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peggy: i saw @lena yesterday on the street
alessandra: @lena #thiscouldbeusbutweplayin
gr8pevine: 8] @lena
lux: @lena
kiptokvanity: @lena
alessandra: @lena
lux: “He’s probably done worse, I’ve done worse.” “You ARE worse.” @lena
lux: hi mamas @lena
betrayer: our lena is @Lena
kiptijek: @lena
kiptijek: we all luv u @lena
cheseball: jerseymike sorry jerseymike sam lux ok well read it jerseymike sam martino lux GOOD tanya lol omg i cant even watch the trailer lol lux oh he's fuckign weird jerseymike you know him????? tanya the trailer for the ring still gives me nightmares lux you know how iw as friends with EVERYONE when we were 15? lux i was not friends with sam lux yes lux he's fucking weird jerseymike yeah ive had multiple ppl tell me he gave them bad vibes lux i like weird but he was beyond jerseymike and then it happened to me jerseymike yeah idk man lux he's hiding a secret that's way too big for his skin lux that jerseymike super weird lux tell me more jerseymike damn i didnt know u know him lux no one ever got dirt on him either which made him weirder to me jerseymike i was trying but idk what to say lux @jerseymike lux listen to the first track w me pls tanya i wish ihad dirt on everyone lux i do @tanya kalan lizzy lux ok i watched the episode of scandal with lena duham lux @tanya lux first of all scandal lux secondly lena lux the scandal girl is GLAM kalan is lena a pad person jerseymike cool nate kiptok lux Heels @jerseymike kiptok oops lizzy @kalan lux grace did you read the plot lux @kiptok kiptok jerseymike omg ur bald as a baby kip lux listen to Heels kiptok kiptok kalan kiptok jerseymike ew omg dolphin300 lux pick me sumthin to watch lux this is jerseymike Disasterpeace jerseymike this is intense nate lux dude i know lux it's insane kiptok @lena jerseymike like im mixing a cauldron lux it's so good jerseymike this is witch lux i'm gonna play it so much around halloween forever kiptok lo @lena jerseymike without the house lux it is it's insane what sounds is he using lux it's ME kiptok i miss lena lux @jerseymike lux clicks @dolphin tanya i use my dyson vacuum to vacuum the ash off of my desk lux lux ashing on a desk lux us tanya tanya so much ash on my desk lux old maid lux 1:19's volume in a theater in los feliz @tanya lux u would faint kalan lux lux dolphin did u pick something yet tanya i cantlol tanya i fainting now mwa dolphin300 nawh i havent dolphin300 still looking dolphin300 now im just watching it follows videos lol mwa
kiptok: lo @lena
kiptok: @LENA
kalan: Hey I finally finished my Porno Audiobook of D&G's Rhizome. Take it where you will! @pummp @jonathn @lcky @ben_dover @ryz @thekraken @kintrala @melipone @eduit @petrograd @pretzel @lux @ssnack @ryder @weh @fingers @kiptok @byron @wrinkles @ice @ShlucHT @cxzy @anita_hug @anndunham @lizzy @raineraine @larsdk @goatmilk @fauxreal @aids_enoch @tommoody @rihenna @foot @sidonie @polymer @maryrachel @lcky @photocopy @nosia @alessandra @claire @zybergirl @pecco @photocopy @wupreme @lena