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comeeasy: read and click previous for the story ********* @cheseball THIS IS WHO CHESEBALL ACTUALLY IS, THIS IS HIS IDENTITY ******** @birdraymond @tommoody @guccisoflosy @reneabythe @shlucht @noisia @joy @mcchimperson @soup_lantern @noodle_mage @halitosis
eggshells: i still have the cassette with this fabolous song that i recorded from the radio, but since 30 years looking hard for this song, is only today that i meet this song again. In Mexico today i have contacted with the same old radio station who used to broadcasting this song and i made it by facebook. They give me the name of the song and now i am here enyoing it again after 30 years !!!! This song was one of the best from that year´╗┐ @joy
hoquang: @joy @photos here is a classic little ditty
noth: so much love @joy ^ ^
fantasyboy: @cheseball @joy @photos @issac
fantasyboy: @joy
GucciSoFlosy: @joy @buyuadraank play w/ volume up
Soccer: @joy
evil: u look like post malone @joy