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.u wanna talk authenticity? political praxes? SR/OOO geo-philosophy? i feel a pressure to remain aloof maybe right what is this? etc. biography as social me.

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anita_hug: lmao @kalan
petrograd: @kalan
fingers: @kalan
orlandobloom: @kalan
lux: @kalan
lux: @kalan
whocares1: @kalan
lux: that position non-chalantly @kalan
anita_hug: it's hard to have convos about race in mostly white spaces who don't get it @kalan
anita_hug: lol @kalan
carlosdngr2: @kalan i've been there, i feel ya
anita_hug: @kalan i am sorry for the mess u r going through
anita_hug: @kalan welcome 2 my life that shit is real and it is oppressive
anita_hug: @kalan we are already fb friends
anita_hug: @kalan i saw u in a subway station once
aids_enoch: and do good @kalan
elfluuva: go bake banana muffins @kalan
rihenna: i wish i could app u @kalan @hoquang
lux: @kalan
aoifeml: chic @kalan
lux: @kalan yeah well that's rude
lux: @kalan @Unicorngirl
fartist: @kalan
fartist: fuc k bbws not actually @kalan
fingers: @kalan repent
fingers: lux african magic @thekraken @peur @minty lux @kalan
trill: @callus @aids_enoch @kalan @ciaire the wages of sin is death
CIaire: @kalan and you bit my ear and whispered "Promqueen Forever"?
CIaire: @kalan and when the crowd-cam showed us on the jumbotron and you kissed me in front of all those Reagan Youth marching bands?
CIaire: @kalan singing things like "oh say can you pee in your moms early light?"
CIaire: @kalan and then we all started singing the national anthem because we didn't know what else to do but all the juggalos were changing the words
CIaire: @kalan how one of the juggalos stole a dirtbike and crashed into the doberman kennel where all these dogs were kept for the nazi finale when they would perform dog obstacle courses to a mash up of "who let the dogs out" and "the star spangled banner"
CIaire: @kalan do remember how the juggalos shouted and charged the US Marine Corp recruiters with the faygo canons but the USMC fired back with the t shirt guns?
CIaire: @kalan and all the SS-Vocaliod girl scouts were covered in mud and engine grease and crying because the big rally was ruined
CIaire: @kalan it was right before the panzer-cosplay division tried to drive over the juggalos drug bridge and it collapsed all into the river.
CIaire: @kalan When the USMC guys were doing wheelies on dirtbikes and shot those compressed air t-shirt guns into the crowd?
CIaire: @kalan do you remember our date when zz top played the halftime show at that giant iowa national socialist rally?
mrheaIth: @kalan
pummp: hi @kalan
ryz: @kalan
ryz: @kalan youtube-dl + rtmpdump download these just fine :-)