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GlamSam: @grass
KingofMugen: Hello @grass
lizzy: @grass
wakefulness: @grass
jonathn: @grass at the Kemialliset Ystävät show the drummer was very drunk and in the middle of the show, which was pretty much all the members improvising in different spaces of the room, did a slow count of 1,2,3,4 with his drum sticks. it made a bunch of people laugh.
jonathn: @grass i saw Kemialliset Ystävät at IPR once. one of the best shows i've ever been to.
wakefulness: @grass
wakefulness: @grass dont be so hard on yourself, charlie
wakefulness: @grass @mrheaith @ssnack @unhealthy @halitosis @cheetos
wakefulness: @grass truce ok
wakefulness: @grass
kiptokvanity: untold, dutch e germ, eeoo, aoa, arca, powell, gfoty, WINNER, orange caramel @grass idk i'm just looking at my ipod rn
bees: go2 china @grass
jonathn: @wakefulness @aids_enoch @grass
wakefulness: @grass @callus
hoquang: @grass
callus: i dont visit reddit @grass
callus: @grass
joy: @grass
wakefulness: @ssnack @grass @callus
joy: @pretzel @reverberasia @grass
hoquang: @joy @grass @ryz
wakefulness: @grass @callus
wakefulness: @grass
hoquang: @grass
blingscience: @grass @D_Magik @wakefulness
bees: iddqd @grass
hoquang: ( ) @grass @illalli
orlandobloom: @grass
hoquang: @grass @joy @pretzel
dvvidpw: @grass this is so good
fagmar: @grass
cheetos: capture and defend, guardians! @grass
cheetos: iron banner @grass
eyedeekay: @grass
jonathn: @grass have you heard this it's like an acoustic "Another Green World" . sublime.
Ice: LOL @grass
eyedeekay: @grass
eyedeekay: @grass
fagmar: @grass
thekraken: @grass