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Potassium Iodine Platinum Oxygen Potassium, or 킾톡, or KIPTOK


i like to lie to you

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thekraken: ^ @lux cc @kiptok
guysalmon: @kiptok
taehyung: @kiptok
taehyung: i like epik highs ver better @kiptok
crickedf: @kiptok best fake quote ever
taehyung: gif of @kiptok
kkoitpptiokk: @kiptok
kkoitpptiokk: @kiptok
xinyi: ur man aint jumping no hunnit back cash @kiptok
peur: u ever eat this? @kiptok
frederick: @kiptok
halitosis: @KIPTOK
craiglist: @kiptok please @DM me for concerns
minty: i am in this one tho @kiptok
minty: @kiptok
dolcevita: yes @kiptok I agree 100%
taehyung: goD we get tht ur goth @kiptok
taehyung: r u a heart breaker @kiptok
taehyung: @kiptok
taehyung: @kiptok
pfifferking: @kiptok
wrinkles: @ssnack @hoquang @kiptok
wrinkles: @kiptok @birdraymond
wrinkles: @kiptok the other one was the "man"
nicolashorch: @kiptok what did u mean w write?
thekraken: The Signs in Class - @thekraken is so bored that he started a game of paper volleyball in the back of class with @kiptok
HeathersLtd: @kiptok @mcchimperson come on dont tell me u dont miss cheewee
taehyung: tru!!! @kiptok
taehyung: ok @kiptok aka justin
thekraken: I wish our eyes could see more @kiptok
nicolashorch: IM THE K @kiptok
hoquang: @kiptok @kiptijek
pfifferking: @kiptok
pies: @kiptok @aids_enoch
peur: @kiptok
robot: @peur @kiptok
peur: @kiptok
minty: @kiptok
thekraken: IU fan confirmed @kiptok thanks for reminding me that I still need all her LPs. aka can I email J*****C*** @gmail for the hook up
thekraken: <3 @kiptok
taehyung: @kiptok leeeeeeteuk is my dum skype name