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No hope kids
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eggy's stubble *totally looks like* wrinkles' chest hair!

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02:11 PM Fri 1/23 -- by peggy
The inward lip roll is seen when emotions stray far from baseline. He is not angry here, he is not sad, he is not feeling contempt, nor disgust. Tom Brady is nervous, very nervous. The ILR is a mechanism whereby he is suppressing his anxiety. It took about 3 seconds - an eternity when asking such an important and spot-lighted question is asked - for him to answer. And his answer was not at all consistent with truth. And although we cannot see his hands - by the motion of his arms we can tell that Brady hand-held at this moment - simultaneously with this inward lip roll. From a paralanguage standpoint - his answer of, "I don't believe so ...." is such an insanely red hot deception example, statement analysis experts will be using this video as a classic for generations. This alone convicts him. Brady's hat-wearing was clownish and also out-of-context. The hat served as a Psuedo-mask - and although it did not cover his face, it made him FEEL a bit like it, therefore allowing him to deflect a bit of attention away from his face - making the lying easier to initiate. (Intriguingly, in this context, the hat functions much like a very high witness box in a trial/court - covering all but a witnesses head). Brady's statement, "This isn't ISIS, no one's dying" - was so emotionally out-of-context and disrespectful to the millions suffering and who will suffer (including two Japanese citizen's whom are currently threatened with beheading) - and was also said with a partially suppressed smile - (thus a form of duping delight) - this extreme level of patronizing behavior indicates a 10 out of 10 level of narcissism - and ironically, these negative behaviors are used to cloak another abhorrent activity - that of lying. The smiling out of context as well as the verbal statement were both, like his hat-wearing, a form of camouflage and deflection (e.g. trying to hide in plain sight). Tom Brady Lied. He may not have deflated the footballs himself - but he had knowledge of it and probably orchestrated it.

02:16 PM Fri 1/23 -- by h0rs3m0n3y

01:58 PM Fri 1/23 -- by hoquang