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carlosdngr2: @illalli my manager went to that show. he was the angry white guy with a shaved head and coke bottle glasses and a beard. he was probably wearing a black tee shirt.
photos: @illalli
carlosdngr2: @illalli i am not a big fan of king woman but i like wax idols. i might go. its two blocks from my house.
spic: @illalli
kiptok: @samantha @illalli @lolumad
BeardCookies: @illalli
peur: @illalli
bees: alli gaze @illalli
bees: @illalli
reneabythe: american university of dubai @illalli
reneabythe: <<>> @illalli
foot: What do u call a skeleton who presses the door bell? A dead ringer....................................................can i be mod now? @andrej @maxlabor @kiptok @illalli @blingscience @bamboo @reneabythe @cxzy @cheseball @photos @aoifeml @joy @goblin @halitosis @grass @foot @1au @safesex2011 @peggy @Seacrestcheadle @reverberasia @pummp @erikhaspresence @goatmilk @whocares1
foot: @andrej @maxlabor @kiptok @illalli @blingscience @bamboo @reneabythe @cxzy @cheseball @photos @aoifeml @joy @goblin @halitosis @grass @foot @1au @safesex2011 @peggy @Seacrestcheadle @reverberasia @pummp @erikhaspresence @goatmilk @whocares1
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photos: @illalli
mashpototo: @illalli wats ur Twitter!!!!!!
pixels: @illalli
lilcriticals: @illalli
helvetica12: @andrej @maxlabor @kiptok @illalli @blingscience @bamboo @reneabythe @cxzy @cheseball @photos @aoifeml @joy @goblin @halitosis @grass @foot @1au @safesex2011 @peggy @Seacrestcheadle @reverberasia @pummp @erikhaspresence @goatmilk @whocares1
helvetica12: @andrej @maxlabor @kiptok @illalli @blingscience @bamboo @reneabythe @cxzy @cheseball @photos @aoifeml @joy @goblin @halitosis @grass @foot @1au @safesex2011 @peggy @Seacrestcheadle @reverberasia @pummp @erikhaspresence @goatmilk
kiptok: i left him 1 piece of wood @illalli @Mcchimperson
kiptokvanity: @illalli @mcchimperson
carlosdngr2: @illalli did you hear the new sin kitty record
betrayer: @grass @illalli @yo_matty @sidonie @maxlabor @carjackcker @photos
tommoody: please come saturday night to SUNVIEW LUNCHEONETTE, 221 NASSAU, GREENPOINT, BROOKLYN or dump from 8-10 EST -- sorry I thought the address was in the #*!! announcement @andrej @maxlabor @kiptok @illalli @blingscience @helvetica12 @bamboo @reneabythe @cxzy @cheseball @photos @aoifeml @joy @goblin @halitosis @grass @foot @anndunham @1au @whocares1 @peggy @Seacrestcheadle @reverberasia @pummp @erikhaspresence @goatmilk
tommoody: please come saturday night or dump from 8-10 pm EST @andrej @maxlabor @kiptok @illalli @blingscience @helvetica12 @bamboo @reneabythe @cxzy @cheseball @photos @aoifeml @joy @goblin @halitosis @grass @foot @anndunham @1au @whocares1 @peggy @seacrestcheadle @reverberasia @pummp @erikhaspresence @goatmilk
lux: @illalli
sidonie: thank uuuuu @illalli <3
oolong: @halitosis @illalli
carlosdngr2: @illalli they are nice ppl
carlosdngr2: @illalli i know daddy issues
lux: <3 @illalli
kiptok: stream it @Illalli
yo_matty: @taehyung @illalli :0
reneabythe: @illalli nice
kiptok: u never know @illalli
lux: @illalli
peur: @illalli
arjununcle: @illalli ^
lux: @byron @maggie @cheseball @minty @illalli @rihenna
lux: lux i thought i went colorblind in realtime recently and put everybody in the room into a gay panic but it was just the lighting @minty @byron @illalli