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joy: @fuck really sorry about your dog
cheseball: @fuck
plant: @fuck
tommoody: . @fuck
plant: @fuck
plant: @fuck you have a pic of your dog?
tommoody: RIP in advance @fuck
tommoody: .. @fuck
GucciSoFlosy: @fuck this yr dog right?
lux: @fuck
carlosdngr2: @fuck he's muslim
carlosdngr2: @fuck he doesnt party because he thinks drinking is sinful
carlosdngr2: @fuck he asks me what classes to take because he is lazy af
carlosdngr2: @fuck he has bad grades
carlosdngr2: @fuck he has a full ride and i live in a dorm
kiptok: do u like hop along @fuck
plant: @fuck
cheseball: @fuck