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lux: @aids_enoch @xdeath @fartist @tanya @byron @hoquang @illalli
kiptok: @illalli
lux: @illalli @kintrala @thekraken
bees: @illalli
pfifferking: @cxzy @feelfeel @ben_dover @goatmilk @sidonie @kintrala @tanya @peur @illalli @halitosis @ice @polymer can you do me a favour and kiss on a blank white piece of paper and scan it and sent it to me in 300 dpi ?pleeeease ? @ @lizzy
pretzel: @illalli;x=180;y=23&img=;x=154;y=187
kintrala: @callus @lizzy @lux @hoquang @petrograd @raineraine @ice @illalli @noisia @andrej @peur @agt528 :
lux: @illalli
kiptok: i got chinese jinx ^ㅡ^ @lolumad @gory @illalli @beardcookies @serenity
elfluuva: @illalli
frederick: @illalli
kiptok: my fuckin mouse double clicks too @illalli
pretzel: @illalli
lux: @illalli
lux: @illalli
lux: love 2 him girl @illalli
lux: @thekraken @illalli
hoquang: @illalli
lux: Chorus] All the boys say, Hey baby, hey baby, hey! Girls say, girls say, Hey baby, hey baby, hey! Hey baby baby Hey baby, hey baby, hey! Boys say, boys say Hey baby, hey baby, hey! All the boys get the girls in the back @illalli
lux: Northern-California-Wildfire-Burns-Marijuana-Crops.jpg @illalli
kiptok: it takes so damn long @illalli
kiptok: omg patch @illalli
kiptok: omg i'm so happy for u @illalli
kiptok: @illalli it was on a 'e-card' my brother sent me from college on my 8th b-day
kiptok: omg!! @illalli i remember your avatar
kiptok: AC/JC @illalli
frederick: have you played this @illalli
DaK4nDyM4nFU: @illalli but boy version
lux: @illalli @byron
rockhero: @illalli
jertronic: @illalli @WUPREME you guys rule lol
callus: @frederick @illalli @hoquang
lilcriticals: @illalli i'll always remember DR D we are so facebook official
rockhero: @illalli
rockhero: @kintrala @lizzy @halitosis @peur @illalli @callus @cheetos
rockhero: @illalli
kiptok: @illalli where r u
kiptok: u found a new game @illalli wtf cheater
kiptok: @illalli paly gaem w me
scotty2hotty69: @illalli <3
rockhero: @illalli