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Potassium Iodine Platinum Oxygen Potassium, or 킾톡, or KIPTOK


i like to lie to you

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maxlabor: @kiptok my film binders are manufactured in stroudsburg, pa
pecco: @kiptok i need your helpp
JustinArias: Wtf send me dump stickers @kiptok
ssnack: Which candidate do you plan to vote for? Korean voters, Donald Trump, 0% @kiptok
ssnack: @kiptok
ssnack: @kiptok @joy
DoritoWitch: this is very funy @kiptok
cheseball: @taehyung @kiptok @birdraymond
bees: @kiptok
plant: @kiptok loving the Eschaton video
maxlabor: @ssnack @kiptok
Soccer: i hate bourdain u tooth bandit @kiptok
ferrihydrite: @kiptok
ssnack: new music site @kiptok
maxlabor: yes my sister is a sag @kiptok
maxlabor: oh it's at tropical 128 @kiptok
maxlabor: @kiptok this thing is the night before my birthday
McChimperson: @kiptok
betrayer: @betrayer stein & alice @kiptok las
betrayer: @kiptok @maxlabor
sidonie: @kiptok you have pretty hair
cheseball: @kiptok
cheseball: @kiptok
cheseball: @kiptok
kiptok: like fav rt subscribe share subscribe follow rt & share :) @betrayer @Kiptok @kiptokvanity @betrayer @kiptijek
watertight: @kiptok just saying get ready it might happen
watertight: @kiptok
thekraken: heh @kiptok @cheseball cc @lolumad
maxlabor: r u going to diamanda 2nite @kiptok
sidonie: @kiptok
Soccer: i can send to u too @kiptok
conqueror: @kiptok
bees: @helvetica12 @polymer @kiptok
McChimperson: you should build this @kiptok
peur: @kiptok
LibrtnPlease: @kiptok
carlosdngr2: @kiptok im just gonna Live My Life
LibrtnPlease: @kiptok
LibrtnPlease: @kiptok hi
carlosdngr2: @kiptok they bad now they are old and they all hate each other and they make the Bad Songs
tommoody: javier morales is playing sax @kiptok