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Potassium Iodine Platinum Oxygen Potassium, or 킾톡, or KIPTOK


i like to lie to you

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lux: @maryrachel @kiptok
lux: he incorporates it sometimes in ours and i laugh hella loud @maryrachel @kiptok
lux: ok @kiptok
lux: :23 @kiptok @jerseymike 1 time
fartist: @kiptok
lux: @kiptok
lux: mooooooooaaaarrrr @kiptok
lux: @kiptok
lux: moremoremoremoremoremore @kiptok
illalli: what is going on there @kiptok?
dolphin300: @kiptok @justinarias made this lil mix today
matthijs: they are @kiptok
JustinArias: @kiptok
carlosdngr2: @kiptok what is your favorite diamond rio song
peur: @kiptok
jerseymike: @kiptok
aids_enoch: @kiptok @orlandobloom @jonathn @lizzy
conqueror: @kiptok name the game noob??
hoquang: @kiptok
jerseymike: @kiptok :"(
jerseymike: @kiptok wait to hear that sub bass kick in
Ediut: @kiptok
kintrala: @kiptok :
carlosdngr2: @kiptok he drives a BMW four door and has assets in cape cod
carlosdngr2: @kiptok Fledgling Rectum™
carlosdngr2: @kiptok he puts on his lacrosse gear and lets his horse destroy his fledgling rectum
carlosdngr2: @kiptok he is into kinky horse anal
carlosdngr2: I pet his mane @kiptok
carlosdngr2: @kiptok I pet one
carlosdngr2: @kiptok i did not make the sick music
carlosdngr2: @kiptok he had horses
carlosdngr2: @kiptok people were drinking everclear and talking about ESPN 2
carlosdngr2: @kiptok it was not fun
ssnack: spring break at epcot w samantha, @kiptok ?
Serenity: @kiptok
jerseymike: @kiptok
jerseymike: @rihenna @byron @kiptok
byron: how many @kiptok?
mascara: hehe @kiptok
peur: @kiptok get a grip!!!!
peur: congrats ur almost a real man @kiptok