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.u wanna talk authenticity? political praxes? SR/OOO geo-philosophy? i feel a pressure to remain aloof maybe right what is this? etc. biography as social me.

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jonathn: @kalan
wrinkles: yay @kalan is here
JAS: @kalan i know the guy who runs that
aids_enoch: @jonathn @eyedeekay @mrhealth @ryz @sidonie @kalan @kiptok @peur i like you
jonathn: @kalan i'll send you more soon.
bees: @kintrala @kalan @pfifferking @cxzy @maggie @peur @kiptok @anndunham @aids_enoch
eyedeekay: @bright @aids_enoch @jonathn @kalan
eyedeekay: @kalan
frederick: @kalan etc
mrhealth: @kalan this is the latest dump hall of fame k hosanna bizarre 2 bassists
anndunham: @kalan @eyedeekay @aids_enoch @reneabythe
eyedeekay: @kalan oops the mckenn one is calld alchemical dream not stone
eyedeekay: @kalan @tommypickles
eyedeekay: magical egypt: navigating the afterlife, the alchemical stone: rebirth of the great work, C.G. Jung: matter of heart, secrets of alchemy: the great cross at the end of time @kalan
ryz: @kalan they can reg during the day
thekraken: shush @Kalan you be nice to our foreign dignitaries
KingofMugen: @kalan is that porn?
eyedeekay: @kalan
eyedeekay: @kalan
elfluuva: @kalan
tommoody: @kalan you lead a life of high adrenaline
pretzel: @kalan what happen
orlandobloom: @kalan @bees
eyedeekay: @kalan
pretzel: @kalan
mrhealth: @kalan @aids_enoch
bees: @kalan
DreWeL: did you watch the vice doc on isis @kalan?
anndunham: much luv! thanks! @kalan
larsdk: @kalan
trying: i lost interest already @kalan
orlandobloom: @kalan when u here we can hnagout w mascara? he live in capitol said e wants to meet up irl
anndunham: this is the similar but better @kalan
eyedeekay: @kalan also let me know when i should call. just whenenver? I have to borrow oneo f my brothers phones to make it happen os just let me know when to do it
orlandobloom: @kalan the Cairo comment copied verbatim from Liber al vel Legis. i'll tell u my commentary on the matter one day. just a jumping-off point. See Louv's speech on Magick & the Aeon of Horus at the Katzen Kultur Klub in L.A. for further unpacking(you will enjoy this. lots of Woody Guthrie-hippie-anarcho-queer bullshit that ur into):
kalan: somebody @kalan some sick beats, some poetry, some theory-fiction
orlandobloom: @kalan
orlandobloom: @kalan
yemano: @kalan @kalan
ben_dover: @kalan
eyedeekay: @kalan remember when u asked me to flood ur box with every recondite fact i knew about hakim bey? later on i came across this reddit comment in the legion of dynamic discord, i dont know if i showed u this