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byron: @lux
byron: @lux @rihenna @maggie @thekraken
years: hi @lux
years: @lux every time i open my fave palette, i see that awful gif ......
byron: @lux
thekraken: @peur @lux @byron @bees
thekraken: oh hell no @peur @lux @drewel
byron: what came in the mail @lux
illalli: mia in Tracks @Lux
thekraken: >:) scorpio at the gates of hell @lux
illalli: lol !!! @lux
illalli: @lux
shaws: @lux
dolphin300: @lux
KingofMugen: <3 @lux
rihenna: im downloading the aluna george album @lux
kathiegravy: @lux @frakbuddy
rihenna: @lux
DreWeL: @lux @kintrala
byron: thekraken: how to playfully be mean as a boy to a girl? @byron @peur @halitosis @lux this!
aoifeml: @lux
thekraken: how to playfully be mean as a boy to a girl? @byron @peur @halitosis @lux
aoifeml: @lux lmao
HeathersLtd: yea @lux that scene was so dark
HeathersLtd: omg got it @lux
HeathersLtd: lol @lux cant find a good horror movie gif in time so i will just keep saying ITS INSIDETHE HOUSE
kiptijek: im sry @lux
illalli: someone was kicking my seat at mad max and a turned around and said "do you mind?" with one hand up @byron @lux
rihenna: @lux @byron
rihenna: me @lux @byron x3
byron: that's us @lux @rih
rihenna: @lux @byron
byron: took the night @lux @rihenna @cheetos6 @alluring
Alluring: @years @cheetos6 @lux @jonathn @byron
rihenna: the song the plays on my way to clock in @lux
rihenna: were gonna be like the florida couple this summer who went to jail for having sex on the beach @lux
rihenna: i saw mad max it was bae @lux
rihenna: hi african goddesk @lux
melipone: @lux
melipone: @lux
byron: @lux