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wrinkles: @glasspopcorn !!!
frederick: @glasspopcorn
nnetwork: @glasspopcorn i got a on oll mytsts s0 nbdy clkkd debate us. queer
nnetwork: @glasspopcorn
Jeanette1: im looking for u @glasspopcorn
badman: @glasspopcorn wat did u say about the new fatima LP?
jonathn: @tommoody @frankhats @glasspopcorn favorite thing i've discovered this week. military music made by a computer and a dude on snare and hithats with some effects. description doesn;t do it justice. track 2 is my fav.
frankhats: @glasspopcorn
jonathn: @glasspopcorn just buy this
jonathn: @glasspopcorn
CarlosDanger: @glasspopcorn you should buy into jack white's lame fetishes and talk about how cool they are in the review
cheetossss: @glasspopcorn what do u think
hell: @glasspopcorn
mrhealth: @glasspopcorn
DoritoWitch: get ready to meet this guy at your school @glasspopcorn
POLYMER: @glasspopcorn where r u going to college
BeardCookies: @glasspopcorn
DoritoWitch: @glasspopcorn are you doing college?
DoritoWitch: @glasspopcorn
tommoody: congratulations, @glasspopcorn
wrinkles: you mean MIDDLE SCHOOL @glasspopcorn
idiot11: ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- courtesy of Goat4421 @ferrihydrite @FLOURIDES @foot @footbath @frakbuddy @fraksocermix @frankhats @frederick @friendster @fuck @funpiles @funWindow @FuzzWobble @gianni @girlafraid @girlnymph @glasspopcorn @goatmilk @goawayffffff @godless @goldhole @gorepreme @Gorgias @gory @gosane @gr8pevine @grace @grace1 @grace2 @grass @GregoryPeck @gridworks1 @gsm @GucciSoFlosy @gularjinoish @gummy4 @guwopo @h00drat @hamstermagic @hannasnead
ferrihydrite: remember the right hand rule @glasspopcorn
feelfeel: @glasspopcorn
DoritoWitch: @glasspopcorn
DoritoWitch: @glasspopcorn you look very handsome in this picture, tell your parents good job on the fucking.
ryz: @glasspopcorn
KOOLSKULL: @glasspopcorn @mrhappyface
KOOLSKULL: @glasspopcorn send me a link to it
KOOLSKULL: I tried looking up juicy butt gif's on, so i searched "ass" and low and behold, @glasspopcorn shows up lol