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I'm a girl who can't function well in life but can on the internet. AIM = toizelle
02:00 AM Wed 9/7 -- by DurkFunk

07:56 PM Tue 9/6 -- by lux
and i was lightly putting my fingertips in water and missing u as wel

10:43 PM Thu 9/1 -- by zoeee

08:05 PM Thu 9/1 -- by glasspopcorn
guys last night at midnight i ate burgers with ryder and he brought this girl along and she was so drunk she couldnt eat or have a conversation and he got mad at her and like moved her drink to the other side of the table and called her sister

07:58 PM Thu 9/1 -- by Btotheald

06:19 PM Wed 8/3 -- by DoritoWitch

12:08 AM Sun 7/31 -- by godless

12:06 AM Sun 7/31 -- by illalli

03:18 PM Tue 7/26 -- by f39320393
girlafraid dont be ignorant

03:18 PM Tue 7/26 -- by f39320393
all blackpeople do that

04:41 AM Tue 7/26 -- by glasspopcorn
i hope they get along despite the fact that my mom has told me multiple times that ryder is a lowlife/loser/weirdo/not an artist

04:22 AM Tue 7/26 -- by shaq

03:08 AM Tue 7/26 -- by BeardCookies
he's not that deep look how small that was

03:06 AM Tue 7/26 -- by f39320393
if you're trying to look beyond the fact that it's a finger waffle pylon then maybe you don't get it

10:44 PM Mon 7/25 -- by girlafraid !!!

01:37 AM Mon 7/25 -- by swl @girlafraid

02:02 AM Thu 7/21 -- by kathiegravy
its probably about weed or how ryder is a perv according to his mom

01:49 AM Thu 7/21 -- by thekraken
'hey kip take a webcam and then tell them I passed out, it will be like the funniest thing...

11:26 AM Mon 6/20 -- by f39320393 this is the best guy

10:41 PM Wed 6/15 -- by Neontoast