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gosh email me. i dunno about authenticity. u wanna talk political praxis? geo-philosophy? i feel a pressure to remain aloof maybe right what is this? etc. biography is a social construct psh

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pfifferking: @kalan
Ice: @kalan
cxzy: what more than mari? @kalan?
catz: hmmm. @cxzy and @kalan . it.
waves: @kalan i am no longer snowing in alaska
unifiedchunk: @kalan
rockhero: @kalan its easy to find, this is the first ep, there are a lot of full eps in youtube just look for teenage mutant ninja turtles 1987
zybergrrl: do u mean if we know them personally? @kalan
orlandobloom: @kintrala @rockhero @kalan
joy: i feel like i shouldnt have eaten that polish last night @kalan
catz: @kalan
jonathn: @kalan
ferrihydrite: nah i just live here @kalan, i was born in colorado
anndunham: @kalan @pfifferking
jonathn: @kalan
bees: @maggie @catz @doritowitch @aids_enoch @eyedeekay @foot @hoquang @kalan @nosia @peur @robot @rockhero @ssnack @thekraken
catz: @kalan has an exoskeleton?
orlandobloom: @aids_enoch @catz @kalan @jonathn
ryz: and then they made the world's largest crepe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @kalan
nnetwork: @kalan
nnetwork: @kalan achievement unlocked
dates: @kalan
jonathn: @alessandra @hoquang @kalan @polymer @ssnack
ben_dover: @kalan
freenigga: @kalan i think i saw you at the callbacks for DRUGS, INC.
catz: @kalan is there any chance that you have contracted any STD in the past year
selfmade: heey do u have an elektroni9kal muic advice like the fake project that one day? :) @kalan
pecco: @gracias ahora los veo @kalan
catz: hey @kalan . call me asap.
frankhats: @kalan
peggy: happy 4th of july @kalan
eyedeekay: @kalan
kiptok: @kalan @klm @vortex @pfifferking
KlM: @kalan
jonathn: @kalan
catz: @kalan what degree is your sun sign in?
eyedeekay: @kalan did i tell you i saw a homeless guy vomit into a garbage can in georgetown and thought of u?
peggy: @kalan
frankhats: @kalan
hell: @kalan
dolphin300: @kalan waaat :(