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petrograd: @gr8pevine @hoquang
epipen: @gr8pevine are you Wiktor right now jesus
epipen: @gr8pevine
epipen: WONNAFUQ @gr8pevine
aoifeml: @gr8pevine the social epidemiologist or the historian or the author???
joy: @gr8pevine
ssnack: @gr8pevine
D_MAGIK: high quality @gr8pevine
kiptijek: @gr8pevine magnum opus
kiptijek: @gr8pevine not my greatest work you can see i thought
melipone: @gr8pevine @hoquang @pretzel @peggy this is good
thekraken: @hoquang @gr8pevine
melipone: @peggy @gr8pevine @hoquang
kiptijek: and that is just fine @gr8pevine
lux: i'm evolving at a rapid rate it's really annoying @gr8pevine
tommoody: which came first, the flesh or the egg @gr8pevine
tommoody: @gr8pevine
petrograd: @ben_dover @gr8pevine @tommoody
petrograd: @ben_dover @gr8pevine
melipone: @gr8pevine
peggy: next friday @gr8pevine
McChimperson: jesus was such a cool dude @gr8pevine
melipone: my son @gr8pevine @polymer
RaineRaine: also @gr8pevine thanks for being the only 1 who actually questioned my maniacal behavior
RaineRaine: @gr8pevine yes to the truck thing
RaineRaine: @gr8pevine i won't give it to you but i do appreciate your candor, even tho im pretty sure in that scenario i'm the one who should take the beating. that being said i feel like a lot of people think about wishing the people they were talking to were a. not talking and b. not wearing clothes
RaineRaine: @gr8pevine talking to my ex about the people that he dates that i know from public settings. he knows they're boring also but is so boring himself that he justifies it because they'll have sex with him. so what i was saying was that i would also probably find them more interesting if the basis for our interactions didn't revolve only around the banal conversation they incite with me
RaineRaine: @gr8pevine yeah its gonna just be really offensive out of context and probably a little bit in context too
McChimperson: make ur dreams come tru @gr8pevine
peggy: this is good stuff @gr8pevine
thekraken: sup @gr8pevine doing great. just patched my Adobe suite and was on the phone with my love. wsup w u?
kiptok: idk if it's such a small area @gr8pevine
lux: glam @gr8pevine
tanya: @gr8pevine and fulfillment by amazon means that book will probably be fucked up
tanya: @gr8pevine i have a bunch of copies if your interested
melipone: @gr8pevine
melipone: @hoquang @gr8pevine next sleepover we have to make a fort
lizzy: @gr8pevine
melipone: @gr8pevine
melipone: @gr8pevine @hoquang
melipone: @gr8pevine @hoquang