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guysalmon: @goatmilk
Samantha: @goatmilk
ben_dover: BBQ at Ryz's old place on North 7th in Williamsburg the plan is for us all to hang out there tomorrow meetup and tweetup etc spread the word and text me if u need directions 312.731.5707 @goatmilk
ssnack: @plams @eyedeekay @wakefulness @orlandobloom @mrhealth @maggie @frederick @ssnack @lux @goatmilk @hoquang
sidonie: @goatmilk
sidonie: @goatmilk have you seen hoquangs D?
DoritoWitch: when are you going to that thing? @goatmilk
kalan: @goatmilk why
hoquang: @goatmilk said she would have a rich friend buy me a saxophone i hope she was not callously lying
hoquang: @goatmilk it's cheap
hoquang: @goatmilk will you get one of your rich manhattan friends to buy me a saxophone
BeardCookies: @goatmilk
sidonie: @goatmilk that sux!
DoritoWitch: @goatmilk it's a bummer
DoritoWitch: R we dating now? @goatmilk
LibrtnPlease: @goatmilk
kalan: @goatmilk
kinny: @goatmilk omg gary's quite the playa tho be careful
kintrala: @goatmilk
kintrala: @goatmilk
ferrihydrite: @goatmilk
kalan: @goatmilk u should come over some time
obelisk: @goatmilk correct
blingscience: @goatmilk @obelisk
zybergrrl: how was it @goatmilk?
idiot11: ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- courtesy of Goat4421 @ferrihydrite @FLOURIDES @foot @footbath @frakbuddy @fraksocermix @frankhats @frederick @friendster @fuck @funpiles @funWindow @FuzzWobble @gianni @girlafraid @girlnymph @glasspopcorn @goatmilk @goawayffffff @godless @goldhole @gorepreme @Gorgias @gory @gosane @gr8pevine @grace @grace1 @grace2 @grass @GregoryPeck @gridworks1 @gsm @GucciSoFlosy @gularjinoish @gummy4 @guwopo @h00drat @hamstermagic @hannasnead
jonathn: @goatmilk
sucrete: @goatmilk
hoquang: stay the fuck out of my internet safe spaces @goatmilk
jimmyjammer: no offense @goatmilk
gianni: @goatmilk
sidonie: lol @goatmilk you seem so sweet, but really, you a boss
sidonie: i didn't expect astrology to say that about @goatmilk
sidonie: @goatmilk born in the week of 'leadership' commanding, heroic, creative ... dicatorial, selfish, insensitive
sidonie: @goatmilk when's ur bday?
kinny: ~ its my b day ~ @frederick @hypnotism @kalan @kinny @kintrala @peur @poopdeck @sapphire @dump @soverymonkey @xdeath @hell @harshly @ryder @melipone @kiptok @kathiegravy @polymer @zoeee @ben_dover @ryz @xylotism @bees @test @ferrihydrite @drewel @anndunham @petrograd @plams @violin @homer @gosane @d_magik @fauxreal @somedog @robot @yo_matty @librtnplease @grass @koolskull @chse @jonathn @mrhealth @unhealthy @beardcookies @goatmilk @avatar @dagmar @guccisoflosy @ssnack @selfmade @sucrete @zer0cool @mrhappyface @pfifferking @dynamics @frankhats @jimmyjammer @godless
ferrihydrite: @goatmilk
glasspopcorn: @goatmilk i just switched from philosophy to "digital culture" which is like an arts program