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wrinkles: he's dead @grass :(
tommoody: @grass
taehyung: @grass what is tht
thekraken: Isaac, condolences about your lost friend and thank you for the link the other day @grass
cheseball: :^) @grass
cheseball: haaaaaa @grass
wrinkles: @grass thank you for the Susan song.
kiptokvanity: @grass
kiptokvanity: sry, ur not korean @grass
kiptokvanity: news flash @grass
tumeric: @whocares1 @grass
kiptokvanity: dont care @grass
tumeric: @grass
KingofMugen: @grass Proof?
kiptok: that's what you get @grass
taehyung: congrats @grass
photos: @grass just saw yr msg, ya there is an archive of every stream
kiptijek: @grass
kiptijek: @dedchil @grass
cheseball: @grass
LizzyLucifer: @grass
wrinkles: @grass
kiptok: @grass
lux: was it good @grass
kiptok: @grass
kiptok: @grass
nicolashorch: @grass
ssnack: @grass
lux: is it bothering u @grass
ILoveYouTube: @grass
DreWeL: @grass @ohgod
photos: @grass
thekraken: actual fav aphex @grass
thekraken: no I haven't really clicked around that far but that mix came on my feed and I adore the child's optimism in the intro :) @grass
thekraken: hear this yet? thanks for the tip @grass
KingofMugen: Hugs @grass
Alf: @grass
lux: in a serios tone @grass
lux: Unpretty by tlc @grass
lux: dropping something to hearing silly ho by tlc @grass
kiptok: @grass