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callus: @joy
grass: @joy
kalan: @joy there will be soon yes
elfluuva: @joy
D_MAGIK: @joy
elfluuva: @joy the saddest country song
mrheaIth: @orlandobloom @joy @homer @ssnack @callus @goatmilk @aids_enoch @ice @violin @eyedeekay @pretzel @aoifeml
pretzel: @joy
goatmilk: @joy
goatmilk: @joy I think yr spirit animal is a deer
eyedeekay: duh @joy
pretzel: @joy
rihenna: hi @joy
eyedeekay: @joy
ahem: hey @joy
jj_: @joy
eyedeekay: @joy
CelineDion: @joy
hoquang: @joy
hoquang: anyone here (@ahem and @joy) wanna go see borbetomagus on friday ;)
kiptok: @joy let me know if you'd like to "rap"
bees: @joy @peur @
grass: @joy
feelfeel: @joy do u no lofty
callus: quite a few months ago i had a nightmare of running from theivesand murderers who i feared were motivated by thrill, desire to destroy witnesses, and were agents of vague retribution which balance between the three was unclear. it took place in the homes and backyards of the cul de sac i lived in from age 2-15 which in reality had unusually tall 7.5 foot wooden fences uniformly blocking but connecting each yard which i was jumping, at one point finding myself in a home with a large-tile flored foyer. my body was shaking with fear and momvemnt took on the physics of a video game where one drives a vehicle over ice. it was then, in that foyer, that you appeared and offered me pills similar to xanax and barbiturates which greatly helped me because they allowed me to move again @joy
years: @joy
eyedeekay: @joy
lena: @joy
rukalukus: :) ty @joy
guysalmon: @joy @pretzel
guysalmon: @joy
guysalmon: @joy
aids_enoch: @joy
orlandobloom: @joy
reverberasia: @joy
eyedeekay: @joy
rihenna: @joy
callus: @d_magik @orlandobloom @joy @eyedeekay @pretzel
eyedeekay: @joy
aids_enoch: @joy FOREVER`
eyedeekay: @joy mother is polish / irish a little french creole. my father is filipino / mexican. i wish i got mistaken for peurto rican more im too white though except if i got spray on tan which they say is an irish girls best freind :> but other filis and halfies can tell when they c me