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plant: i like what are you doing @grass
anndunham: @grass top right corner
cheseball: @grass
kiptok: it was more fun @grass
kiptok: almost saw move d in korea @grass but went to some gross techno club instead
plant: @grass <3
kiptok: @grass wow grass i was listening to this too while watching the debate why's everybody actin funny
photos: @grass;x=37;y=25&img=;x=492;y=140
JustinArias: keep making art @grass
narc: here @grass
jfk: ooh tasty @grass
pepper: you make that? @grass
jfk: these were really popular where i wen't to school, i wonder if p. glass ever heard about them, cuz he came for a concert every few years @grass
LibrtnPlease: @grass by far one of my favorite albums
jfk: @grass i just mean i cant claim any rights to his music
jfk: @grass im a schizo affective you cant believe what i say...
kiptok: we're not good therapists @grass
copaceticusa: did you ever get through the book @grass
thorns: i took that photo of grass because it's weird fake grass outside and i saw your icon @grass and uploaded it
thorns: @grass
kiptok: @grass
noth: if it doesn't burst out it's not worth much @grass