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bandicoot: @kiptok
jonathn: @kiptok @kingofmugen
JustinArias: @kiptok I was in PV visiting a friend! did you ever get a ride?
WUPREME: @kiptok start at 4:30
peur: @kiptok
wednesday: @kiptok are you going to sustain release?
cheetos1: @kiptok
cheetos1: 3 NEW CRK TRAKCS (DEMOS) @ryz @ben_dover @kiptok @peur @klm @jonathn
cheetos1: @kiptok
vandra: this is my dump and in my dump there is ooonly dump music @kiptok @nnetwork
vandra: @kiptok
vandra: the truth is out there for a pimp @kiptok
vandra: @kiptok
WUPREME: @kiptok
wrinkles: @dtf @kiptok @cxzy @guccisoflosy
WUPREME: @kiptok lmaooo i cant stop listening to it now hahah i was relistening to the episode earlier
WUPREME: @kiptok reminds me
ssnack: @kiptok
v_sullock: beware the ho, quang! @kiptok
ssnack: Ucalegon (plural Ucalegons) 1. (dated) A neighbor whose house is on fire or has burned down. Etymology[edit] From Latin Ucalegon, from Ancient Greek Οὐκαλέγων (Oukalégōn). He was one of the Elders of Troy, whose house was set on fire by the Achaeans when they sacked the city. He is one of Priam's friends in the Iliad (3.148) and the destruction of his house is referred to in the Aeneid (2.312). @kiptok
eyedeekay: @kiptok
v_sullock: @kiptok
kalan: @kiptok ^
trying: @kiptok @peur (canada is little america)
petrograd: @kiptok
alessandra: @kiptok you are harder to get in touch with than i am
joy: @kiptok will you tutor me in math for the GRE
cheetos1: @kiptok
feelfeel: @kiptok yeah wait this processing stage is taking time
chairfraatz: @kiptok
bees: @chairfraatz @jonathn @kiptok
gory: @kiptok @lolumad
ssnack: @kiptok
gory: @lolumad @kiptok
andrej: @kiptok @cheetos1 @frederick
jonathn: @kiptok
eyedeekay: @kiptok
petrograd: ask @aoife @dolphincum @gr8pevine @frederick @peggy @ice @lolumad @dvvidpw @unclearjun and @kiptok to screenshot that snap of the clarinet villian outside of the newschool @hoquang
peur: @kiptok
jonathn: @kiptok @ryz @hoquang @pretzel
kalan: @Kiptok pray about it