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Potassium Iodine Platinum Oxygen Potassium, or 킾톡, or KIPTOK


i like to lie to you

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carlosdngr2: nope @kiptok
dedchil: @kiptok cool
frederick: @kiptok
lux: @kiptok
dedchil: @kiptok the passing through a wall thing is true i hear
peur: @kiptok
peur: @kiptok
montchr: @kiptok good room in greenpoint
ssnack: @kiptok jeoapardy: the restaurant the one time i went to a drive-tru with you besides the philly trip? what is _______
ssnack: i'll even let yuou do some episodes with pc music @kiptok
ssnack: when we go to la can we write an american version of this minishow like the officw @kiptok
ssnack: we should see The COlor Puurple on broadway @kiptok
hoquang: @frederick @kiptok
dedchil: @kiptok i don't get what u don't get
lux: our asian wickedness @kiptok
hoquang: @kiptok yeah i'mg onna see okkyung
cheseball: @kiptok
carlosdngr2: @kiptok does it involve carrying a mattress around
GucciSoFlosy: or this @kiptok
GucciSoFlosy: like this @kiptok
minty: @kiptok :*
noth: what are taurus' like @kiptok?
helvetica12: last week @kiptok
joy: @kiptok very good album thanks
POLYMER: @kiptok lol
frederick: @kiptok this is a nice moovie
Samantha: finna die @kiptok
kintrala: @kiptok : omg the delusions!
minty: @kiptok
boyhominid: that whole album is great @kiptok
fink_fille: @kiptok r u at CU this fall
POLYMER: @kiptok what type of pen would u recommend
POLYMER: @kiptok i've heard you have good taste in pens
BeardCookies: @kiptok sorry if i was rude earlier. was already in a bad mood, and the chat annoyed me.
carlosdngr2: @kiptok i have something
peur: @kiptok D-:
dolcevita: isn't that right @kiptok
ShlucHT: @kiptok
dedchil: @kiptok
alessandra: @kiptok finished season 2 lol^^
Samantha: 3some @kiptok