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maxlabor: yes @joy
ssnack: @kiptok @joy
plant: @joy @issac ...
photos: @joy
ShlucHT: @joy no u not dripping I was there playing - ha ha cool oh didn t know you were there
Soccer: are u on instagram @joy joy
maxlabor: did the mask move with you @joy
maxlabor: i think dolphin300 said he was going to see shlucht @joy
kiptok: @joy
ssnack: President Barack Obama doesn't have plans to release information about Area 51, even after Hillary Clinton said she would as president make files on the Nevada Air Force base public. @joy
Soccer: is the music in the back ground of this vid tony's? @joy
noth: @bees @kiptok @joy
reneabythe: @cheseball @joy
thekraken: @joy
thekraken: @joy have you seen High-Rise (2015)?
maxlabor: @joy where is that overtanned bleached gay boy you used to dump
betrayer: 12 @joy
Soccer: look at those on night mode @joy
Soccer: subletting my closet in bushwick 3500$ a month utilities not included, no running water and bathroom is shared and in the hall. there is a neighbor named derek hes 356 pounds and 5 foot 2 hell show you where the key is... @joy @maxlabor
Soccer: @joy @pretzel @maxlabor
foot: @joy
larsdk: @andrej @kiptok @ryz @POLYMER @whocares1 @helvetica12 @ice @melipone @hoquang @gr8pevine @alessandra @peggy @yo_matty @gularjinoish @ShlucHT @bunnyhentman @blingscience @ryder @joy @halitosis @foot @ssnack @cxzy @erikhaspresence @doritowitch @lena @nullsleep @wigs @scottbot @safesex2011 @cheseball
bluecow: I thought the same thing, I should just say the name of a movie a like so it will satisfy many of the readers @joy
bluecow: The only rule she has on her adventures is, no pictures. And by the way, she is a really hard worker, and most of the times she is just a good person. She visits her mom every once in a while and goes out with her grandpa to lunch. Sabrina is so good that you can feel it in her voice tone. The kind of person you trust your house keys when you go into vacation. Her face has this kind warm feeling and her smile is just infantile, she is a dog person, never liked cats to be exact @joy I also made her a good person just to balance my opinions
peggy: i dreamt i was singing karaoke in a dumpy chinatown bar and i sat down after a song and @joy appeared
1au: @joy a few months back u posted a pic of a giant dump truck with a tire fell off right?
foot: What do u call a skeleton who presses the door bell? A dead ringer....................................................can i be mod now? @andrej @maxlabor @kiptok @illalli @blingscience @bamboo @reneabythe @cxzy @cheseball @photos @aoifeml @joy @goblin @halitosis @grass @foot @1au @safesex2011 @peggy @Seacrestcheadle @reverberasia @pummp @erikhaspresence @goatmilk @whocares1
foot: @andrej @maxlabor @kiptok @illalli @blingscience @bamboo @reneabythe @cxzy @cheseball @photos @aoifeml @joy @goblin @halitosis @grass @foot @1au @safesex2011 @peggy @Seacrestcheadle @reverberasia @pummp @erikhaspresence @goatmilk @whocares1
Soccer: hey @joy know anyone looking for a roomate?
maxlabor: we can't see imgur anymore @joy
betrayer: @joy
elfluuva: what type of music do you listen to @joy
elfluuva: @joy
maxlabor: @joy
maxlabor: @joy
sidonie: @joy
maxlabor: @joy i can't tell if this is you
dagmar: @joy @ssnack witching hour
maxlabor: @joy
Soccer: david I'm moving to brooklyn!!!!! lets challah @joy
photos: @joy woops wrong one