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goatmilk: @thekraken @lilcriticals
grass: whatever happened to @lilcriticals
elfluuva: clock tower 3 @lilcriticals
illalli: @lilcriticals remember him?
illalli: @lilcriticals merry critmas
frederick: @lilcriticals
petrograd: @lilcriticals thank you for this
hoquang: @lilcriticals happy birthday my young dude
peggy: happy birthday @lilcriticals
peggy: its @lilcriticals birthday
illalli: just a yoshi @lilcriticals
eyedeekay: @lilcriticals
DaytimeTelevision: @lilcriticals
lux: all about that bass no treble @lilcriticals
DaK4nDyM4nFU: @lilcriticals I call my new cat lil chris n when i say it really fast it sounds like ur name
frederick: @lilcriticals
illalli: definitely just tooted @lilcriticals
gr8pevine: rollin out tomorrow! thanks for all ya help here are vh1 gr8st hits of dump @lilcriticals @thekraken @pretzel
chairfraatz: are you a model? @lilcriticals
chairfraatz: you mean you may be blessed @lilcriticals