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callus: @goatmilk
hoquang: @joy @goatmilk
pfifferking: @cxzy @feelfeel @ben_dover @goatmilk @sidonie @kintrala @tanya @peur @illalli @halitosis @ice @polymer can you do me a favour and kiss on a blank white piece of paper and scan it and sent it to me in 300 dpi ?pleeeease ? @ @lizzy
thekraken: <3 thank-you for filling my request love 5ever @goatmilk
ShlucHT: @goatmilk old drawing
thekraken: @goatmilk could you please draw me a squirtle (pokemon) that has big alien eyes and is holding a bong standing next to a small clump of mangos
callus: @goatmilk
peur: @goatmilk
callus: @aids_enoch @lizzy @goatmilk @polymer @frederick @hoquang
hoquang: remember this line fucking @goatmilk???????
grass: @goatmilk
hoquang: @goatmilk and help him with a certain... something else...
hoquang: @goatmilk help fred find an apartment in ridgewood
Ice: @goatmilk
hoquang: @goatmilk @meth
aoifeml: @goatmilk
lux: wot @goatmilk
kalan: @goatmilk. ok maybe also white elephant? bring a meaningless gift if you want. its everybodys birthday.
joy: you sound like good siblings @goatmilk
petrograd: @goatmilk something i like to think i helped start earlier
kalan: @goatmilk tuesday. internet. apple dunking. queer fight club. bring media to share. like usb films, audiobooks, pdfs, etc. capitalism/oppression/class war board game. no more fucking up.
mrheaIth: @orlandobloom @joy @homer @ssnack @callus @goatmilk @aids_enoch @ice @violin @eyedeekay @pretzel @aoifeml
friendster: i prefer this 1 @goatmilk
peur: @goatmilk
footbath: can i get a downloadable link @goatmilk
tommoody: congrats on that salon piece @goatmilk
thekraken: it was nice to trade weird artists takes on popular cartoons @goatmilk
grass: @goatmilk
grass: @goatmilk
kalan: @goatmilk hamster hipster?
mrheaIth: @goatmilk
hell: @goatmilk
powerstripp: @goatmilk yes