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thekraken: those are my favorite blue corn chips. the regular non hot variation are even better @illalli
frederick: i have some bad news for you illalli. turns out your husband wasnt proposing, what he was actually saying was "Wii U, marry me" @illalli
frederick: @illalli
lilcriticals: @illalli aww al i miss ya too
melipone: (feigned) @illalli
frederick: @illalli
lux: my dad loves this youtube video @illalli
lux: getting out of one of those carts with intent to fight @illalli
lux: that in a criminology class @illalli
lux: 5 Hidden Rooms with TERRIFYING Secrets OMG murder castle @illalli
lux: a coworker told me about charlie charlie and i started talking about how technically they're playing with the other side except with a bigass thick vocabulary and i think she think's im even more of a witch than i am @illalli
lux: i treated him like ava @illalli
lux: @illalli
reneabythe: @illalli
lux: that's the time @illalli
lux: +16 hours: Subject finds himself at work, utterly perplexed. He realizes that he is in the middle of a conversation with someone, asks for that person to repeat what was just said. Somehow manages to handle everything at work without stirring too much suspicion. @illalli
lux: @illalli
cheseball: the life & times of tim @illalli
lux: oz! @illalli
lux: 2:00 @dolphin300 @illalli @thekraken
lux: @illalli @thekraken
lux: if i said welcome @illalli @thekraken
lux: i looked at the time after typing dat @illalli
guysalmon: nice shirt @illalli
kintrala: @cheseball @drewel @gularjinoish @illalli @issac @kintrala @moni @peur @photos @shlucht @thekraken @xdeath @tommoody @bamboo @reneabythe @librtnplease @dolphin3000 @footbath @ice @gosane @elephants :
melipone: @illalli
tommoody: latte @illalli
shim: lata ! @illalli
lux: eli @byron @illalli @maggie
lux: oops i meant this @illalli when she storms off
lux: lmfao @illalli
lux: @illalli
lux: glam @illalli
lux: GOOD @illalli
lux: i thought he was doing archery for a second @illalli
lux: the air ones @illalli
lux: khia @illalli
lux: he wants to twerk when he stretches/look at his yoga moves @illalli @liveaction
lux: @illalli @dolphin300
lux: do u like cherry tomatoes @illalli @dolphin300
bees: @illalli birth ur children at home, keep them on the dl, raise them as bounty hunters