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-18 s'abstenir

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kiptok: @gory toss op
kiptok: @gory 고수
kalan: @gory miss u
kiptok: RT @gory: justin choose a new name so i dont confuse you with kiptok tyvm
kiptok: the song at 15:00 @gory O_O
kiptok: @gory
kiptok: @gory T_T
cheetos: did u know ur destiny character will transfer to destiny 2 @gory
kiptok: 아이고... @gory ㅡㅡ;;;
cheetos: anyways add me @shim1337 @gory
cheetos: shim1337 @gory
kiptok: @gory 고리가요 !
kiptok: "it's piss" @gory
soverymonkey: @gory supppp
kiptok: @gory wtf
kiptok: @gory how long it gonna take i think i'ma go to the bodega
kiptok: @gory @Lolumad @frederick @peur @beardcookies @andrej
youngbumpkin: @gory
peggy: ben was on a news thing @gory
kiptok: @lolumad @gory @beardcookies @illalli @samantha
cheetos1: @gory
cheetos1: @gory
v_sullock: dump some dix @gory
v_sullock: this is better tho @gory
Dadayumn: did u made that @gory
kiptok: @gory @lolumad @beardcookies @samantha
kiptok: @gory @lolumad @beardcookies
kintrala: @gory :
BeardCookies: @gory @kiptok
bunnyhentman: @gory have you had the cbd extreme
kiptok: @cheetos1 @peur @frederick @beardcookies @Lolumad @gory @samantha pwned
kiptok: GROUP OF BEATH @gory @peur @frederick @lolumad @beardcookies
kintrala: @gory @guccisoflosy @peur @math @kintrala :