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POLYMER: @ben_dover @hoquang @petrograd @gr8pevine
hoquang: @ryz @ben_dover @petrograd @gr8pevine @kevin
pretzel: whats up nerds @gr8pevine
hoquang: i will have @gr8pevine help me purchase it
petrograd: @gr8pevine
powerstripp: @gr8pevine
DoritoWitch: @gr8pevine wasn't kidding about the dunkin' donuts gift card, it was in the white house
melipone: @gr8pevine
melipone: @gr8pevine um hello?
DreWeL: @gr8pevine
petrograd: @gr8pevine @hoquang
petrograd: @gr8pevine
POLYMER: @gr8pevine
melipone: @gr8pevine
melipone: @gr8pevine that one beer knocked me out for an hour at my desk
hoquang: @melipone @frankhats @d_magik @gr8pevine @peggy @polymer
melipone: o waka waka @gr8pevine
DoritoWitch: very nice to meet you @gr8pevine
lena: @gr8pevine what was that sunblock thing
melipone: @gr8pevine it is bad and you migh tlike it
melipone: @gr8pevine
hoquang: want to apologize to @tommoody @gr8pevine @petrograd @ryz @ben_dover and especially @frederick for the rude things i said about mr. met
tommoody: @gr8pevine - i think i made myself forget
tommoody: @gr8pevine - the painter who's name I was blanking on yesterday was marc chagall
peggy: @gr8pevine
POLYMER: @gr8pevine @petrograd @ben_dover @ nycdumpers let's go to this
petrograd: @ben_dover @ryz @gr8pevine @hoquang @yo_matty @polymer
SMLH: is that the new nine inch nails single @gr8pevine?
kiptok: im sorry : ( @gr8pevine
ben_dover: @gr8pevine
kiptok: @gr8pevine
petrograd: @gr8pevine
eyedeekay: @gr8pevine people are being held hostage so that their blood can be regularly drained and sold for profit.
DoritoWitch: @gr8pevine Going Clear
petrograd: @gr8pevine
ben_dover: .... @gr8pevine
petrograd: @gr8pevine @polymer
petrograd: @ryz @gr8pevine @hoquang @peggy
ben_dover: @gr8pevine
mascara: @gr8pevine werent u in some group that took dmt?
mascara: @polymer @gr8pevine