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Potassium Iodine Platinum Oxygen Potassium, or 킾톡, or KIPTOK


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DreWeL: @kiptok
ryz: @kiptok
cheetos: eminem worked with ch in the studio on this beat back in 2008 @kiptok
BeardCookies: @kiptok
cheetos: eminem namedrops charles hamilton on the intro of his new compilation @kiptok !! wtf
Samantha: @kiptok get kalista i wanna duo with it so bad yo
cheetos: @kiptok
mascara: @kiptok
BeardCookies: @kiptok
illalli: @kiptok league is back
DoritoWitch: @kiptok sorry breh
joy: drink my beats @kiptok
joy: *slaps @kiptok in the face with a massive salmon!*
ryz: @kiptok
joy: stop shaming me @kiptok
BeardCookies: @kiptok pm me your address on fb, or something
BeardCookies: @kiptok
JAS: @kiptok most definitely
cheetos1: this is that rare 7" i have @kiptok
cheetos1: <333 @kiptok
cheetos: damn. i'd buy @kiptok
BirdRaymond: @kiptok: COMS W3137-1, COMS W4115-1 and CSEE W3827-1 are essential for understanding the reality of the tools you will be working with. COMS W3157-1 covers C and *nix, you will need to see both at some point. Beyond that, pick a specialization. Graphics might make sense for you.
BeardCookies: @kiptok @samantha
gory: @kiptok
tommoody: @kiptok i remember that chicken
bees: @kiptok @peur reckonize
frederick: @kiptok
ssnack: give me my $30 back @kiptok
ryz: beginning of this @kiptok
cheetos: tiny empires-weird headspace @kiptok
bees: @kiptok
bees: u wanna hear good punku @kiptok
lux: @kiptok @ssnack @thekraken
tommoody: @kiptok - thanks i didn't know IFC was 3D-capable
frederick: @kiptok
eyedeekay: @joy @ssnack @callus @plams @kiptok @aids_enoch
peur: @kiptok
tommoody: @kiptok - don't i need to see it in 3D?
fagmar: @aids_enoch @kiptok
eyedeekay: @kiptok
petrograd: murder @kiptok