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ssnack: Trayvon Martin, the Voting Rights Act, the Repeal of DOMA and The Sin Warriors: We Are All Connected Janet Mason | Posted 09.25.2013 | Books TAGS: Queer Literature, Gay Voices, Lgbt, Supreme Court Gay Marriage, Prop 8, Black America, Trayvon Martin, Doma Repeal, Black Voices News, Queer, Sexuality Studies, Gay Writers, Lesbian News, Gays and Lesbians, Civil Rights, Doma, Gay Literature, Gay Studies, Queer Writers, Supreme Court Prop 8, Lesbian, Books News, American Literature, Black in America, Gay Rights, Supreme Court DOMA, Gay Voices News, Books, Gender Studies, Homosexuality, Queer Studies, Books News @joy
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alessandra: @joy where r u living?
alessandra: @joy yes UNfortunately
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eyedeekay: @joy this is what northwestrepublic will look like
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thekraken: David I saw manson on Sons of Anarchy last night and thought of you @joy
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thekraken: last night I made eye contact with one of the birthday girls twerking on the other birthday girl @joy
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