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gory: @kathiegravy LMAO :*
callus: @kathiegravy @serenity
dolphin300: what day does geography club meet @kathiegravy
hoquang: @kathiegravy *tips hat*
illalli: this just in: new gang in my hometown called the "mossy oak gang" @maryrachel @kathiegravy
WUPREME: @lux @kathiegravy @pecco
WUPREME: @kathiegravy
WUPREME: @kathiegravy @pecco @rihenna @lux just saw on the news they had like the worlds largest rosca de reyes at a local mexican supermarket!!!! ughhhh i wish i knew about it b4
cheetos: who made this @kathiegravy
WUPREME: @kathiegravy esto se vense?
kintrala: @kathiegravy :
kalan: hey anybody got any ins for chris marker torrents or streams? i saw this amazing series about greece in the moms i'm sort of desperate to find. 13 parts i think....? @l @pummp @jonathn @lcky @maggie @kiptok @aids_enoch @photocopy @ssnack @plams @ryder @ben_dover @ryz @kathiegravy
kintrala: @kathiegravy @wupreme @guccisoflosy :
pecco: @kathiegravy
WUPREME: @kathiegravy
WUPREME: @pecco @kathiegravy
kiptok: @kathiegravy oops typod
cheetos: sorry wrong person @kathiegravy
cheetos: @kathiegravy
lux: @kathiegravy
kiptok: uh no @illalli thats @kathiegravy and @melipone gettin down!!!!!!!!!! and me
chairfraatz: is this @kathiegravy
BeardCookies: @kathiegravy
kinny: @kathiegravy : oye vata donde vives
mascara: @kathiegravy
pecco: @kathiegravy im going to LA too, next thursday
WUPREME: @kathiegravy
WUPREME: @thekraken @kathiegravy @pecco
illalli: i thought this was @kathiegravy 4 a sec
WUPREME: @kathiegravy
WUPREME: @kathiegravy @pecco
kintrala: @kathiegravy :
pecco: @wupreme @kathiegravy
pecco: @wupreme @kathiegravy
guysalmon: @kathiegravy
pecco: @kathiegravy