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McChimperson: lol is that some patriot act bullshit @joy?
melipone: @joy here u go
tommoody: .. @joy
tommoody: @kiptok @joy .. where your eyes don't go
rihenna: @joy
rihenna: hi @joy
pretzel: @joy
ssnack: @joy
pretzel: @foot @joy
talker: no but same spirit @Joy
melipone: @joy very carefully
guysalmon: @fauxreal @joy @pretzel
guysalmon: @joy
pretzel: @joy
carlosdngr2: I Am Just A Teen @joy
lizzy: @joy
thekraken: <3 @joy
guysalmon: @joy
lizzy: @joy
stage: lol @joy
jonathn: LMAO @JOY
aids_enoch: you don't know about gylou?? etc etc @joy
aids_enoch: gylou @joy
aids_enoch: @joy
goatmilk: @joy tell me More
pretzel: @joy
pretzel: @joy
lux: hooper @byron @joy
ssnack: Grynszpan killed Vom Rath because the two were having a gay affair that went wrong, according to several sources. Vom Rath was so flamboyant that he was known in the gay underworld of Paris as "Madame Abassador." According to Haaretz, Nobel Laureate Andre Gide wrote in his diary, Vom Rath "had an exceptionally intimate relationship with the little Jew, his murderer. The idea that such a highly thought-of representative of the Third
Reich sinned twice according to the laws of his country [by being homosexual and having a sexual relationship, and with a Jew] is rather amusing." Vom Rath supposedly picked up the small (5-foot) Grynszpan, a ringer for Sal Mineo, on a Paris street. It is presumed that as they got to know each other, Vom Rath promised Grynszpan that he would use his Nazi influence to protect Grynszpan's family, who were suffering back in Germany, in exchange for the teenager's sexual favors. After a while, when Vom Rath did not come through, Grynszpan shot him. The Nazis unleashed a nationwide pogrom of unparalleled brutality [the so-called Kristallnacht] in response to the assassination. @joy
grass: @joy
lizzy: @callus @joy @grass
waves: @joy
grass: @joy
grass: i find this is truer than trecartin @joy
lizzy: @joy
McChimperson: push out dat poem baby @joy
fingers: @ryz @joy
grass: @callus @joy