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.u wanna talk authenticity? political praxes? SR/OOO geo-philosophy? i feel a pressure to remain aloof maybe right what is this? etc. biography as social me.

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nicolashorch: dont kno but they play next week again, funny u kno dem @kalan they live here and seem chill irl
nicolashorch: @kalan isaw them yesterday, had to think of u
ssnack: @kalan
ssnack: @kalan
ssnack: skell, n.2 U.S. slang. (skɛl) [Of uncertain origin; perh. shortening of skeleton.] In New York, a homeless person or derelict, esp. one who sleeps in the subway system. @kalan
mundoatomico: @kalan hi gh
ShlucHT: @kalan
ShlucHT: @kalan ya i m here in my house ähm still in town ?
jonathn: @kalan
taehyung: HARVEST MOON!!!! @kalan
jonathn: @kalan live recording utilizing a radio and a radio patch
cheseball: anne frank dungeon: known deviant keeps her locked in his basement with other jewish refuegees. he knows he can get away with this b/c the nazi's would kill them otherwise, but anne stands up for herself and frees her ppl, but not before she experiences life under haanz müller @kalan
anndunham: 17:55 @kalan
taehyung: i luv odd future @kalan
wrinkles: @kalan
D_MAGIK: @kalan
cheseball: @kalan
charismatic: @kalan is this you
charismatic: @kalan @nil7sooty @dr_age @koolskull YOU GIUSY
jonathn: that's why i'm always sharing tracks @kalan
jonathn: @kalan
frederick: @kalan
kintrala: @kalan : magic carpet rides yo
ShlucHT: @kalan ask lee - he studied film --->
anndunham: would be cool in a tree too @kalan
anndunham: yes! when the tank tries to escape it's torture @kalan and how that guy's jub jub is hanging out and you play the wreath like a horn
AKSHAY: @kalan please post an update at we need an inquiry on yuor current status over in out bleep beep ``
anndunham: @kalan @shlucht
kintrala: @kalan : go kalan!
ShlucHT: ya was for @kalan not for me
anndunham: @kalan
anndunham: @kalan
LibrtnPlease: @kalan
jonathn: @kalan
kintrala: @kalan : ya jean is epic shit he lives in a cheese factoryyyy
kintrala: @kalan : yes talk to jean
dates: kalan, friend, hope you are well!! Wishes for safety on this first day of your travels <3 have you seen this? met them? @kalan
kintrala: @kalan : or a blackberry with a full keyboard
kintrala: @kalan : if i were you, id see the worth of investing in a galaxy 4/5/6 and a t-mobile unlimited internet plan
ferrihydrite: don't listen to the haters @kalan
cheseball: @kalan nice vid !