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.u wanna talk authenticity? political praxes? SR/OOO geo-philosophy? i feel a pressure to remain aloof maybe right what is this? etc. biography as social me.

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Samantha: @kalan i like ur art
kalan: can i please get the @kalan twitter?
rainbro: @kalan i think its pretty, though tough to pick apart
D_MAGIK: @kalan
SuperSeaCat: @kalan
cheseball: @kalan @safesex2011
safesex2011: @kalan did you ever find your long last ___?
sidonie: @kalan what ya wanna do?
safesex2011: @kalan hmm... i'm interested-what does the role of your "long lost"entail?
pecco: @kalan hell yeah lets meeet wooohoo
safesex2011: @kalan lovely but why?
safesex2011: @kalan ?
wrinkles: @kalan
Chanel: @kalan Marron as the guy from dragon ball z Marron?
cheseball: it vvorks @kalan
ravelord: just call me @kalan
lux: oooo @kalan
ravelord: lets just get coffee @kalan
Chanel: @kalan <3 ;)
oak: @kalan i was over thinking what you could have meant by ur cool, like cool could be some distorted word of the future, but i like doubt it and shouldn't think this way
oak: @kalan i should take it at face value, fo sure
Chanel: @kalan
cheseball: Thanks @kalan !
sidonie: @kalan u r the hugest switch!!!
sidonie: UR EGO IS OUT OF CHECK @kalan <3
sidonie: @kalan how about u MAKE A little more sense
sidonie: wtf @kalan idgi
oak: @kalan somewhere
RaineRaine: @kalan
RaineRaine: @kalan
RaineRaine:!/image/black_hole.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_630/black_hole.jpg @kalan
RaineRaine: #bodydysphoria #biologicalessentialismsux #yonieggmyass #mommyissues @kalan
maxlabor: yeah everyone has their own baggage @kalan
lux: i don't believe in her i need to stop saying her name @kalan lmao
cheseball: cheseball hey kalan cheseball u said u had an anti-photography essay cheseball u got a link by any chance ? @kalan
RaineRaine: @kalan i keep dreaming of circus
lux: @kalan
RaineRaine: @kalan
ShlucHT: thats a lauren penny quote @kalan
RaineRaine: @kalan ask @shlucht re: abusing the patriarchy
badbot: @kalan