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guysalmon: @joy
callus: "LSD: Dream Emulator for PS1 is as messed up, and drug induced as it sounds. Based upon the creator Hiroko Nishikawa's own dream journals, the game lets you explore totally random and weird worlds, and was sadly, only released in Japan. / As with most dreams, these worlds make little sense, and by touching any object, be it a person, creature or even a wall, you'll jump from one dream scape into another. Hitting people and certain objects makes your dreams stranger and stranger, and there are actually some genuinely scary moments to be witnessed. Dreams are measured in four categories – upper, downer, dynamic and static, and after a set time you wake up, able to carry on with another, new dream, advancing the game's day count by one. Eventually you can replay your dreams, unless you run into a a man wearing a grey hat and trench coat, who can take this ability away. / It may not look all that attractive, in fact it's downright primitive and ugly, but that's not the point here. There's not even any real goal, all you do is simply wander around tripped out worlds, over and over." @hoquang @joy @frederick @pretzel
kiptok: @joy
BoscoJones43: hahaha @joy
kiptok: wtf it should be 1964 @joy
fartist: @joy
grass: @joy
grass: @joy @pretzel
hoquang: @joy @goatmilk
kiptok: @joy
hoquang: @pretzel @joy
pretzel: @joy
pretzel: wow amazing @joy
callus: @joy
kiptok: @joy
kiptok: @joy
ahem: @joy
ahem: @joy
callus: @fingers @lizzy @shlucht @joy
pretzel: put the bass drum (or both) on 0.5 speed @jonathn @joy
pretzel: @joy @jonathn
kiptok: what a vocal @Joy
kiptok: pretty song~ @joy
kiptok: @joy
fartist: word yo maybe that's it @joy
tommoody: he was a bit of a windbag of the far future @joy
tommoody: the sodal ye was a dolphin oracle carried around on a skinny old man's back @joy
pretzel: @joy
guysalmon: @joy
hoquang: emilia galotti by lessing @joy
gr8pevine: @joy
lizzy: @joy
whocares1: yknow you're alright @joy
goatmilk: @hoquang @joy
hoquang: @joy
carlosdngr2: @joy dartmouth is for elk people
kiptok: i met eric gaffney and he sucked @joy
kiptok: i have a boredoms shirt thats too small @Joy would you want that?
kiptok: @hoquang @joy
stage: that sounds good @joy
Serenity: @joy this has been my jam