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harshly: @kiptok @peur @cheetos1 @gory
catz: @gory
kiptok: @lolumad @gory @cheetos1 @samantha @illalli @andrej #gosudump
kiptok: @gory
lolumad: @gory yo
kintrala: @gory 카탈리나 카탈리나 카탈리나 카탈리나 카탈리나
BeardCookies: @gory
kiptok: @gory
kiptok: @gory
kiptok: @gory
kiptok: @gory
lolumad: @kiptok @gory
lolumad: @kiptok @gory
mascara: @gory @illgetbetter
lolumad: @gory nice sely portrait
powerstripp: ya no limit rules @anndunham @gory
lolumad: @gory
melipone: @gory
kalan: @gory i cant do this now. i'll get back to you in a few
kintrala: @gory first one and you apparently
idiot11: ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- courtesy of Goat4421 @ferrihydrite @FLOURIDES @foot @footbath @frakbuddy @fraksocermix @frankhats @frederick @friendster @fuck @funpiles @funWindow @FuzzWobble @gianni @girlafraid @girlnymph @glasspopcorn @goatmilk @goawayffffff @godless @goldhole @gorepreme @Gorgias @gory @gosane @gr8pevine @grace @grace1 @grace2 @grass @GregoryPeck @gridworks1 @gsm @GucciSoFlosy @gularjinoish @gummy4 @guwopo @h00drat @hamstermagic @hannasnead
kiptok: @lolumad @gory @frederick
soverymonkey: @gory
kintrala: please pass this on @creamydreamr @cxzy @dtf @ediut @erikhaspresence @gory @guccisoflosy @gularjinoish @heavyblunt @hell @hoquang @jonathn @justinarias @kintrala @kiptok @macstoresf2 @ohahalicia @robot @wupreme @dump @harshly @boypussy @yo_matty @buttever @whaet @kathiegravy @mrhealth @seacrestheadle @ryder @avatars @lux
obelisk: @gory we are in beta, we are looking into supporting SC2 since they actually have an API to tie into
gory: @gory
lolumad: @gory
BeardCookies: @gory I didn't see you ask me to play