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.u wanna talk authenticity? political praxes? SR/OOO geo-philosophy? i feel a pressure to remain aloof maybe right what is this? etc. biography as social me.

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charismatic: @kalan is this you
charismatic: @kalan @nil7sooty @dr_age @koolskull YOU GIUSY
jonathn: that's why i'm always sharing tracks @kalan
jonathn: @kalan
frederick: @kalan
kintrala: @kalan : magic carpet rides yo
ShlucHT: @kalan ask lee - he studied film --->
anndunham: would be cool in a tree too @kalan
anndunham: yes! when the tank tries to escape it's torture @kalan and how that guy's jub jub is hanging out and you play the wreath like a horn
AKSHAY: @kalan please post an update at we need an inquiry on yuor current status over in out bleep beep ``
anndunham: @kalan @shlucht
kintrala: @kalan : go kalan!
ShlucHT: ya was for @kalan not for me
anndunham: @kalan
anndunham: @kalan
LibrtnPlease: @kalan
jonathn: @kalan
kintrala: @kalan : ya jean is epic shit he lives in a cheese factoryyyy
kintrala: @kalan : yes talk to jean
dates: kalan, friend, hope you are well!! Wishes for safety on this first day of your travels <3 have you seen this? met them? @kalan
kintrala: @kalan : or a blackberry with a full keyboard
kintrala: @kalan : if i were you, id see the worth of investing in a galaxy 4/5/6 and a t-mobile unlimited internet plan
ferrihydrite: don't listen to the haters @kalan
cheseball: @kalan nice vid !
wrinkles: i'm wat WHITE TRAITOR @KALAN
bees: @breakfast @kalan
hoquang: @kalan
NOFX: @kalan
ssnack: @kalan
cheseball: @kalan
shaws: @kalan
elfluuva: @kiptok @frederick @peur @reneabythe @aids_enoch @kalan @photos @grass @mrheaith @ssnack @fgt @d_magik
elfluuva: @kalan
fgt: beware: alluring actually believes what he's saying. @frederick @aids_enoch @thekraken @kalan
fgt: @frederick @aids_enoch @thekraken @kalan bitch dont kill my vibe @ alluring
KingofMugen: @kalan
photos: @kalan
Alluring: i'm maybe the only person who knows this fact for sure, and he desperately clings to the illusion and wishes to continue to fool others into believing this (it's more sad for him than it is for the "tricked" people, cause he needs this). fearing my leak of this, his only retaliatino is to accuse me of being "another frakbuddy alt", which he's been doing, but it's false, i'm the deepthroat in watergate @frederick @aids_enoch @thekraken @kalan @ etc
Alluring: you can upload a faux webcam by naming any webcam-esque picture "webcam.jpg" and it will appear to dump as if you've uploaded your personal webcam. after being muted endlessly and essentialyl bannished based on username AND personality, frakbuddy resorded to wakefulness (and orlandobloom and i forget the other) on which he'd uploaded a fake webcam of a teen girl. others saw the fake webcam of this young, blonde haired, teen girl and assumed it was the user without reailzing it was frak. frakbuddy played upon this incorrect presumption and took on the persona of a young teen girl. he continued to concoct a lie around this persona that was based upon living in seatte/washington (cause he was watching youtube documentaries about that area during that time) and fooled many people into believing this @frederick @aids_enoch @thekraken @kalan @ etc
byron: @kalan
KingofMugen: @kalan