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Gucci So Flossy All my bois r bossy

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Ice: @GucciSoFlosy
pretzel: @guccisoflosy
DaK4nDyM4nFU: @guccisoflosy the beat is tight but the song kindof got annoying cuz it got so much air play on sirus
cheetos1: @guccisoflosy
ryz: what is your fave dessert @guccisoflosy
hell: @guccisoflosy
grass: @guccisoflosy
DonDraper: @guccisoflosy ramble?
melipone: @peggy @guccisoflosy @hoquang @petrograd
harshly: @guccisoflosy
tommoody: @ryz @GucciSoFlosy
melipone: @peggy @guccisoflosy
ben_dover: @guccisoflosy do u have a cat... i want to order u a "Hypeman" if you do
ben_dover: @guccisoflosy amazing!!!
melipone: @guccisoflosy
melipone: @guccisoflosy
melipone: pecco ♥ trapcode-particular tutorial: "how to make text to cocaine transition" @guccisoflosy
ferrihydrite: killer @GucciSoFlosy
ferrihydrite: line em up with the chakras @GucciSoFlosy
unifiedchunk: @GucciSoFlosy preach
joy: <3 <3 @guccisoflosy
ben_dover: @guccisoflosy this looks like u
ben_dover: @guccisoflosy
ben_dover: @guccisoflosy
heavycunt: @guccisoflosy
frankhats: @guccisoflosy
funbuddy: @xdeath @guccisoflosy @rockhero I want to wrap you up in a giant condom so you stop putting aids on dump
bunnyhentman: @guccisoflosy hi
melipone: @guccisoflosy
thekraken: @guccisoflosy
kiptok: @guccisoflosy there are multiple parts
DoritoWitch: @guccisoflosy I have a show in Rockaway in less than 2 weeks
harshly: #sports @GucciSoFlosy
jonathn: @guccisoflosy
jonathn: @guccisoflosy
kalan: @guccisoflosy
lolumad: @guccisoflosy anaglyph
melipone: @guccisoflosy
WUPREME: @guccisoflosy
melipone: @guccisoflosy
kintrala: @guccisoflosy