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carlosdngr2: @glasspopcorn where have you been
gr8pevine: @glasspopcorn
hoquang: @bitch @glasspopcorn bit of an oldie for you
elfluuva: dumpeek @glasspopcorn
callus: jonathn everyone who has described ryder to me has always compared him to a child @frederick @glasspopcorn
cheetos: @glasspopcorn
kiptok: @glasspopcorn she rules
kiptok: @glasspopcorn but i think i really dislike descriptions of evocations like that
kiptok: @glasspopcorn this is about time
sterlingcrip: @glasspopcorn are you just making this shit up
sterlingcrip: @glasspopcorn you both look very cute
sterlingcrip: @glasspopcorn thats crazy I haven't heard of this till now do you have the OG Pic that went viral?
kiptok: u dog @glasspopcorn
sterlingcrip: @glasspopcorn I suggest not taking that picture and putting it online
aids_enoch: does that mean ted bundy is the alpha male @glasspopcorn !?!?!
kiptok: @glasspopcorn
kiptok: @glasspopcorn
kiptok: that is all i ask @glasspopcorn
kiptok: remix kkb @glasspopcorn
cheetos: Merry Christmas! -- YOU GET A CHAMP PLAYLIST…/sh21iibpkncjmfs/ @glasspopcorn
cheetos: v impressed by your bobby remix @glasspopcorn your delivery, flow and mixing on your voice is really good
kiptok: @glasspopcorn
thekraken: remember that bad ass career advice I gave you to add VEVO to your name? @glasspopcorn
thekraken: lmao @glasspopcorn @bitch @tempeteens
lilcriticals: @glasspopcorn
tommoody: @glasspopcorn thinks i'm not on tumblr .. .. @ben_dover @ryz
lilcriticals: @glasspopcorn
cheetos1: how does it feel to own another p4k ten? @glasspopcorn
kalan: @glasspopcorn @weh @lcky @ryz @ben_dover @cxzy @catz @dates @wilhelmreich @ryder @nna @aids_enoch @anndunham @godless @photocopy @pretzel
ben_dover: @bitch @glasspopcorn really???? how is this kid like ...... not one of you. so confused.
kiptok: can i come smoke @glasspopcorn @bitch
wrinkles: that sucks! @glasspopcorn
mrhealth: @ryder @glasspopcorn
ben_dover: @GLASSPOPCORN
ben_dover: @glasspopcorn did you see boyhood yet? how did it/how did it not resonate?
kiptok: i really liked it. i hope you continue writing @glasspopcorn
kiptok: nice rvw yo @glasspopcorn