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.u wanna talk authenticity? political praxes? SR/OOO geo-philosophy? i feel a pressure to remain aloof maybe right what is this? etc. biography as social me.

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ssnack: you are the most @kalan
ssnack: yeah no wonder...he's a poet idiot kalan @kalan
ssnack: @kalan
shopping: @kalan stepped out for a smoke, but you should check it out of if you get a chance, its pretty low-key folksy, but its a lot of fun. they have a big bonfire outside the fort at the end, and you got the ocean stretching out in front, its a nice mix of artsy and like just having a big fucking fire in a pretty place
kiptok: @kalan
Soccer: u fuck donkeys? @kalan
kiptok: @kalan do u like lucky dragons
kiptok: ok @kalan
maxlabor: @kalan
maxlabor: it's a screenshot from the 12th arrondissement in paris @kalan
ssnack: @kalan
cheseball: @kalan lol
bees: @kalan i just reported u to the cyber police pack ur cyber bags and log off into meat space noob
helvetica12: @kalan is this you?
pixels: @kalan
maxlabor: @kalan
maxlabor: @kalan white supremacy headlines?
LibrtnPlease: @kalan
lena: i mean @kalan the bqe
lena: @kalan were u climbing the bridge last night
bees: @ssnack @halitosis @poopdeck @kalan @kintrala @robot woke
Ice: @andrej @tommoody @kalan @GucciSoFlosy @homer @ssnack @xinyi @helvetica12 @kiptok @larsdk and <3 <3 <3
footbath: ready for the corporate world @kalan ?
stration: i covered it already @kalan
stration: acquisition and signaling @kalan
stration: status jockeying @kalan
cheseball: @kalan
K8moSS: @kalan
kintrala: @kalan :
safesex2011: truly wild @kalan
maxlabor: Montreal in the 60s @kalan
Samantha: @kalan i like ur art
kalan: can i please get the @kalan twitter?
rainbro: @kalan i think its pretty, though tough to pick apart
D_MAGIK: @kalan
SuperSeaCat: @kalan
cheseball: @kalan @safesex2011
safesex2011: @kalan did you ever find your long last ___?
sidonie: @kalan what ya wanna do?
safesex2011: @kalan hmm... i'm interested-what does the role of your "long lost"entail?
pecco: @kalan hell yeah lets meeet wooohoo