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Potassium Iodine Platinum Oxygen Potassium, or 킾톡, or KIPTOK


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kintrala: @kiptok :
ssnack: @kiptok
BeardCookies: @kiptok
cheetos: just copped a white ps4 @kiptok
BeardCookies: @kiptok @samantha @illalli @lolumad
bees: @kiptok
halitosis: fucking square @kiptok
hoquang: jiao you @kiptok @aneth @bees @kiptokvanity
halitosis: hi @kiptok okay
aneth: @kiptok
fartist: @kiptok @aneth @kiptokvanity
peur: rip @kiptok
aneth: <-- same person as @kiptok
cheetos: oh, looks like it became an unlockable from donating @kiptok
cheetos: how come my recent snatches dont display on my new account? @kiptok i checked settings
cheetos: ive thought long n hard about 22 jump, it's on par with 21, but it isn't better. it isnt worse either. it has less laugh out loud moments but the pacing was great @kiptok
cheetos: because i was just wondering @kiptok are you gonna dl it?
aneth: ur so beautiful @kiptok
BeardCookies: is @kathigravy really @kiptok
tommypickles: @kiptok ida says you've been talking to her on okcupid
cheetos: have you heard american intelligence @kiptok
wakefulness: @kiptok
kiptokvanity: @tommoody do you think maybe pcmusic has explicit intention to make music journalism i.e. critics/sites/reviewers look like dumbasses, its @kiptok btw
frederick: @kiptok
anndunham: sorry thats kiptop ∆ @kiptok
anndunham: the mooon says kiptok @kiptok
BeardCookies: @kiptok @peur this was the pic i meant
peur: @kiptok
joy: @hoquang @kiptok
cheetos: @kiptok
mascara: hey @kiptok
bees: @aids_enoch @kiptok @peur @justainarias @kintrala stay woke
cheetos: @kiptok @ryz
cheetos: @kiptok
cheetos: @kiptok @peur
wakefulness: @jonathn @kiptok
wrinkles: @kiptok
alessandra: @kiptok
alessandra: @kiptok
wakefulness: @kiptok
youngbumpkin: @kiptok i did! its amazing. i wish color ring didnt suck tho