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gosh email me. i dunno about authenticity. u wanna talk political praxis? geo-philosophy? i feel a pressure to remain aloof maybe right what is this? etc. biography is a social construct psh

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pfifferking: @kalan
jonathn: @kalan i interviewed some people one time at kboo when i tried writing a book about the radio. i gave up on that project but radio still really interests me. hope all is well .
wrinkles: @fauxreal @dtf @doritowitch @kalan @friendster @d_magik @kiptok @dvvidpw @ferrihydrite @dates @beardcookies @anndunham
kintrala: @kalan lets bathe
feelfeel: @kalan why is @selfmade arresting you
pfifferking: @kalan
LibrtnPlease: @kalan
ben_dover: @polymer @byourself @petrograd @hoquang @kiptok @lena @ryz @melipone @tommoody @peggy @kalan is going to trial on 6 June 2014 ... we should all go and ... lets get kalan free
BeardCookies: @kalan
peggy: @kalan I'm sorry you got arrested
goatmilk: @kalan @larsdk here ya go!
DreWeL: @kalan
ben_dover: @kalan
anndunham: D I D U G O 2 J A I L ? @kalan
awoodenidol: @kalan
goatmilk: @kalan
harshly: i offer you redemption @kalan
harshly: i can give you what you need @kalan