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Potassium Iodine Platinum Oxygen Potassium, or 킾톡, or KIPTOK


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lux: @Kiptok
mickeydummy: @kiptok
mickeydummy: lol out loud @kiptok
madhorse: @kiptok
years: @kiptok
elfluuva: you ever see all my earthbound shit? @kiptok
mickeydummy: loling out loud @kiptok
madhorse: LOL @kiptok
mickeydummy: @kiptok @dump
petrograd: @kiptok
madhorse: loling out loud @kiptok
lux: cosmic forehead kiss @kiptok
lux: @kiptok
ssnack: @kiptok
ssnack: Nate Young (Wolf Eyes), Alex Moskos (Drainolith), Charles Ballas (Formant) and Neil Hagerty. Twin Infinitives as a style of music, Dan'l Boone as an acolyte. go with me to @kiptok ok you buy tickety ill give you money bc no credit card
ssnack: Pawcatuck ct 06379 @Kiptok
cheetos1: this is basically what i saw @kiptok
peur: @cheetos1 @kiptok
ssnack: @kiptok
cheetos1: @kiptok
kiptok: i am @kiptok
aids_enoch: @jonathn @eyedeekay @mrhealth @ryz @sidonie @kalan @kiptok @peur i like you
Samantha: @kiptok add my other LoL account Glitter Moon
alessandra: @kiptok do u have this
JustinArias: @kiptok it wasn't even that much! just lots of dabs in it haha. But I know i'm sorry!! you'll get it back!
peur: грубо @kiptok
frederick: @kiptok skip to an hour in to see smash
bees: @kintrala @kalan @pfifferking @cxzy @maggie @peur @kiptok @anndunham @aids_enoch
BeardCookies: @kiptok this is pretty good
WUPREME: @kiptok listening to the previews of the album, i like " This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now "
ssnack: @kiptok comments?
alessandra: @kiptok
alessandra: @kiptok where r u
BeardCookies: @kiptok
peur: @kiptok
orlandobloom: @ssnack @kiptok
thekraken: hey kip that was rude you __[ mean and rude cuss words]__ !! @kiptok
WUPREME: @kiptok
eyedeekay: @kiptok
thekraken: my halo 3 emblem > your emblem @kiptok
thekraken: @kiptok