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tommoody: i don't @gr8pevine -- i've been making up stuff about my participation
whocares1: was that in toronto @gr8pevine?
melipone: @gr8pevine @peggy @hoquang @cxzy @andrej my place after work on wed?
tommoody: i am still well shy of my 10 article limit @gr8pevine
hoquang: @gr8pevine
anndunham: great quotes! @gr8pevine
hoquang: @melipone @peggy @gr8pevine @halitosis even maybe
ahem: @gr8pevine
melipone: @gr8pevine
thekraken: bravo @gr8pevine
oh__: nope @gr8pevine
petrograd: @pretzel @gr8pevine
anita_hug: yeah @gr8pevine
melipone: @gr8pevine
RaineRaine: wait rly @gr8pevine
hoquang: @gr8pevine
kiptok: @gr8pevine @carlosdanger
petrograd: @gr8pevine
joy: @gr8pevine
jonathn: @hoquang @xinyi @fartist @ice @helvetica12 @hotxpocket @D_magik @gr8pevine
wrinkles: @gr8pevine <3
melipone: @gr8pevine
melipone: @gr8pevine
gr8pevine: pink pear underwear @gr8pevine
melipone: @gr8pevine
ryz: @andrej @doritowitch @hoquang @gr8pevine @sorrybro @petrograd @cxzy @ben_dover so happy to see you all last nite!!
petrograd: @gr8pevine
petrograd: @gr8pevine
melipone: @hoquang @gr8pevine
petrograd: @gr8pevine thank you thank
POLYMER: @gr8pevine ummmmm WHAT
ryz: @gr8pevine they laughed in his face and said "be honest"
ryz: @gr8pevine my friend was investigated by the FBI for a security clearance or something and he told them he didn't smoke pot and they didn't believe him, he didn't get the clearance
POLYMER: @ben_dover @ryz @hoquang @gr8pevine @petrograd we've gotta go to the jacob de grom harden gnome giveaway mets game this year
POLYMER: @gr8pevine this just arrived at my new home come over
joy: @hoquang @gr8pevine @aids_enoch
erikhaspresence: @gr8pevine these are dope slides
petrograd: @peggy @hoquang @pretzel @melipone @gr8pevine @ryz @yo_matty @cxzy @robot @ben_dover_ @polymer @x0xmaximus @frederick @peur @ice @kintrala
petrograd: @guccisoflosy @doritowitch @melipone @ryz @ben_dover @polymer @gr8pevine @cxzy
POLYMER: @gr8pevine
petrograd: @gr8pevine