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lux: soup_lantern my sister gave me some crystals for my birthday i should point my finger at her and make her throw them in a river ux plant them around her house and watch her life get better than yours lux and scream in slow motion on the iphone 6 lux and send it to me @illalli @byron
kiptokvanity: buy it again? @illalli
Conservativ: wats it like being married @illalli
lilcriticals: @illalli
kiptijek: there's also that dinosaur theme survival game @illalli
kiptijek: do u have me on steam @illalli
kiptijek: <--- @illalli
kiptijek: ds together comes w a extra copy so @illalli hint hint ;) ;)
kiptijek: no i only have don't starve @illalli together is a separate game
kiptijek: maybe we could play don't starve together @illalli
hoquang: @illalli
hoquang: @illalli
lux: @thekraken @illalli
lilcriticals: @illalli ~white
lilcriticals: @illalli push to poot....
lux: r u look in for a harmony there is harmony in everyythan @thekraken @illalli
lux: @illalli
lux: @illalli
lux: @illalli before i stopped talking
lux: x i'm so embarassed @illalli
lux: humor while sleep deprived @illalli @peggy
lux: @illalli @thekraken
lux: my internet is haunted my chat looks like this illalli wait what is redneck ice cream dedchil nantional Gap day dedchil to honor the gap lux i don't know but i pictured four loko floats @illalli lux have u seen those illalli lol!!! illalli that sounds good jacqueez i remember when gap was like "gay and proud"
lux: i don't know but i pictured four loko floats @illalli
lux: bagfuls @illalli
lux: @illalli dis
lux: oh god if we did regardless @illalli
lux: @byron @illalli @maggie @rihenna @cheseball
lux: @byron @illalli
carlosdngr2: @illalli the chances of me playing at shithaus in the near future are lower than they were
lux: *photographs* @illalli
lux: @illalli
lux: summing that up as boo bitch @illalli @aoifeml
lux: for real girl @illalli
lux: but i'm thankful for her support @illalli
kalan: @illalli oh cool ive actually nvr been there or to boulder
lux: muah @illalli
BeardCookies: @kiptijek @smantha @illalli @lolumad
lux: i would just be like well i can't teach obviously @illalli