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comeeasy: read and click previous for the story ********* @cheseball THIS IS WHO CHESEBALL ACTUALLY IS, THIS IS HIS IDENTITY ******** @birdraymond @tommoody @guccisoflosy @reneabythe @shlucht @noisia @joy @mcchimperson @soup_lantern @noodle_mage @halitosis
comeasy: reading the profile info of this will reveal to you the identity of cheseball @tommoody @guccisoflosy @reenabythe @halitosis @shlucht
eggshells: frakbuddy = emotionally sincere but chronically annoying dude = banned = used an old alt account to pretend to be a girl = people believed it and he uploaded fraudulent webcams to sustain the con = lizzy = tried to create a real internet persona on, youtube 'elephants' persona (dude I hate your con but love that treasure trove of memories) and around being a cute teen girl = banned again on = cheseball ... yes, cheseball, which is actually an old frakbuddy alt, boomerangs back to the guy who posted under frakbuddy, and the whole con is upheld by his TCP/IP and psychological bullshit to enable him to continue having a presence on this site despite being chronically perm-banned by multiple mods again and again for years since 2010. Should anyone demand cheseball disprove this, you will witness 'him' squirm under a whirlwind of rhetoricl bullshit and squid-ink @guccisoflosy
thekraken: :D <3 yes @guccisoflosy
bees: @guccisoflosy bok
reneabythe: @Guccisoflosy its like a whole new genre
reneabythe: @guccisoflosy that horizontal/vertical reflected scrolling gif effect is INCREDIBLE