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bunnyhentman: was this the coin they tossed @guccisoflosy
jfk: i just got that @GucciSoFlosy'
joy: @guccisoflosy
reneabythe: @guccisoflosy trumpless debate tonite in sally 8pm CST
maxlabor: @guccisoflosy did you get mir from a torrent or did you buy it?
oolong: @guccisoflosy
cheseball: fucking Alva Noto vvas all up in The Revenant, also amazing @guccisoflosy
cheseball: i can see vvhy she'd think that though, ryuchi+the sound designer let the sound breath really well @guccisoflosy
cheseball: @guccisoflosy
ferrihydrite: "it was good" - my review of @GucciSoFlosy
pfifferking: @guccisoflosy paul glabicki
joy: RT window ledge @guccisoflosy
maxlabor: @guccisoflosy i think it's wise not to get off topic in vip
bees: @aoifeml @cheseball @dolphin300 @grass @guccisoflosy @guysalmon @halitosis @jimmyjammer @kazooie @maxlabor @noisia @noth @nscthsptl @frederick @peur @scotty2hotty69 @selectall @thekraken
POLYMER: @guccisoflosy i am touring with them!!!
Ice: @GuccisoFlosy
POLYMER: @guccisoflosy, james, cheseball and im certain other have been banned too
PunkPrincess: get in here bitches: @guccisoflosy @kiptok @ssnack @unhealthy @goblin @pies @sidonie @robot @anndunham @shlucht @orijjjjjjice @taehyung @somedog @maxlabor @seacrestcheadle @DXM @GOD @vortex @photos @chrisduncan @pissmouth @cheetos @thekraken @beardcookies @drewel @fauxreal @crickedf beep beep
kiptijek: to answer the question, who will be talked about a long time from now? @guccisoflosy
kiptijek: i love tom kenny @guccisoflosy the most
kiptijek: @guccisoflosy that bob & david sketch about it being just 27 million seconds until the Oscars
tommoody: @GucciSoFlosy re-reading your comments - Mint does not share my data with a central server - there is an option to send "search improvement" to google but i opted out -- I didn't choose Mint to be morally superior, I chose it because I don't want to share my data
pfifferking: this is a freind of mine @guccisoflosy
pies: @cheeseball @drewel @goblin @HeathersLtd @dedchil @thekraken @jimmyjammer @badbot @guccisoflosy @cusiloveyou @kiptokvanity
cheseball: @guccisoflosy @frederick @peur @sidonie @1au @shlucHT @nicolashorch
photos: @guccisoflosy AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hoquang: @photos @guccisoflosy
lux: @guccisoflosy
lux: @guccisoflosy
sidonie: @guccisoflosy
pummp: @GucciSoFlosy I'm going to vt soon will you be around?
pies: @cheseball @fauxreal @1au @kingofmugen @safesex2011 @robot @helvetica12 @frederick @peur @lizzy @aids_enoch @cheetos12 @sharo @cxzy @guccisoflosy
vegeta1: can someone explain this to me @ryz @bamboo @hoquang @melipone @maxlabor @guccisoflosy @tommoody thank you - frederick
maxlabor: i figured it out @guccisoflosy
maxlabor: @guccisoflosy which plug-in did you make this with?