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sidonie: ty, sweet dreams @grass
wrinkles: @birdraymond @goblin @grass @joy @justinarias @larsdk @reneabythe @ssnack @tommoody @kingofmugen @kiptok @youngbumpkin @dolphin300
jfk: @grass sorry
ShlucHT: i think I like you soundcloud @grass
goblin: @grass
dolcevita: @grass
oak: @grass
elfluuva: @grass
plant: @grass
Soccer: @grass
sidonie: @grass
sidonie: deep soothing 'idgaff' zen breaths and positivity @grass
sidonie: luv @grass
dolcevita: dual income no kids @grass
plant: @grass
plant: @grass thanks for that, it's 'cleaner'?
kalan: @grass OMG REALLY?!?!
jfk: I see plant auras now @grass
plant: @grass grab a lot of water and don't speak or swallow the water, and walk the longest path you found scarier..
sidonie: @wrinkles @grass, @plant is downloading the entire lush discography
Soccer: fuck yeah @grass
Soccer: i understand and feel you on that, sorry @grass
Soccer: yes u should will you? @grass
Soccer: grass move in with me @grass
sidonie: lol @grass that is false it depends on both the plant and the urine
photos: @grass;x=125;y=125&img=;x=216;y=276;rot=-141
JAS: @grass i love the last ones
JAS: @reneabythe @kiptok @grass @goblin @taehyung
bees: @cheseball @KingofMugen @helvetica12 @grass @thekraken @aids_enoch @ShlucHT @goblin
bees: @cheseball @kingofmugen @helvetica12 @grass @thekraken @aids_enoch @shlucht @goblin
betrayer: always tru @grass
taehyung: @grass
oak: ur the ho nig @grass
foot: What do u call a skeleton who presses the door bell? A dead ringer....................................................can i be mod now? @andrej @maxlabor @kiptok @illalli @blingscience @bamboo @reneabythe @cxzy @cheseball @photos @aoifeml @joy @goblin @halitosis @grass @foot @1au @safesex2011 @peggy @Seacrestcheadle @reverberasia @pummp @erikhaspresence @goatmilk @whocares1
foot: @andrej @maxlabor @kiptok @illalli @blingscience @bamboo @reneabythe @cxzy @cheseball @photos @aoifeml @joy @goblin @halitosis @grass @foot @1au @safesex2011 @peggy @Seacrestcheadle @reverberasia @pummp @erikhaspresence @goatmilk @whocares1
wrinkles: @robot @goblin @reneabythe @carlosdngr2 @samantha @grass
kiptok: games we play @grass
kiptok: thats what i hate about games u play a lot @grass
kiptok: why do they listen to the same stupid music from this game every single time @grass
kiptok: *pats @grass on back*
kiptok: funny and cool @grass