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cheseball: quebec is my favorite vveen album @grass
jfk: @grass
thous: @grass
ssnack: society > leisure > the arts > literature > literary world > [adjective] > relating to or characteristic of specific writer > mother of Anthony Trollope (1) @grass
stage: @grass
ssnack: @grass
kiptok: @grass
robot: please let #dumpfam know if you need help @grass
kiptok: no @grass
kiptok: at least u still look fine af @grass
joy: @grass kneefluff is a real god honest interaction i had
joy: @ssnack @grass
maxlabor: it's the receipt at my mom and stepdad's house upstate @grass
goblin: :) @grass
kiptok: @grass
kiptok: fuck steve @grass
kiptok:! @grass
kalan: omg @grass that is like the best dump ive ever seen. def in the running top 5
kiptok: @grass
WinCo: lol @grass i enjoyed reading all this stuff in loosh. :)
Hinckley: did you ever get that guy's dr pepper out of ur painting @grass
betrayer: @grass
bees: @grass
bees: here's some conceptual art for you PC fans, please meditate on it to deciper the various levels of irony and conceptual layer cake i understand that white people don’t feel like they have ‘tribal’ music or any ‘real culture’ in general, but to me this is more a result of press/club culture over-intellectualizing music and being too curious about ‘mysterious’ producers, congratulating mediocrity and creating false heroes because we’re so desperate to save our clubs. and i get it.but. you can congratulate pc music et al. for their mystery and ‘clever’ use of ‘irony’ or you can just investigate and realize that it’s merely a vapid art project by a handful of rich kids (mostly male, with female avatars btw) that’s diluting the club pool and that your making excuses for their boring music is part of the problem. you actually don’t have to pretend that anything that’s even vaguely non-conforming is good or cool? @grass @cheseball
WinCo: @grass
carlosdngr2: @grass nah you just look like you do
carlosdngr2: @grass do you attend a major public research university
cheseball: @grass
sidonie: thaks @grass
bees: @aoifeml @cheseball @dolphin300 @grass @guccisoflosy @guysalmon @halitosis @jimmyjammer @kazooie @maxlabor @noisia @noth @nscthsptl @frederick @peur @scotty2hotty69 @selectall @thekraken
kiptok: @grass
kiptok: wait til the IU song;) @grass
kiptok: @grass fresher
guysalmon: thankyou for that oren song @grass
maxlabor: you're still No.5 to me @grass
joy: you've been important here @grass
cliffdarling: ah, that's awful @grass
Shaggy2Dope: get in here bitches: @frederick @hoquang @cheseball @soup_lantern @orijjjjjjice @pies @kingofmugen @grass @elfluuva etc
Testfour: @grass
kiptijek: @robot @grass