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Potassium Iodine Platinum Oxygen Potassium, or 킾톡, or KIPTOK


i like to lie to you

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lux: i'm the guy who runs fast to the left @kiptok
lux: athletic science hot dad @kiptok
wrinkles: @kiptok here is cocorosie's new album
minty: @kiptok <3
frederick: @kiptok
cheseball: HBD kip @kiptok
foot: @kiptok i think this vine really captures the spirit of the lehigh valley
elfluuva: @kiptok
peur: u shouldnt even be a mod u jsut peek at girls panty in class @kiptok
elfluuva: @kiptok
yawanur: @ssnack @kiptok @fauxreal
wrinkles: @youngbumpkin @kiptok @ice @dtf
dolphin300: @kiptok i know of an athena at my school. we matched on tinder before i deleted the app lmao
nicolashorch: @kiptok
cheseball: @kiptok
cheseball: @kiptok
pies: @kiptok @beardcookies @cheseball @drewel @peur @thekraken @taehyung
hoquang: who do you think i am? who ya want me to be? am i your dream maker, why can't you let me be me?? @kiptok
minty: i cant stop laughing @kiptok
minty: @kiptok
wrinkles: @kiptok <3
minty: @kiptok so hot right
kathiegravy: WHERE IS @KIPTOK
peur: happy bday kiptok ur no longer a baby @kiptijek @betrayer @kiptok @kiptokvanity
alessandra: @kiptok
foot: happy birthday!! @kiptok
sidonie: @kiptok
cheseball: @kiptok
wrinkles: @kiptok #allkneel
JustinArias: happy birthday @kiptok!
cheseball: @kiptok
cheseball: @kiptok
hoquang: @kiptok @betrayer @kiptokvanity @aneth
betrayer: @kiptok
cheseball: @kiptok @minty @wrinkles @nicolashorch
crush: @kiptok
halitosis: @kiptok
halitoISIS: @kiptok
halitosis: @kiptok
halitosis: @kiptok
hoquang: @kiptok it's sakalak and tamio