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reverberasia: @jimmyjammer
watertight: @jimmyjammer Just saw the shoes you got me, love the weaved laces
bamboo: @jimmyjammer my friend says julian and creation are really good
lux: 4 @jimmyjammer
wrinkles: @jimmyjammer are you calling me "Breathless" ?? <3
crickedf: @jimmyjammer what?
watertight: snl is awful last couple years @jimmyjammer
kiptokvanity: @Jimmyjammer
thekraken: lol edc SUCKS @jimmyjammer
thekraken: @jimmyjammer lol u also remember this will i am "secret" thing??
thekraken: more throwback goodness @jimmyjammer
thekraken: @jimmyjammer the first song is an original
thekraken: @jimmyjammer
thekraken: @jimmyjammer
kiptokvanity: hey guys can i be @kiptojammer @jimmyjammer @katzenjammer pls :(
kiptokvanity: uh they using they fame 2 promote better causes greater tha them @jimmyjammer u got a prob w that
kiptokvanity: *quickly reattaches velvet rope in front of @jimmyjammer *
guysalmon: ive seen them vines @jimmyjammer
cheseball: @jimmyjammer
betrayer: @jimmyjammer
elfluuva: hes in a new band now called howardian. sounds just like japanther though @jimmyjammer
kiptokvanity: @jimmyjammer someone i found on okc
kiptokvanity: @jimmyjammer
kiptokvanity: @jimmyjammer @doritowitch @cheseball @ryder @tommoody @mcchimperson @hoquang @andrej @kiptijek @xdeath @elfluuva
JAS: thanks @jimmyjammer @thekraken
pizzatips: @jimmyjammer PIZZAA TPI
kiptijek: do u pitch elevator pitches @Jimmyjammer
frederick: @jimmyjammer -peur>-[
carlosdngr2: @jimmyjammer sounds like a band that would be signed to burger recs and that plays GarageBand surf rock
kiptijek: it was probably a solemn, unfilmed bit @jimmyjammer