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.u wanna talk authenticity? political praxes? SR/OOO geo-philosophy? i feel a pressure to remain aloof maybe right what is this? etc. biography as social me.

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kintrala: @KALAN : WOW
ShlucHT: @kalan our great website
ShlucHT: @kalan you got my mssg - mh the guy commited suicide
wakefulness: @kalan
ShlucHT: @kalan
aoifeml: can I see ur prosthetic penis @kalan
ben_dover: @kalan
guysalmon: fuck those pigs, bless your soul @kalan
jonathn: @kalan
youngbumpkin: @kalan
wakefulness: @kalan
guysalmon: @kalan
wlatimer: @kalan got arrested
Ice: @kalan way to go!!
thekraken: @kalan @hoquang
wakefulness: @kalan
thekraken: haha dang I had never thought about judy jetson as a hot adult @kalan
cxzy: @kalan i need yr help
larsdk: @kalan
anndunham: @kalan sick puppet moves mate
jonathn: @kalan hope all is well
funbuddy: @kalan what
petrograd: @kalan
callus: @kalan
aoifeml: @kalan hang out with me
orlandobloom: @kalan
waves: @kalan it's a real issue, i'm trying to live sanely knowing the myself in hell wont really work out
eyedeekay: @aids_enoch @callus @ssnack @unhealthy @grass @plams @mrheaith @mrhealth @frakbuddy @sapphire @anndunham @joy @reneablythe @frederick @qil @ryz @cheetos1 @fauxreal @sidonie @jonathn @waves @gosane @dump @test @creamydreamr @rob @wierdnumber @lux @sidrules @somedog @weh @funpiles @tommypickles @kiptok @kintrala @kalan @disgusting @loserbitch @poopdeck @d_magik @conqueror @thekraken @hell @photocopy @elfluuva @imstupid @frederika @august @boypussy @catz + other freinds & degenerates (sry if i forgot u!) ✌
eyedeekay: @kalan
conqueror: i like it @kalan
orlandobloom: @kalan
bees: @anndunham @kalan @aids_enoch @pfifferking @doritowitch @cxzy
hashin: @kalan haha how do I get to see good stuff?
anndunham: much Love* @kalan
eyedeekay: @aids_enoch @jonathn @kalan
jonathn: @aids_enoch @orlandobloom @kalan
anndunham: mUch <3 @kalan
lena: @kalan you have the best body odor i have ever smelled from a human
JustinArias: @kalan i hope this helps! :o
bees: good lookin out @kalan thx 4 throwin me under the bus you anarchist scum sucker
aids_enoch: you can always do this @kalan