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American actress Rose McGowan said that gay men have “fought for the right to stand on top of a float wearing an orange speedo and take molly [MDMA],” and that they were "more misogynistic than straight men."



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jonathn: @lux
jonathn: @lux
DreWeL: @lux @halitosis
byron: @lux @rihenna @kiptok
kiptok: @lux
kiptok: lux why is it funny that kiptok is left out of pcmusic byron lol lux he's like a ghetto one @lux huh
rihenna: i think @lux is taller than me irl
rihenna: tinashe wearin chanel @byron @lux
aoifeml: @LUX !!!!!
aoifeml: @lux where r u
dolphin300: @lux gooooooood looorde it follows was so good
rihenna: @lux @maryrachel @byron @jertronic
jimmyjammer: @lux i mean obvs US
jimmyjammer: @lux good good that was a surprisingly good crowd
dolphin300: @lux seein it follows tomorrow
grass: @lux
dolphin300: @lux how was dat movie
ssnack: @lux
thekraken: @lux
thekraken: buenos dias @lux
jimmyjammer: @lux that was prolly the best show i've been to in a long time. i am official stan - met sophie and AG so chill
jimmyjammer: @lux i didn't see u @ the show :(
cheseball: @lux @byron
byron: @lux @cheseball
byron: @lux
trill: @amber24 @avatars @boypussy @Chat @dakandym4nfu @dolphin300 @elfluuva @FAUXreal @GucciSoFlosy @hoquang @jerseymike @JSONvoorhees @kintrala @lilcriticals @mantangle @marblednet @McChimperson @petrograd @photocophy @powerstripp @pretzel @tanya @anndunham @nicolashorch @maggie @bubblebeth @waves @youngbumpkin @enot_jjk @babka @bitter-herb @aids_enoch @callus @ryder @ryz @ben_dover @mjjt @RaineRaine @lizzy @Dr_Age @lux @sterlingcrip @fingers @DreWeL @fink_fille @grass @frederick @elfluuva @kiptok @peur @pummp @whocares1 @youngbumpkin @sdonvoorhees @jimmyjammer @DreWeL @a2soup @anndunham @jerseymike
jerseymike: @lux
callus: @byron @mcchimperson @lux @kingofmugen
gr8pevine: @lux
jerseymike: @lux
byron: @lux
peggy: : * @lux
lux: flames for days @lux
lux: juan get out of my message box rude @lux
lux: ahem: you're such a flamer already tho @lux what? @ahem
aoifeml: now & forever i support @lux
aoifeml: i support u @lux
ahem: you're such a flamer already tho @lux
rihenna: found u bitch @lux
jonathn: @lux @DreWeL @unhealthy @anndunham