @byron @minty @maggie @lux
Samantha: @lux
fha: @lux
lux: maxlabor @lux there should be an alert button
maxlabor: @lux there should be an alert button
GucciSoFlosy: frame this on a canvas Richard Price style @lux
cheseball: @lux :3
lux: and she still looks good @cheseball @lux @Byron
lux: when the white girl slams her gorgeous face in the mirror in Disturbing Behavior and says she's bad @cheseball @lux @byron
maxlabor: @lux
maxlabor: the absence of dumphaus vs. the absence of subcomandante marcos @lux
illalli: @lux
JustinArias: @lux
cheseball: mfvv thats u @lux
cheseball: @lux
cheseball: @lux
maxlabor: did u see neve campbell in the new house of cards @lux
minimum: @lux
minimum: wheres @lux
lolumad: @lux that part of youtube lol
kiptok: @lux
kiptok: did u listen to lipslap @Lux
kiptok: thx @Lux
minimum: @lux @elfluuva
plant: the things I dream to find abandoned @lux
plant: nunca he probado comida india @lux
plant: @lux do you like that kind of aesthetics on cars?
cheseball: @lux
stration:;113 @lux @cheseball @issac @kiptok