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dvvidpw: @grass this is so good
fagmar: @grass
cheetos: capture and defend, guardians! @grass
cheetos: iron banner @grass
eyedeekay: @grass
jonathn: @grass have you heard this it's like an acoustic "Another Green World" . sublime.
Ice: LOL @grass
eyedeekay: @grass
eyedeekay: @grass
fagmar: @grass
thekraken: @grass
orlandobloom: @callus @grass
ryz: none sorry @grass pray to your god
DaytimeTelevision: @grass scheme more
goatmilk: @grass this is my brother and my favorite
pretzel: @grass
callus: @grass @unhealthy
callus: @grass
eyedeekay: @grass lol nice ty. im gona listen to this and fade off here <: ciao
eyedeekay: @aids_enoch @callus @ssnack @unhealthy @grass @plams @mrheaith @mrhealth @frakbuddy @sapphire @anndunham @joy @reneablythe @frederick @qil @ryz @cheetos1 @fauxreal @sidonie @jonathn @waves @gosane @dump @test @creamydreamr @rob @wierdnumber @lux @sidrules @somedog @weh @funpiles @tommypickles @kiptok @kintrala @kalan @disgusting @loserbitch @poopdeck @d_magik @conqueror @thekraken @hell @photocopy @elfluuva @imstupid @frederika @august @boypussy @catz + other freinds & degenerates (sry if i forgot u!) ✌
joy: @pretzel @grass @fauxreal
orlandobloom: @grass
hoquang: @grass
eyedeekay: @aids_enoch @grass @ryz @conqueror
joy: @grass
hoquang: @grass @joy
kiptok: im not helping u w ur halloween mix noob @grass
eyedeekay: @mrheaith @grass @conqueror @kiptok @callus @jonathn @tommypickles @waves @anndunham @aids_enoch DXM playlist: it starts with rap and techno and black metal and juke and footwork and jungl, acidy, tc for first hour or two, then as you'l start to peak- turns to trance & then ambient & dark ambient and then gets folky & mellow out @ the end. might need 2 be rearranged here and there idk tell me wut u think
jonathn: @grass
orlandobloom: @aids_enoch @anndunham @grass
powerstripp: this is a good album @grass
pretzel: into this @grass
reverberasia: aw i loved that guy @grass
years: @grass
kintrala: @grass omg how did u kno
eyedeekay: @grass
callus: come to terms with being a fucking fagget @grass
eyedeekay: @grass @callus @peggy
orlandobloom: @grass
eyedeekay: @aids_enoch @mrheaith @grass
eyedeekay: @grass im sorry you are sad. tehres is this thing dxm can cause rapid and profound relief from depression. the effect does not last longer than a few days but it gives you a window to cheat fate and pierce thedimensional viel from a more covert position