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cheseball: @jimmyjammer but now i have hippie BO
cheseball: @jimmyjammer just wanted to let you know i made it out alive
maxlabor: @jimmyjammer
maxlabor: lmao @jimmyjammer
maxlabor: @halitosis @jimmyjammer @maxleisure
cheseball: 2011 @jimmyjammer
maxlabor: i'll do it @jimmyjammer
kalan: cant find it @jimmyjammer lmk if you do!
kiptok: same @Jimmyjammer
maxlabor: @kiptok @jimmyjammer
cheseball: @frederick @jimmyjammer
carlosdngr2: lololololol @jimmyjammer
maxlabor: i would have been famous @jimmyjammer
carlosdngr2: they were all white and wearing patagonia if that makes any difference @jimmyjammer
kiptok: @jimmyjammer @dolphin300
BeardCookies: the bends is not a v good album @jimmyjammer
kiptok: is this us @jimmyjammer
peur: can u fill me in? @jimmyjammer
kiptok: @jimmyjammer @maxlabor
kiptok: @jimmyjammer
maxlabor: i'm honored that you use my whitespace @jimmyjammer
maxlabor: hhahahahahaha @jimmyjammer
bees: @aoifeml @cheseball @dolphin300 @grass @guccisoflosy @guysalmon @halitosis @jimmyjammer @kazooie @maxlabor @noisia @noth @nscthsptl @frederick @peur @scotty2hotty69 @selectall @thekraken
McChimperson: u spit in it @jimmyjammer
maxlabor: that's why suburban Toronto was awesome to thrift in @jimmyjammer
maxlabor: deep @jimmyjammer
kiptijek: Wtf @jimmyjammer
robot: @jimmyjammer
maxlabor: %20 @jimmyjammer
dagmar: @jimmyjammer yo i got a question
carlosdngr2: @jimmyjammer did you LoL
kiptok: yeah but idk if i can begrudge her for that shit u know @Jimmyjammer
lux: that's rude @jimmyjammer
kiptok: ikr @jimmyjammer
kiptok: stufu @jimmyjammer
pies: @cheeseball @drewel @goblin @HeathersLtd @dedchil @thekraken @jimmyjammer @badbot @guccisoflosy @cusiloveyou @kiptokvanity
carlosdngr2: @jimmyjammer me and this girl jokingly made tinders for each other and then deleted the apps, but our accounts still exist
tommoody: @jimmyjammer
kalan: @jimmyjammer would you do it with the spines? would you do it in 2009?