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1_2_3_4_5: if no mods really think harshly should be banned, can the ones who don't please give me their honest answers as to why not? @tommoody @ryz @ben_dover @kiptok @peggy @frankhats @GucciSoFlosy
1_2_3_4_5: if you answered no to either of my questions, don't you think it might be time to ban this user? @tommoody @ryz @ben_dover @kiptok @peggy @frankhats @GucciSoFlosy
1_2_3_4_5: you like seeing* @tommoody @ryz @ben_dover @kiptok @peggy @frankhats @GucciSoFlosy
1_2_3_4_5: are these the types of dumps you seeing? @tommoody @ryz @ben_dover @kiptok @peggy @frankhats @GucciSoFlosy
1_2_3_4_5: can you just look at this log and tell me why harshly is valued as a member of this site??? @tommoody @ryz @ben_dover @kiptok @peggy @frankhats @guccisoflosy
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