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I'm a girl who can't function well in life but can on the internet. AIM = toizelle

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betrayer: i wouldn't have made that joke if jamie was here @girlafraid
GucciSoFlosy: @drewel @birdraymond @girlafraid
algernaan: @girlafraid do what your heart desires b
McChimperson: those are the plants i grew in pots @girlafraid
powerstripp: @girlafraid
powerstripp: this kind of thing, which around here you can find at every thrift store @girlafraid
cheseball: @girlafraid @reneabythe
betrayer: that's not at all what he's doing @girlafraid
betrayer: @girlafraid
BirdRaymond: @girlafraid @photos @cheseball
betrayer: bc u can't win those games either @girlafraid
BirdRaymond: @girlafraid
BirdRaymond: @girlafraid
BirdRaymond: @girlafraid
BirdRaymond: @girlafraid @photos
hoquang: @girlafraid casper the friendly ghost is casper from kids
betrayer: i hope that's not what i am to her @girlafraid
betrayer: @girlafraid :o
JustinArias: @girlafraid
betrayer: bc it was the 90s & she was forced @girlafraid
betrayer: @girlafraid
betrayer: noob @girlafraid