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thekraken: look at her art work from school vs the work she made for profit is what I am saying. her sailor moon paintings are where her heart is right now in the summer of 2014. now get off our dick @cheetos cc @jeanette
thekraken: LAST TRY at tagging @cheetos @jeanette @jeanette1 - see I have love for her. you're just to blind of a fanboy to understand genuine constructive criticism
thekraken: re: probably that Chi town mentality @artist @jeanette @jeannete1
cheetos1: sorry to be the bearer of bad people @jeanette @jeanette1
thekraken: this is why I also love you @artist because you and @jeanette @jeanette1 keep it real
idiot11: ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- courtesy of Goat4421 @harshly @heavyblunt @heavycunt @hell @Hendrik @HeyMo @hologram @hologrampa @homer @hoquang @hueycrowley @huntermadeit @hypnotism @hypothete @Ice @idiron2 @illalli @ilusionolife @island @issac @ivymeadows @j1p2m3 @jeanette @Jeanette1 @jeeeelings @jeronimo @jertronic @jesusfever @jihad @jimmyjammer @johntransue @jonathn @joy @JSLASHER @JUKU @junkwaffel @JustinArias @jydvsn4evr