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.u wanna talk authenticity? political praxes? SR/OOO geo-philosophy? i feel a pressure to remain aloof maybe right what is this? etc. biography as social me.

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elfluuva: @kalan
fgt: beware: alluring actually believes what he's saying. @frederick @aids_enoch @thekraken @kalan
fgt: @frederick @aids_enoch @thekraken @kalan bitch dont kill my vibe @ alluring
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photos: @kalan
Alluring: i'm maybe the only person who knows this fact for sure, and he desperately clings to the illusion and wishes to continue to fool others into believing this (it's more sad for him than it is for the "tricked" people, cause he needs this). fearing my leak of this, his only retaliatino is to accuse me of being "another frakbuddy alt", which he's been doing, but it's false, i'm the deepthroat in watergate @frederick @aids_enoch @thekraken @kalan @ etc
Alluring: you can upload a faux webcam by naming any webcam-esque picture "webcam.jpg" and it will appear to dump as if you've uploaded your personal webcam. after being muted endlessly and essentialyl bannished based on username AND personality, frakbuddy resorded to wakefulness (and orlandobloom and i forget the other) on which he'd uploaded a fake webcam of a teen girl. others saw the fake webcam of this young, blonde haired, teen girl and assumed it was the user without reailzing it was frak. frakbuddy played upon this incorrect presumption and took on the persona of a young teen girl. he continued to concoct a lie around this persona that was based upon living in seatte/washington (cause he was watching youtube documentaries about that area during that time) and fooled many people into believing this @frederick @aids_enoch @thekraken @kalan @ etc
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trollluuva: @kalan pray for me
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RaineRaine: @kalan sry i still havent emailed u its coming its coming
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ShlucHT: can help you wit a few things @kalan
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beth: #elephants @plams @kintrala @waves @elfluuva @callus @aids_Enoch @grass @reneabythe @unhealthy @kalan @penisholder
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years: the only east coast maximalist @kalan
cheseball: jerseymike sorry jerseymike sam lux ok well read it jerseymike sam martino lux GOOD tanya lol omg i cant even watch the trailer lol lux oh he's fuckign weird jerseymike you know him????? tanya the trailer for the ring still gives me nightmares lux you know how iw as friends with EVERYONE when we were 15? lux i was not friends with sam lux yes lux he's fucking weird jerseymike yeah ive had multiple ppl tell me he gave them bad vibes lux i like weird but he was beyond jerseymike and then it happened to me jerseymike yeah idk man lux he's hiding a secret that's way too big for his skin lux that jerseymike super weird lux tell me more jerseymike damn i didnt know u know him lux no one ever got dirt on him either which made him weirder to me jerseymike i was trying but idk what to say lux @jerseymike lux listen to the first track w me pls tanya i wish ihad dirt on everyone lux i do @tanya kalan lizzy lux ok i watched the episode of scandal with lena duham lux @tanya lux first of all scandal lux secondly lena lux the scandal girl is GLAM kalan is lena a pad person jerseymike cool nate kiptok lux Heels @jerseymike kiptok oops lizzy @kalan lux grace did you read the plot lux @kiptok kiptok jerseymike omg ur bald as a baby kip lux listen to Heels kiptok kiptok kalan kiptok jerseymike ew omg dolphin300 lux pick me sumthin to watch lux this is jerseymike Disasterpeace jerseymike this is intense nate lux dude i know lux it's insane kiptok @lena jerseymike like im mixing a cauldron lux it's so good jerseymike this is witch lux i'm gonna play it so much around halloween forever kiptok lo @lena jerseymike without the house lux it is it's insane what sounds is he using lux it's ME kiptok i miss lena lux @jerseymike lux clicks @dolphin tanya i use my dyson vacuum to vacuum the ash off of my desk lux lux ashing on a desk lux us tanya tanya so much ash on my desk lux old maid lux 1:19's volume in a theater in los feliz @tanya lux u would faint kalan lux lux dolphin did u pick something yet tanya i cantlol tanya i fainting now mwa dolphin300 nawh i havent dolphin300 still looking dolphin300 now im just watching it follows videos lol mwa
lizzy: @kalan
aids_enoch: my friends family bailed out tupac's mom `` @kalan you need to go all out
lizzy: @kalan
lizzy: @kalan
fingers: @kalan
jonathn: @kalan
lux: looove u happy new moon @kalan
lux: @kalan
wrinkles: @kalan <3
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jerseymike: pwned @kalan
jonathn: @kalan
McChimperson: @kalan why are you on dump if you hate dumb people?
KingofMugen: Lol @kalan